Hockey takes a backseat this week and in turn we get some feast our eyes on some swimsuits.

Let’s take a look!

Summer break has rolled around for our girls on the Dream Monkeys and with that comes come time off from school and hockey. I guess the hockey season there is different as I’m used to the regular season ending in early April then playoffs lasting to early June before the season resumes in October. But anyways, the girls are on break for the time being and they’re looking to have some fun!

At least until Coach Yoko gives them a training schedule of things each girl needs to work on, along with a new dance routine to practice as well. So much for a fun filled summer break. But maybe there still is hope for some of that when Manaka’s grandmother receives a call from a friend over in Okinawa who also runs a hotel and is looking for some part time help during the summer. Manaka and Ayaka didn’t need to be asked twice if they wanted to go and also bring along some friends.

A smaller side story happening in this week’s ep involves Kao, the team’s goalie. Coach Yoko pulled her aside during their last practice at the arena and spoke with her about how she needs to speak up more during games and have better communication with the rest of the team. Much like last week when we talked about teamwork, this week it was about communication which is another core part to any team sport. This conversation is something on the forefront of Kao’s mind as they travel to Okinawa and help out at the hotel. Her usual upbeat and happy personality isn’t present that often during the trip and the other girls are starting to notice. Of course she brushes off any worries, but deep down she can’t keep this bottled up forever.

The middle part of the ep is mainly just a nice montage of the girls doing their work and summertime activities. Cleaning the pool, serving food in the restaurant, going to the aquarium, just enjoying their time in the wonderful place they find themselves in for the summer.

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The story with Kao continues later on when the girls are playing beach volleyball. Gotta love it. Anyways, the communication issues became apparent once again when Kao got her signals crossed with Ayaka and the two ended up running into each other. Manaka noticed Kao wasn’t her usual self so she called and timeout and Kao finally explained what was going on with her.

With the help and support of her fellow Dream Monkeys teammates, Kao was also to work through this issue and once they got back on the sand to continue their game, Kao was much more vocal while playing. Unfortunately they still lost against Riko, Yu, and Nao, but the main takeaway was that Kao was finally speaking up and in turn was playing much better. Looking forward to when they get back on the ice an seeing the new and improved Kao in action!

Pretty chill ep this week so there really isn’t a lot to talk about. As always I loved seeing the girls in swimsuits and I like how no matter what type of anime it is, they always try fit in swimsuits at some point. Gotta love it!

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Not really sure what’s in store for next week but I’m guessing it’ll be back to the hockey action.

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