Hello and welcome to Anime Corps!

Hello, I’m Nick! I’m the guy in charge here at Anime Corps along with the head writer. I’ve been at this since April 1st 2014 and it’s been a great journey so far. I’ve met some great bloggers and made wonderful friends along the way, but most importantly I’ve been able to find a platform where I can express my thoughts about anime and such. I don’t write super analytical reviews, rather they’re more commentary driven with some summary along the way. I’m always trying my best to improve along the way and make each post better than the last one.

Since staring this blog I’ve come to enjoy anime more as it’s not just something I watch for entertainment value, but it’s helped me refine my taste in which shows I like and probably won’t like. That comes across in my reviews as I usually don’t go in for super heavy stuff to review, well not anymore at least, as I just don’t feel like I can cover those type shows as well as someone else could. My goal is to keep things fun and enjoyable while expressing my thoughts on whatever show I’m covering.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say. I hope you enjoy the blog and the content we post here! Take care!

Hey everyone, my name is Deven Luca. I’m an friend of Nick since he started his blog and now we’re working together. I’m a co-writer here at Anime Corps. I’ve been here for 3 years and although I’m reviewing a little less I’m still here.

Let’s see..I’m a lover of all type of anime. I’m currently watching a lot of Fate series stuff and play few visual novels. Some of my favorite anime are Sekirei, Sekirei: Pure Engagement, and big ones are Love Live! School Idol Project and Date A Live.

My first anime had to be Pokemon or something that came out around the 90s. I’m a big lover of Miyazaki movies and my favorites have to be Kiki’s Delivery Service (I had a crush on her as a kid) and Spirited Away.

So that’s enough for me. Later Days!

Hello, I am Joe. I am the Editor here at Anime Corps. I sometimes am a writer too for weekly reviews, although since starting here it seems like the series I choose have a tendency of being dropped after a few episodes. Although, I might not do posts all that often here, I do consistently update my own anime blog The Reviewer’s Corner, and edit a majority of the content here for all our wonderful writers. It might be a little difficult to enjoy my content here often, however don’t let that stop you from enjoying the other member’s work.

Hello, everyone! I’m Tsuyuki. I am a software development student from the United States who also writes features for Crunchyroll. I’ll be writing editorials and full series reviews here. With editorials I’ll take a look at a broad idea centered around anime or our community and expand upon it, and with full series reviews I’ll take a closer look on all of the elements of an anime and discuss my opinions on the quality of the production overall. I hope you enjoy what I write here!

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