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Knights of Sidonia

With the solar system destroyed and humanity living on a giant space ship called ‘Sidonia’ join the valiant team of mech pilots who fight the deadly war against the terrifying alien race known as the Gauna. This 3DCG epic space mech anime will have you coming back week after week to watch as the very survival of humanity is intrusted to these pilots. Can they protect everyone while staying alive long enough?

Review: Knights of Sidonia Ep 12 – Homeward Bound (Final)

[Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_02.52_[2014.06.28_13.20.02]

We’ve reached the climax of this anime as humanity makes a final push to stop the approaching Gauna.

Here’s my review!

Last week we were left with Sidonia providing fire support by means of a Hyggs cannon on board, to blast a hold in the Gauna, allowing the Gardes to get inside to take out the core. This of course is a super ultra danger close shot by the Hyggs cannon as the impact sends interference to the coms of the Gardes, but they’re still able to get the order through to attack now that they’ve got a clear shot inside.

Back with Nagate, he’s preparing to go off and have one last battle with Benisuzume (as she’s appeared again and took out all of squad 2 in the last ep, yeah that kill streak eh?) Before he leaves though, Honoka Ren tells him to get revenge for her by using a bullet she’s given him. If we remember back a few eps, Honoka Hou was killed by Benisuzume, thus Ren wants to get revenge for that.

At squad 1 moves to the hole blasted in the Gauna, Benisuzume flies in and begins picking off some of the Gardes at the back, thinning their numbers once again. But before she can get her kill streak going again, Nagate interrupts her and draws attention away from squad 1 and their mission to destroy the core. I really loved their whole dogfight sequence as it was really a display of awesome animation, music, and sound effects and they all came together perfectly to create an awesome space battle. Both sides are high skilled and capable of downing the other. During their dogfight, we cut back to squad1 as they have their own troubles getting to the core and destroying it. Sidonia has also picked up massive energy readings, indicating that the Gauna is trying to charge up Hyggs cannons to shoot the anti-planet missile that’s been launched to destroy it.

In the volley of fire, Nagate is hit and knocked unconscious but before he crashes, Izuna rushes in to save the day; but it’s not over yet as Benisuzume is still right there, determined to kill them both. We cut back to squad 1 inside the Gauna and on their way to the core; things are going pretty good for them and they’re almost there. After the eye catch, we’re back with Nagate vs. Benisuzume in their epic dogfight. The anti-planet missile is 5 minutes out and if they can’t get clear then they’re all dead in the explosion. Nagate is nearing the end of the dogfight now, but he’s run out of ammo, or has he? Remembering the one bullet Ren gave him, Nagate is about to load the round, but Benisuzume shoots his cannon and destroys it. Now with no cannon and only a bullet, what will Nagate do?! I also like in this part that Kobayashi actually seems legitimately nervous about the situation for once as she’s shown breathing heavily and if she wasn’t wearing a mask, we’d probably see the sweat on her forehead as she’s watches the battle unfold.

So in a last ditch effort, Nagate waits till Benisuzume is in close before shooting the hand of his Garde off, with the bullet being held between the fingers, and takes Benisuzume out with it! Geez, talk about improvising in the absolute last possible second! Now with Benisuzume down, all that’s left is for squad 1 to take out the core and get clear of the blast. Finally reaching the core they destroy is with a few shots before beginning their escape. This whole sequence really reminded me of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi as the Rebel Alliance finally destroys the Death Star.

With the missile impacting the destroying the Gauna, we cut way to Izuna who has been floating unconscious for the past little while, away from the Gauna. She’s met by Ren who tells her that they’re the only ones who made it out alive. For a moment there I really thought that was it as there was no sign of squad 1 nor Nagate, but as Izuna is mourning the loss of her comrades, she happens to glance up and see all 7 frames! They’ve all made it out alive!!

The ending bit is back on Sidonia where Nagate visits Kunato and tells him that he wants to protect Sidonia together with him again and that although he still doesn’t forgive him for what happened, they’re still pilots and they should be out fighting the Gauna, not each other. Hopefully that’ll knock some sense into Kunato and get him back together again. We also have a scene where Ren thanks Nagate for taking out Benisuzume and avenging the death of her sister Hou. Following that we quickly stop in with Kobayashi where she’s told that there was a ship getting ready to leave during the battle against the Gauna, that ship belonging to the Immortal Committee. Wow what losers, deserting like that. Kobayashi says once they can get everything from the auxiliary brain, the Immortal Committee will no longer be needed. Lastly we end the ep with Numi Tahiro as she looks into the empty holding tank where the Gauna Hoshijiro was once held. Oh boy.

So the ep ends there, with many questions still left unanswered, but thankfully there will be a season 2 at some point in the future as we see Gauna Hoshijiro floating around out in space in an after credit scene. So they may have won the battle, but the war continues!

Final Thoughts

From start to finish I really liked this anime. I liked the use of the 3DCG animation style as it adds the depth to the space shots and it makes the action scenes much better too. The plot is good too and it’s got a mix of action, mystery, some scary parts and some heartfelt moments. I’ve seen it likened to Attack on Titan as it’s just similar themes going on, so I guess I can understand that reason behind people saying that, but Sidonia didn’t have a shit load of filler eps and end up leaving you raging like AoT did.

All in all I enjoyed my time watching this and I’m looking forward to season 2 as it’ll answer the questions season 1 left us with. I’d say this is one to check out as it’s got a good mix of things for everyone, unless you’re not a fan of 3DCG animation in anime. I’m guessing season 2 will be in either this fall or winter anime season and yes I will be reviewing it like I did season 1. So if you watched this one, what are your thoughts after the first 12 eps? Did you like it?

[Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_07.13_[2014.06.28_13.42.00] [Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_07.22_[2014.06.28_13.42.14]

[Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_16.35_[2014.06.28_14.08.38]

[Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_21.16_[2014.06.28_14.23.19] [Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_22.18_[2014.06.28_14.26.56] [Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_23.59_[2014.06.28_14.28.42]

It's not over yet!
It’s not over yet!

[Underwater] Knights of Sidonia - 12 (720p) [E9F116EF].mkv_snapshot_24.09_[2014.06.28_14.29.02]

So there you have it, Knights of Sidonia. I’m looking forward to season 2 in the future and I’m excited to see what more awaits with the Gauna and humanity in their drift through space. Up next I’ll one final look at my season favorite, Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2. Look forward to that! I’ll also have the last review for Black Bullet on Tuesday along with hopefully 4 other posts too, so it’s gonna be a busy day. Alright then, thanks for staying with me for these reviews, I have fun writing them and I look forward to writing more reviews for season 2!

I’d also like to extend a huge thanks and special shout out to RABUJOI once again for the reblogged reviews. Thank you so much guys, you did an awesome job writing them! Be sure to stop by their blog and follow them for more review for the summer anime!

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