After getting a little bit worked up last week, let’s try for a more civilized review this week.

Here we go!

We ended last week on a cliffhanger with Ren confessing the truth to Kanon and company regarding the fate of the school along with Ren’s backstory. We got the start of the story last time, so now let’s look at the rest and get some answers.

For starters I made yet another blunder in saying Ren’s father also died, but instead he just left the family and is living overseas. The matter of fact being he’s not involved in Ren’s life so we could pretty much write him off anyways. How did things get to this point though? Well it turns out Ren’s mother, Hana, wanted to start another school after hers closed down, but her husband was against the idea and left, leaving Hana to do all the work. While she was able to found the school, she essentially she worked herself to death in the process and that’s where things slowly started to go downhill.

Now the money aspect of the whole situation more or less got cleared up in this ep. We established that a large chunk of the money was used in the founding of the school and it’s safe to assume money was spent on the upkeep of the Hazuki mansion as well, and also we could say that her father probably took a large portion of that money for himself when he left for overseas. I mean it’s not like it was all her mother’s money, I’m sure her father was quite wealthy on his own. So while this isn’t touched on in great detail this week, I think we can put it to rest that no the Headmistress or some third party wasn’t taking the money over the years. I guess Love Live! isn’t the type of anime to get into such sinister schemes like that.

That said though, unless I’m missing something here, I’m having trouble trying to figure out the timeline of everything. Hana founded the school, Yuigaoka, how many years prior to her passing? If this is the inaugural class of the school, was it founded back then and just sat for a number of years closed until this point when it opened and started accepting students? So at what point did she die then and how old was Ren when this happened? Was Yuigaoka open in some capacity while Ren was younger? Did it take all those years to get things up and running? I feel like I’m overlooking something or just plain not understanding things, and that wouldn’t be a first. Help me out with this because I’m making a fool of myself right now. I hate getting hung up on the details.

Back to the present now and the matters at hand. Unfortunately Superstar!! seems to be turning into a save the school plot, which I can’t be the only one who is upset by that. Unless it changes in S2, Nijigasaki remains the only non school saving anime in the Love Live! series.

So the goal for the upcoming school festival is the use the Music Course to attract new students as they would be bringing in the money and in turn keep the lights on and the bills paid. The problem with that is the General Course students get thrown under the bus in the process. Okay maybe Love Live! does have low key sinister schemes in it. Needless to say, the General Course students aren’t happy, especially after Ren promised otherwise. As brought out in a comment in last week’s review, Ren might not have been speaking for herself when she made those comments about the Music Course getting the focus in the school festival; but after this ep it’s still possible that she did indeed make that call given the situation the school is in, knowing full well she’d become public enemy number 1 in the process. What do you think?

Moving along we get to another huge point to talk about, that being the truth regarding why Ren is so against school idols. You see back in the days before Yuigaoka was founded, there was another school, Jinguu Music Academy. Jinguu also faced a similar crisis and was on the brink of closing, but one student wasn’t going to let that happen. That student was Hana Hazuki. Her plan: become a school idol to save the school. Ultimately she wasn’t able to save the school which of course led to her founding the current Yuigaoka, but her days as a school idol were some of, if not, her very best. We’ll get into more in a moment.

The shocking reveals continue as Ren opens up the Kanon and the gang later on that she actually did want to become a school idol like her mother before her, following in her footsteps and save the school, but she couldn’t find any school idol related thing from her mother’s past. Ren knew she was a school idol, but all records of that were seemingly gone. Kinda jumping to conclusions here, but Ren assumed that since she can’t find anything, maybe her mother regretted her choice of being a school idol seeing that she failed to save the school. Running with that idea from then on, Ren started to dislike the thought of school idols and that’s where we see her today.

Thankfully Kanon wanted to get to the bottom of this so the girls took it upon themselves to search for the records and see if they could find anything. As expected, after looking all over the school and through the archives, the answer was always right at the beginning of their journey. Tucked away in a box in the storage room of the school idol club room were the records of Hana’s school idol days. That also explains the second key on the club room key chain.

We round off the ep with a rousing speech by Kanon in front of the fractured student body speaking directly from Hana’s old notebook and giving the answers to Ren’s questions about her mother’s school idol days along with the path forward to unite the school once again. I really liked this scene and that moment when Ren finally realizes everything, it was very moving and I did actually tear up a bit. Love Live! still gets the waterworks going every now and then. And finally we have the incredible performance to close out the ep and I’m not going to even try to explain how good it was. Just watch.

Yeah, that might be the best one yet. So emotional and beautiful.

So I think I did a moderately good job of not going insane this week, just maybe talked a bit too much that’s all. But hey I wanted to get into this ep a bit more and once again stir up some conversations in the comments below. That said, what did you think of this week’s ep? Did it answer your questions? Sound off below and let’s chat about it.

Next week it looks like we’re leaving the drama behind and moving back to the happy and fun times.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!

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