IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Link Exchange section of Anime Corps will stop accepting submissions at the end of the year (December 2021) as the blog will be closing then. I’ll be keeping this page open but won’t be adding anymore new links, so if you want your site on here please contact me before the end of the year! Thank you!

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The Yuri Empire (The best yuri blog ever run by one of my favorite people online)

Anime Reviews and Lots of Other Stuff! (Anime blog run by long time friend Deven)

The Review’s Corner (Anime, manga and comics reviews)

Joeschmo’s Gears and Grounds (Writing on Life, Cycling, Anime, and Technology in Pop Culture)

Anime Forums (Anime discussion forums also containing screenshot galleries, character profiles, episode guides and a place to share interesting fanworks!)

UEM! (Anime editorial & review blog)

Lita Kino Anime Reviews (Anime/manga reviews, editorials/discussions, and journal posts)

Yahari Bento! (In depth analysis on Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.)

All About Anime (I blog about anything to do with anime and manga, from reviews, character breakdowns, the voice artists and random science, to top 10’s and so much more.)

Celestial Moon Entertainment Reviews (Anime and manga review blog)

A Glimpsed Horizon (Quality anime avatars and renders to feed your needs!)

Heart Bliss (High quality anime icons)

Anime Trend (Anime and manga news site)

Honest Linn (I run a review site blog that covers anime, films, books, Asian drama, and Western TV Shows)