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Summer Anime I’ll be Reviewing

So here is that post I promised about what I’ll be reviewing this summer anime season.

So back in my first announcement post I mentioned that for sure I was going to be reviewing Rail Wars! and Aldnoah.Zero, then in my last update post I said I’d be revealing what I’ll be reviewing on July 1st. Here we are then, July 1st, so it’s time I reveal what 6 anime I’ll be reviewing this summer season!

Rail Wars!

Video Preview


Video Preview

Akame ga Kill!

Video Preview


Video Preview

Zankyou no Terror

Video Preview


Video Preview

So those are the 6 anime I’ll be reviewing this summer season. If one of these doesn’t work out and I’m not enjoying it, instead of dropping it and getting something else to watch/review instead, I’ll just drop it and leave it as is. Honestly I’ve got other, more important things I should be working on, so spending less time reviewing and more time doing some important stuff is probably better.

Once things start to air and sub groups are picking them up, I’ll be able to form a schedule of when I should be posting each review. So far it looks like lots of anime are out Thursday, so I might have to stagger my reviews so I can get everything written and not have to worry about posting them all on the same day. So if you’re still unsure of what to watch this coming season, take a look at the chart for a good overview of what’s coming out. New anime start in a matter of days at this point, so you might want to get your picks in so you can start watching right away. Alright then, that’s all for me now, please look forward to the coming reviews and I hope you enjoy the summer anime season!

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Summer Anime Reviews & WIXOSS Reviews Update


So I just want to take a quick moment to bring you up to speed with that’s going on regarding these things.

For starters I’m going to stop my reviews of Selector Infected WIXOSS as I’m still way back on ep 4 and by the time it takes to write all the remaining review, I’ll be into the summer season already. With that said I’d like to also mention that I’ll be picking up season 2, Selector Spread WIXOSS this fall season. So there is my first pick up for reviewing this fall, what those other 5 anime will be, well I’ve got months before I need to make a choice. One might be Sora no Method though, check out the PV.

That brings me to the next thing. On Tuesday July 1st, I’ll be announcing what 6 summer anime I’ll be reviewing. So far I’ve got Rail Wars and Aldnoah.Zero confirmed, so there are just a remaining 4 that need to be dealt with. If you haven’t seen my Summer Anime Preview post, then I highly advise you go read it. Feel free to stare at the pic of the sexy anime girl in a bikini. Don’t worry, I’ve included the Pixiv link for your personal enjoyment later.

Alright then, that’s all I wanted to say for now. This week I’ll be writing and posting the final reviews for: No Game No Life, Knights of Sidonia, and Love Live! School Idol Project 2. Look forward to those and I’ll cya in the next post!

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Summer Anime Preview!

With the summer anime season nearly upon us, it’s finally time I reveal what I’ll be reviewing for the next few months. Keep in mind this list might change depending on how things go. I’ve attached links for info on each anime and a video preview too.

EDIT: Please refer to the updated version of this post for my final picks of what I’ll be reviewing. If you want, you can still read this post as it lists the anime I will be watching at the end.

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Exciting Spring Anime Recommendations

So as I’m reviewing only 6 anime out of the massive line up of airing shows, I’ve decided to make this post to mention a few other anime I’m watching and really enjoying. I’ll also score them up using the ratings I’ve given them on MAL.

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Spring Anime Preview

I’m sure you’re wondering what anime I’ll be taking a look at this spring season, so I decided to make this post giving a quick overview of what I’ll be covering. I might add some more later on too. Click the title for more info and the video preview to watch a PV in HD.

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