The end is in sight, but we’ve got one more game before we get there.

Let’s take a look!

There really isn’t actually a whole lot to talk about this week as the main focus of then whole ep, except the very end, is about the Dream Monkeys and Snow White preparing for the final game. We get a look in on both sides pregame and see how they’re approaching this big game and what’s at stake here. Both sides have so much to prove, Dream Monkeys being that they’re good enough to play in Championship A while the Snow White just want to get back into Championship A. Each side has their own motivations, but we also know each side also has some weaknesses they need to sort out if they want to achieve their goals.

Let’s start with the Dream Monkeys. They’re a mostly new group of girls here who haven’t been playing hockey for that long but in the time they have played, they’ve shown great improvements and have come a long way. With the addition of Yu, the former MVP of the Snow White, the Dream Monkeys are looking to take the next step in their journey and make it to Championship A. They’re got the energy and passion and while their experience might not be as great as Yu, each girl is willing to go the extra mile and put in their fair share of work to make it all the way. Hockey is a team sport and with each girl playing her role, they’ll be able to succeed.

Over on the Snow White side, they’ve also got a lot to prove. Yu carried that team when she player for them. Carried them a little too much. Since her leaving, Snow White has dropped down to Championship B, which is a new surrounding for them. They’re used to playing hockey at a higher level and want nothing more that to get back up to that point. However because they relied on Yu so much, the team has issues in that not everyone is pulling their weight. Eri is trying to keep the team focused, but so far she’s not winning over the locker room talks. With the addition of Canadian superstar Maya Walker, Snow White looks deadly this season and has a chance to return to Championship A, that is if they can beat their old teammate Yu along the way.

The end of the ep shows us the first real look at the Snow White in action. Maya scores not even 2 minutes into the game and makes her presence known to the Dream Monkeys. If they want to beat the Snow White, shutting down Maya is literally the only way to do it.

With 1 ep left, I’m sure it’s going to be an all out battle for these teams with only 1 coming out victorious. Snow White vs. Dream Monkeys, this is the game we’ve been waiting for!

Sad that next week is the final ep. I’m really enjoying this show and I don’t want it to end. Plus real hockey keeps getting postponed because of COVID, so anime hockey is all I have left to watch.

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The end is in sight indeed, not only for this show but for the blog as well. Next week will be the final Pride of Orange review and then the following week will be then final post on this blog. It’s a sad time but one that was coming eventually. Hope you’ll stick with us to the end!

That’s it for me. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you back here next time!

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