With Yu in her sights, Coach Yoko makes her move to get the star player on her team!

Let’s take a look!

We ended last week with Coach Yoko arriving at Yu’s grandmother’s house in an effort to get her to join the Dream Monkeys. After learning about Yu’s past and how she left hockey, it was obvious this wouldn’t be an easy task for Coach Yoko, but she’s a capable woman and she knows what she’s doing. In fact how the conversation went, Coach Yoko didn’t make a full frontal attack in trying to convince Yu to join the team, rather she just talked casually and at the end she made a very good point in saying that Yu really doesn’t hate hockey if she keeps so many trophies and such on display. She also left her pen at the house, giving Yu a reason to come see her at the arena. But we’ll get back to that in a little bit.

Our main group of girls have officially joined the Dream Monkeys this week and I really liked this whole sequence. From them going to look at new gear at a local hockey store, to them picking their numbers and receiving their fresh new jerseys, it was a really special moment when they donned that orange jersey and stepped onto the ice as real hockey players. Gotta love it!

The back half of the ep was when the plan Coach Yoko set into motion while visiting Yu’s house started to unfold. While talking with Yu, Coach Yoko was going to write down her phone number in case Yu wanted to talk with her about joining the team in the future, but then she remembered Yu would already have her number thanks to the numerous phone calls she sent her. So instead of putting her pen back in her purse, Coach Yoko “forgets” it whens she leaves so now there is a reason for Yu to go see her at the arena. Also Yu’s grandmother helped out here as well. Not sure if Coach Yoko got her involved with this plan of if she was just giving Yu some extra encouragement to go to the arena.

Of course Yu isn’t thrilled about the idea and wants to distance herself from hockey, but deep down she obviously has feelings about hockey and still loves it. Coach Yoko’s plan also involved Mascot Guy to meet her at the doors and convince her to come inside and take a look at the girls practicing. Once inside the sights and smells of the arena had her reminiscing about her glory days and how much she enjoyed them. But that’s not why she’s there, she’s just dropping off a pen and some treats.

The simple drop and go plan didn’t work out for Yu though as once Manaka and the girls caught sight of her, she wasn’t going to be getting out so easily. After turning down Manaka’s initial invitation to play, Coach Yoko offers her a challenge: if a Dream Monkeys player can stop 5 shots from her, she’ll have to join the team. Now at any point from here on, Yu could’ve walked right out and gone home. Nothing was actually stopping her at all from leaving aside from this challenge being unfulfilled. Yu is an MVP player who has won countless trophies and awards, there is no way some first time player could possibly stop 5 shots from here. So Yu accepts the challenge, knowing full well she’ll win.

As you can expect, Yu didn’t hold back and ends up being Manaka 4 times out of 5 in the shootout. Yu’s 5th shot wasn’t technically a block by Manaka as it grazed the goalie stick and hit more off the post, but the fact remains it didn’t go in so she failed the challenge and now has to join the team. But you know what, she  still could’ve easily said no and left right there regardless. Yes she’d have gone back on her end of the challenge, but if she truly hated hockey then she wouldn’t have even stepped on the ice to begin with. It’s clear her passion for hockey has just grown cold, but now with this new opportunity in front of her, maybe it’s time Yu makes her comeback and returns to the exciting world of ice hockey!

Back to it!

With Yu on the team things will surely get better at least in theory. It’ll be interesting to see well Yu fits in with the rest of the team. Keep in mind we’ve only just met a few of the other Dream Monkey players, but I’m guessing from the next ep on, we’ll get to meet more of them and things will really open up now. I doubt things will be easy off the start, Yu’s used to playing at a high level and anyone not up to her standards might be hard to play with, but we’ll leave that for next week.

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Next time it looks like we’ll start to meet other teams in the league and more of the hockey world will start to unveil itself to both the newest members of the Dream Monkeys and us viewers along for the ride.

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