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Is the Order a Rabbit?

Fall 2015 Wrap Up Part 1

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Anime Corps Year in Review Part 4: Fall 2015 Season

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Spring Anime Wrap Up – Part 1

Hello and welcome to another fun post!

Today I’ll be going over all the anime I watched during the spring season and give my final thoughts and scores for them. I’ll be using the out of 10 score I gave each anime on My Anime List as well. I’m listing the anime alphabetically too.

Alright then, let’s jump in and get this started!

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Exciting Spring Anime Recommendations

So as I’m reviewing only 6 anime out of the massive line up of airing shows, I’ve decided to make this post to mention a few other anime I’m watching and really enjoying. I’ll also score them up using the ratings I’ve given them on MAL.

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