After another Olympic break, this time for the Paralympics, Love Live! Superstar!! is back once again and ready to continue the journey from regular school girls to amazing school idols. This week Chisato takes center stage!

Let’s take a look!

We left off last time with Kanon, Keke and Sumire on an island paradise with Sunny Passion members Yuna and Mao for a school idol learning experience. Chisato didn’t attend this event with them as she had an upcoming dance competition to prepare for, but we ended up a cliffhanger with Chisato seemingly planning to withdraw from this very same competition, or perhaps the whole dance class in the school. Being that dance is such a huge part of her life, it seems extremely drastic for Chisato to make this move, but let’s find out what her plan is.

Kanon, Keke and Sumire have been enjoying their island vacation and training camp so far and I really like all the moments with Keke and Sumire together. They’re both so chaotic and they clash a lot, but they make for sure a great duo and dare I say it, couple, and watching their antics always brings a smile to my face. I loved the part when Sumire shows off her cooking skills, making a huge feast for everyone after Keke’s failed attempt. So good watching those two.

Kanon and Yuna seemed to hit it off as the two had some good conversations together. I liked the part where Kanon was off trying to come up with some lyrics for the song and Yuna went out to sit with her. Kanon was impressed by Yuna’s motivation for being a school idol, but wonders if she also had something to motivate her if she would be a better school idol as well. Right now it’s her love for singing that’s keeping her going, but I’m sure now that she’s got a performance under her belt, Kanon must be enjoying the school idol life much more than she first thought. Yuna also brought up Chisato in their conversation as well, musing that her leaving to focus on her dance competition might also have another meaning.

Speaking of Chisato, we got an good scene with her and Ren back at the school. While Ren seems pretty against school idols, she doesn’t take quite and interest in what Kanon and company are up to, as she wasted no time mentioning them while speaking with Chisato. Even Chisato seemed surprised by the concern Ren had for them. I think we’re starting to see some cracks in her tough outer shell. It’s only a matter of time before Ren joins them on their school idol journey. Another key part of this scene is when Chisato accidentally drops the withdrawal notice out of her bag and Ren catches a glimpse of it. While she denies having seen it, it’s clear her brief look at it leaves her troubled.

The follow up to this scene is when we really learn what’s making Chisato tick and what her future plans are. She’s got a lot riding on this dance competition, so much so that if she doesn’t win she’s talking about leaving and studying abroad. Why does she have such strong feelings about this competition though? Well it’s because she’s doing this for Kanon. Her backstory reinforces this as Kanon helped her out a lot when she was bullied, so Chisato wants to be able to repay her by bring strong enough to stand on her own, and more importantly, at Kanon’s side. Also one quick side note, we learned this week that Ren used to do figure skating, so we know she’s already a good dancer.

The final part of this ep wraps up everything nicely with Kanon making a surprise visit to Chisato to cheer her on at her dance competition, which we unfortunately don’t get to see happen, before the two of them return to the island for their school idol performance. Of course Chisato won the competition, Kanon’s presence was that extra boost she needed, and with her goal met, she could now stand on stage with Kanon, Keke, and Sumire as the 4 of them lit up the night with an incredible performance. Take a look at this dazzling show!

With the 4 of them now all school idols, that means there is only 1 girl left who will be joining them, but I’m sure it’s going to be a challenge to get Ren to become a school idol. Next time it looks like she’ll finally get her moment in the spotlight. Looking forward to that!

Another week and another excellent ep of Love Live! Superstar!! Honestly as this show progresses I’m loving it more and more and right now I’m having a hard time trying to decide if I like this more that Nijigasaki. I just really love how far Love Live! has progressed and how it’s so much more than a group of girls trying to save their school. The characters are so incredible and I love all the new approaches their taking to each story. As mentioned already, Ren looks to be the star of the next ep, so I’m really looking forward to finally learning more about her.

But I’ve rambled enough, what did you think of this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get  back to you as soon as possible!

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!

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