Okay I made a very big mistake along the way and it’s only just now come to light. Also there is an election for the student council president in this ep along with the long awaited Ren backstory.

Buckle up, this is a wild ride.

Before we get to the major problem that’s happened along the way and has finally come to light, let’s talk about the inaugural election for the student council president.

Typesetting on point!

As expected Ren is in the running for president as she fits all the requirements for that position. She’s serious and level headed, driven, focused, and well respected by everyone, making her an easy choice to lead the students. Or maybe just the Music Course students, as Keke points out. Yes her fear is that if Ren get elected she might use her new found power to abolish school idol activities and that would be terrible. Thankfully Keke has a plan, because Keke always has a plan. Get Kanon to run against her and hopefully win. The only problem? Kanon doesn’t want to do it.

But that’s not the end of the line because they also have Sumire who is fired up and ready to campaign against Ren, vowing to be the better president and lead the students in the best possible way. Of course Sumire’s enthusiasm wasn’t enough to secure victory and in the end only lost votes. Apparently you can get minus votes which Kanon was also surprised to learn about. Sadly, Keke’s plan didn’t come together and she wasn’t able to get Kanon in power. Once again though, Keke is proving to be the best girl in this anime and she was brilliant as always this week.

The turning point comes when Ren is giving her speech to the student body and she goes full politician on them, breaking her promises and putting the focus on the Music Course students instead of the General Course students for the upcoming school festival. Not a good look at all.

Of course this doesn’t sit well with the General Course students who felt very betrayed by Ren and are now taking signatures to remove her from office. Man I didn’t think Love Live! would ever get so political. Sumire sees this chance as another shot to run for president, but before a full of revolution happens, Kanon decides they should try to learn more about Ren and why she’s suddenly having a change of heart. Okay now is where the problems on my end start.

The back half of the ep puts the focus on Ren and her backstory, which is a lot sadder than expected but also a little frustrating because they unfortunately use a trope that’s extremely annoying and I wish they would stop doing this in anime.


For starters the Headmistress is not Ren’s mother. This fact I somehow missed or just wasn’t paying close enough attention to but now that I fully understand things I can’t believe I fucked up this bad because it’s so obvious now that I see it. The school was indeed founded by Ren’s mother, Hana Hazuki, but like so many other parents in anime, she died. Yes we’re back to killing off the parents solely for plot purposes. It’s annoying and just downright lazy honestly having this being the go-to to write out the parents in anime. And yes I’m saying parents because her father isn’t around either.

Just you, kid.

That brings us back to the matter at hand, who exactly is the Headmistress then? Turns out she’s a former classmate of Hana’s who probably had a hand in founding the school as well being that she’s Headmistress now. So for all this time I was under the impression that the Headmistress was Ren’s mother and was running with that incorrect fact since my ep 2 review, so I’d like to apologize for that mistake. Also the fact that the Headmistress has different colored hair than Ren should’ve been a big giveaway, but I still missed that. We do actually see a little bit of Ren’s mother, Hana, in this ep in the way of flashbacks and a few old pictures. She looks much more like her daughter than the Headmistress does.

Okay now that’s we’ve cleared that up, let’s get back to Ren and how she ties into all of this. So it turns out Ren’s family was very wealthy back in the day, founding a school takes a lot of money obviously, but since both her parents died the money has started to run out and now she’s at the point where there is no more money. She can’t even pay the super cute maid voice by Kana Hanazawa and even more importantly the school is on the brink of closing down due to its lack of money. But wait, how is this even possible? Good question, and no I don’t have any decent answer so I’ll continue ranting away now because this stopped being a review a few paragraphs ago.

Wish I had a cute maid like her.

A big gripe I have with this is that all these students can’t be going to the school for free, they have to have paid something along the way so how the school has no money doesn’t make any sense right now. Yes I get that the money from the Hazuki family was being used for the school, but who exactly was managing this money? Ren was too young when her parents died to know how to manage money, so for all this time what’s been happening to the money? From her childhood to where she is right now with this school opening again, what happened to all the money? Did the Headmistress take it? Was some other party involved who took it? How much was used to reopen the school? If this school is so prestigious, how does it not having people giving generous donations to it or money coming in from other sources that big prestigious schools have happen? I should know, I went to a private school back in the day. The money issue doesn’t make sense here and the fact Ren wants to take this upon herself to work to get enough money to keep the school operating is literally impossible. It’ll take hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to run a school like that and no matter how hard Ren works she’ll never make that much money.

And while we’re at it, why is the Headmistress so calm about this impending doom of the school being on the brink of not being able to operate due to the lack of funds? Does no one at the school realize this? Are the teachers getting paid? Is anyone getting paid? Have they sent out notices to the parents telling them to look for another school to put their child in? Like how is this even possible? This is a brand new school that just opened and it can’t operate because it has no money?? Was all the money used to reopen the school? Did I already ask that question???

Don’t do this to me, not again…

And lastly I really don’t want this to turn into another “save the school by becoming school idols” thing but I fear it’s already become that. OG Love Live! and Sunshine!! did that already and I thought we had moved past that honestly. But this time they honestly can’t save the school. School idols aren’t getting paid by anyone and they sure as hell aren’t getting paid enough to run a huge school. And yes I know anime logic says fuck everything on a daily basis, but you can’t tell me 5 high school girls can come together to make enough money to operate a prestigious private school while no adult can.

Maybe I’m just reading too deep into this and maybe I’m once again missing the big picture, but whatever the case is I’m really not sure what to think about this ep now that I’ve given it a little bit of time to sink in. I’ve got issues with pretty much the last 10 minutes of the ep where things started to take a turn for the questionable, but everything before that was excellent. I don’t know, I’ve said enough and I should just end this post now.

Okay then… that didn’t go as planned.

I might have popped off a little too much there but once I got started there was no stopping. I’d like to get some conversations happening about this ep. What did you think of it? What’s your take on this money situation? Am I overreacting about this? What am I missing here? Sound off in the comments below because I think we should talk about what happened this week.

Next time we continue on with Ren and her story and hopefully we’ll get some answers to some questions.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!

As always, stay safe and healthy!