With Sumire officially part of the group, it’s time for the trio to plan their next move. But first an unexpected guest arrives on the scene!

Let’s take a look!

I really like Sumire. She’s a great addition to the group and she’s just so much fun to watch. I mentioned last week how even though Keke is still the undisputed favorite, Sumire really made a solid impression on me. Her fun personality continued to shine this week as she had some fantastic moments with Keke. Those two really make for some fun dynamics on screen.

As with all the Love Live! anime to date, the end goal is to compete in and hopefully win the Love Live! Competition. Here in Superstar!! the goal is very much the same, although there is a lot of work still left to do before they can reach that point. For now though the main issue at hand is finding a cool place to practice as the heat is the real enemy. The roof top is by far the most exposed place to dance, so that’s obviously out. Other spots aren’t really available, even though it would be possible to use Chisato’s connections with her music course student status. So the search goes on for some place cool.

Eventually they end up back at Kanon’s family cafe, which isn’t a viable option either, but at least there are cold treats to help the girls cool off. What else is cool is a surprise visit from none other than Sunny Passion, the super popular school idol group! What could they possibly be doing there?

I love Keke’s reaction during this scene, she’s overcome with emotion as her favorite school idols are standing just a few feet away from her. I like how Keke reverts back to speaking Chinese whenever she’s really excited, that’s a neat detail for her character. Just another thing I really like about this Love Live! anime.

After composing herself as best as she can, Yuuna and Mao of Sunny Passion explain why they’re suddenly there. Turns out there is a concert happening on the island they’re from and they want Kanon and Keke to come and perform. It’s not an official competition or anything, just a nice summertime performance for the fans. Yuuna and Mao don’t have any evil intentions either, they’re just two follow school idols asking them to be a guest at the concert. It’s a huge opportunity for them to grow as a group and also potentially get some pointers from one of the best duos around too. Sounds like a win-win!

I haven’t touched on Chisato much but she does play a pretty important role in this weeks’ ep. As we know, Chisato is part of the music students at the school, more specifically focusing on dance as that’s her passion. She’s been approached by a teacher who informs her of a summer competition happening and she wants Chisato to go represent the school at it. Once again another huge honor, but that would also mean she can’t help out with coaching for Kanon, Keke, and Sumire. She also couldn’t come along for the island adventures either.

Back to the present now, after their meeting with Yuuna and Mao, Chisato privately asks the duo if it’s possible Kanon and Keke have a shot at winning Love Live!. While SunnyPa praise them for their singing and team work, their dancing is lacking. The main issue being it doesn’t feel like them at all. Chisato has been helping them out from the start but so far all they’ve really done is just copy her moves and adapt them to their performance. Nothing about their dancing is truly original. Looks like the girls will have something to work on during their island vacation.

Love the background!

One boat ride later and they’re on the island, greeted by Yuuna and Mao at the docks. I liked the vacation montage, showing the girls enjoying themselves on the beach and in the water. While we got to see a few of them in swimsuits, it was only for a very brief moment and unfortunately nothing to get that worked up over. I hope we’ll get another beach/pool/swimsuit ep in the future. The island activities continue on throughout the day and into the evening as well, Kanon, Keke and Sumire enjoying every moment of their vacation in this sunny paradise.

We end the ep on the beach once again, this time at night with Kanon and Keke talking about the upcoming performance, Chisato, and how to improve their group. The main topic at hand is regarding Chisato and what she means to them. She’s a great dance teacher, but even Kanon realizes she’d be an amazing addition to the school idol group. I like how she’s really thinking like the leader here, how to better the group and taking Keke’s feelings into consideration as well. Kanon wants this school idol endeavor to be something everyone can be proud of, especially Keke as this means so much to her. Of course while adding Chisato would be a great idea, she’s already fully committed to dance and now this upcoming competition as well.

I liked the short flashback to Kanon and Chisato when they were young and how Chisato really started off her journey in dance. She’s been doing this for years and it’s something that’s very important to her. We also learn how Chisato played a key role in Kanon getting into singing.

The final scene leaves us with a cliffhanger as we see Chisato in the dance room practicing, but the camera pans down to her bag where we see a sheet of paper that looks like a notice of withdrawal, presumable from either the dance competition or perhaps the whole dance class. Whatever the case, we’ll have to wait and extra week to find out as Love Live! is once again on it’s Olympic break, this time for the Paralympic Games, until September 5th.

Another fun filled ep this week. I think the highlight for me was definitely all the interactions between Keke and Sumire. Those two just play so well off each other and they’re always a treat to watch. I know at the start of the anime it was looking like Kanon and Keke would be close, and they still are, but Keke and Sumire just have the right chemistry to make them an absolute joy to watch. Eagerly looking forward to more of their antics in a few weeks time.

What did you think of this week’s ep? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it so feel free to leave a comment below to start the conversation. I’ll be sure to reply to any and all comments!

As mentioned, Love Live! Superstar!! is back on break, this time for only 1 week instead of 2, so ep 6 will air September 5th. Mark that date down in your calendar!

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here in a few weeks!

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