With the end in sight, it was time to take a trip back to where it all began. At least for Kanon.

Here we go!

After passing their first test, Liella! was looking ahead to their next challenge as the road to Love Live! gets tighter and the competition fiercer. I liked the scene with them checking the results and having Kanon’s laptop freeze up as the servers at Love Live! were having such a hard time dealing with the increased traffic. Thankfully Sunny Passion was able to relay them the info about passing. They need better servers down at Love Live! HQ.

Now that school idols are more accepted at the school, it was nice to see the student body rallying behind their idols, congratulating them on passing the first test. It’s still a long ways to go before the final round and a lot of very talented other groups to beat, but right now Liella! is looking solid and they’ve really got a shot here. That is until a certain request comes from the Headmistress’s office.

I’ll leave the hilarious Ren scene out because it’s worth watching and experiencing on your own, it was truly a highlight of this week’s ep.


Turns out the Headmistress had received a request from Kanon and Chisato’s old school and they wish to have Liella! preform there. What a huge opportunity to show off their school idol talents to the up and coming students of that elementary school. Except Chisato realizes something that might make this otherwise welcome request a big disaster. The stage they’d be preforming on would be the very one that Kanon had a bad moment of stage fright back in the day. Kanon said she’s over it now, but the act of being back up on that stage could very well trigger those memories and impact Kanon’s ability to perform. Worse yet, it could render her incapable to perform in their next Love Live! performance. As this could very well spell disaster for them, Chisato also sees it as a chance for Kanon to finally overcome her fear of performing once and for all.

Of course things can’t be that easy as there is one more hurdle for Kanon to overcome before this ep ends on a high note. The next theme for the Love Live! performance has been announced and there has to be a solo part incorporated into the performance. All eyes turn to Kanon and you can guess what this means. It’s a bit of a tough love moment as all the girls, minus Kanon, decide that she is the only one suitable for this solo part. And to up the ante, so to speak, Chisato decides that Kanon should do that whole performance solo. They kind of threw Kanon under the bus in this regard, but it’s for the greater good and in the end Chisato hopes this whole experience will benefit her.

It’s a big risk doing this, Chisato along with the rest of the girls know this, but for Kanon this truly is the best way for her to overcome her fear. Back where it all started, where the fear began, it’s the perfect place for Kanon to take a stand and prove to herself that she really can do this.

I really like the scene when Kanon is backstage before her solo performance and she reflects on her last time when she was in the exact same spot. The feelings she felt and the nerves of going out on stage. There is a moment when present Kanon “meets” smol Kanon from back in the day and it was a really touching moment. I like stuff like that in anime. As for the performance, it went off perfectly and Kanon finally conquered her stage fright in spectacular fashion. In the end Kanon wasn’t even truly alone. The rest of the Liella! girls were there supporting from from the audience, even though they said they weren’t going to be there.

With this hurdle cleared, it was now time for Liella! to set their sights on their final challenges as the road to Love Live! gets tough from here on in.

A great thing about having only 5 girls to focus on, they each get a lot of depth and they can really explore each girl a lot more than they could with 9 or more. Superstar!! really has done a lot of new and exciting things for a Love Live! anime and I’m looking forward to what’s planned in these final few eps!

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