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Black Bullet

With shades of Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Unbreakable Machine-Doll and Guilty Crown, follow Satomi Rentaro and Enju Aihara, both part of the Tendou Civil Security, as they fight against the monstrous Gastrea in this post-apocalyptic sci-fi action anime. Voice talents include: Yuki Kaji, Rina Hidaka & Yui Horie.

Review: Black Bullet Ep 13 – Life & Death (Final)

So we’re here, the finale of Black Bullet. Wow, this couldn’t have come any sooner.

Here’s my review.

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Black Bullet Episode 12 Review

Review: Black Bullet Ep 11 – Warzone

The battle to save the Tokyo Area has begun, but it’s not going as planned.

Also, Rentaro has a run in with a familiar foe.

Here’s my review!

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Review: Black Bullet Ep 10 – Gone to Hell

While we don’t get the massive battle I was hoping for, Black Bullet throws curve ball by ripping your soul out, chopping it up and handing it back to you. Yep, hard core feels in this week’s ep. I was not expecting that in anyway.

Here’s my review.

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Review: Black Bullet Ep 9 – Calm Before the Storm

Here we are again for another Black Bullet review! This time around we’re introduced to yet another loli! Yeah if it wasn’t obvious before, it’s clear now that Rentaro is building a loli harem.

Here’s my review!

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Review: Black Bullet Ep 8 – Life with Lolis

I’m back again for Black Bullet reviews! Hopefully you’ve been keeping up to date as we’ve had a new loli introduced to the gang, that being Tina Sprout; she’s a former Model Owl Initiator who after being defeated by Rentaro, has now joined the Tendo Security Services and works along side Kisara. Back story over, let’s jump into this review!

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Black Bullet Episode #07

Black Bullet – 06

Here’s a good review for Black Bullet ep 6. Check it out!

RABUJOI - An Anime Blog


The title of this episode was “Tragic Irony”, and I can’t really argue with its aptness. Not only is the sleepy Tina the would-be assassin of Seitenshi and Kisara, but she’s also an initiator and mechanized soldier. Her promoter (or master as she calls him) appears to keep her at arm’s length, letting her take care of business, and so far she seems quite up to the task.


But yeah, even Tina and Satomi themselves seem to be saddened by the fact that they’re actually mortal enemies. She wasn’t putting on a pesona when they hung out; she genuinely liked him and was grateful to know someone kind, a kind of person she’s interacted with too infrequently. But regardless, both of them are professionals with jobs to do, and neither is backing down from the other.


The blow might’ve have been heavier had there been more than a superficial connection…

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Black Bullet – 05

Here’s a good review of Black Bullet ep 5. Check it out!

RABUJOI - An Anime Blog


We were expecting a bit of a slowdown after the big climax last week in which Satomi and Enju took out the biggest Gastrea with the biggest gun. But like the episodes that preceded it, this one built slowly and steadily, growing more interesting as the pair starts a very special job that makes them responsible for the most important person in Tokyo, Seitenshi.


She’s just one of the many cute young ladies Satomi crosses paths with this week. His classmate Miori and Kisara duel in his apartment, after all, while he and Enju calmly get the dinner table out of the way. Both are beautiful rich girls, and much of their animosity towards one another is their mutual affection for our half-metal protagonist.


But Miori and Kisara were mainly around for comedy and to show that Satomi is a sought-after fella. More important to this next arc is Tina Sprout…

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Review: Black Bullet Ep 4 – Stage Five

Continuing from last week, Black Bullet ramps up the action once more with another explosive ep.

It’s do or die time now as the threat of a Stage Five Gastrea is looming over Rentaro and Enju. Can they find and stop Kagetane before it’s too late?

Here’s my review!

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Review: Black Bullet Ep 3 – Into the Forest

Black Bullet continues with another action packed ep!

Enju is also back and kicking ass, and Rentaro is pretty invincible too.

Here’s my review.

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Review: Black Bullet Ep 2 – Injustice

Black Bullet continues with it’s next ep!

This week builds on the last one and give us some insight into the Cursed Children too. Also, a bit more Kisara too.

Here’s my review.

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