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Good day reader. Hailing from the UK my name is Andrew M.L. West also known as Ydna, I am very much new to this reviewing anime business but as I was kindly offed the chance to have a go writing for Anime Corps I thought why not? Typically in this sort of thing I would talk about my favourite anime but I don’t really like to play favourites so instead I’ll just mention a few that I have particularly enjoyed. Love Live! and K-On! are two which I very much deem worth mentioning and going by my avatar on practically everything the Toaru series isn’t getting away without a mention. As for other stuff I consider noteworthy I guess I would say; the Monogatari series, Strike Witches, the Fate series and Yuyushiki. As for my favourite animation studios, that is much easier for me to say; Shaft, Kyoto Animation and inexplicably Silver Link as of late. Well I do want to keep my bio at least somewhat short so I’ll wrap up here, if you want to know more about me then hopefully reading my upcoming reviews will add some tone to your image of me. Startlingly easy to please or drop dead cynic? I’ll leave that up to you to decide

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