Back from their vacation in Okinawa, it’s time to get back to some hockey action!

Here we go!

We’re quickly moving through the months here and it’s back to being the fall again, so that means it’s time for hockey to start back up. In the case of the Dream Monkeys, it’s almost time for the big tournament to begin. The pressure is definitely building and each practice session is more intense. Each of the girls have shown considerable improvement over their summer break and Coach Yoko likes what she sees in this group, but it’s still got a few issues to work out before the puck drops for real. We’ll get to the main event of this ep in a little bit, let’s check out what else has been happening.

The film crew from ep 2 has returned to town, this time to cover the Dream Monkeys entirely. It’s a nice opportunity to show off what the team is capable of and as expected Coach Yoko is more than happy to have them back filming at the arena. We also get to see the return of Coach Yoko and her heavy make-up again. She really likes going all out for the camera.

And speaking of cameras, Coach Yoko also decided the team should have their own social media page to help promote them and gain a bigger fan base. As expected she put Sato in charge of that and he’s doing a decent job so far. Coach Yoko on the other hand needs to work on her photography skills because the pictures they’re posting now aren’t that professional looking.

We also have some news about Snow White and what’s been happening over on their team. Turns out they’ve fallen out of the Championship A block down to the B block, meaning an eventual face off against the Dream Monkeys is bound to happen. But when they do meet on the ice the Snow White will have a new weapon at their disposal, Canadian player Maya Walker. Yes that’s right, we’ve got some more Canadian representation in this show and I couldn’t be happier to see that. Plus Maya is super cute! Just look at her!! I know she’s technically on the “bad guy” team, but come on how can I not like her? Looking forward to see what she brings to the ice!

Oh Canada!

The main event of this week’s ep focuses on Naomi and Riko, but mainly on Naomi as she’s got some work to do on her part. Being a defensemen is a crucial part of the team as you’re the last line of defense between the opposing team and your goalie. Naomi is a pretty shy and timid girl so playing on defense doesn’t really seem to suit her. She needs to be more aggressive and apply more pressure when checking her opponent. But a past event has been holding her back from playing the position as she should be.

Turns out back in her figure skating days, Naomi had an accident where she skated into someone and possibly injuring them. She doesn’t specifically say what happened, but given how the rest of this ep plays out, I’m guessing that’s what happened. So because of that event, Naomi is shy when it comes to checking and often lets the player skate around her and to the net. Obviously that’s something you can’t have happen in a real game, so she needs to up her checking and not let anyone past.

Riko helps out by staying later at the arena with Naomi, the two working on defense drills together and while it takes some time, Naomi is starting to look a bit better. Now she needs to put this practice into action when their first game of the tournament comes around. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned and Naomi’s worst fear comes true. She collides with someone and they get hurt. To make matter worse though, the person who got hurt was her own teammate, Riko!

With game 1 off to such a bad start, how will the rest of the tournament go?

Looks like from here on in we’ll be getting some solid hockey action each ep and I’m really excited for that. It was great to see the girls back on the ice and getting tournament ready, they just didn’t get the start they wanted. I hope Riko will be alright!

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Next week will probably be the rest of their first game or maybe we’ll jump forward a bit to after the game. Either way I’ll see you back here for that next week!

That’s it for me. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you back here next time!

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