After a double shot of drama the past few weeks, it was time to get back to the fun times.

Let’s take a look!

With Ren officially being part of the group, it was finally time to move onto the next phase of the anime, that being entering the famous Love Live! competition. It was a moment Keke has been waiting for and now it’s finally here! Love Live! Yes the ultimate school idol competition that everyone gets excited about and where dreams come true. Keke was all ready to enter them but then realized one extremely important detail that they were missing: a group name.

tfw no group name

Yes all this time they’ve been operating as the Yuigaoka Girls High School School Idols, which is quite the mouthful to say and really doesn’t have a nice ring to it. But now if they want to continue their school idol dreams on the biggest stage ever, they’ll need to have a name to enter the competition. So this time around is all about coming up with a suitable group name. Now I’m sure we all know what their name is by now, the title isn’t exactly subtle either, but this is about the process of them coming up with this exact name, and as expected it’s quite the journey in itself.

For starters none of them have a good idea. From Sumire’s ‘Galaxy’ to Chisato’s ‘Maru-Maru Circle’ and Ren’s long list of names like Absolute Spacetime (which sounds pretty badass honestly), nothing really sticks with any of them. Keke’s idea of just taking a few letters from everyone’s name and mashing it up wasn’t exactly great either. It worked when it was just herself and Kanon, forming the duo KeKa, but with 3 other girls, that just won’t work the same way. A nice little nod to previous Love Live! anime, Keke suggest they put out a suggestion box in hopes to get a good name, but that doesn’t bring in any results at all.

I really liked the middle part of the ep after Kanon’s conversation with Sunny Passion about group names, where they suggest they let the fans decide on a name and to try out live streaming. Ren was by far the star of this whole sequence and her pure innocence made for some very cute moments. She’s lived a moderately sheltered life, busy with many other things and live streaming isn’t something that was given much attention. If anything, she was told not to get too involved with it. Also Ren being a talking strawberry on their Zoom call was cute and funny too. There is always that one person who can’t figure out how to turn off the filters. As expected their first ever live stream goes as well as you’d guess. Complete chaos. But hey, at least they got a lot of likes.

As the deadline for entering Love Live! looms in the distance, the girls are starting to get a little worried now. They still don’t have e group name and the don’t have a new song to enter with, two very important things they need to move forward. After a few more failed attempts to spark Kanon’s creative juices, the help they receive comes from an unlikely source, some of Kanon’s classmates. While the other girls didn’t seem to catch on to what was said, something inside Kanon clicked and she had an idea for not only the new song, but a group name as well.

I really liked the insert song used here while we have a lovely montage of Kanon creating the new song a group name, and in the end it was exactly what they were looking for. With the approval of the rest of the girls, they officially entered the Love Live! competition with the group name Liella!

Gotta say I thought they might have used a group name Ren’s mother had back in her school idol days, as that seemed like the super obvious thing to do here and very Love Live! like, but not this time. I like the name Liella, it’s nice and it works for them. Granted I think I voted for something else back when the names were being decided, but hey this was chosen and it’s what we’ve come to love.

So with a group name and a song, the next step is to prepare for the upcoming competition which will surely push all the girls to their school idol limits!

Another good ep this week, nice and straightforward and just really funny too. These girls are so much fun to watch and they all play off each other so well. Once again Keke and Sumire had some excellent scenes together and I really liked seeing this new side to Ren as well. We’ve only known her as this serious girl, but she’s got a very cute and innocent side to her as well that’s so charming. Also Ren looks very good in the General Course uniform as well.

What did you think of this week’s ep? Do you like the name Liella? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll make sure to reply to you!

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