After a week of waiting, it’s finally time to be introduced to much anticipated Sumire Heanna!

Let’s see how it played out! Galaxy!!!

We’ve seen Sumire briefly in the first 3 eps of Superstar!! and of course we knew she’d be joining the team at some point, but we didn’t know much else about her, such as why she was out eating food and looking for people’s reactions. This week we finally get answers to all these questions.

Before we get to Sumire though, let’s take a quick look at what Kanon and Keke have been up to since their first live. As we remember from last week, the duo didn’t win the top prize but they did win the Best Newcomer Award, which is just enough to convince the headmistress to let them continue their school idol activities. It’s clear Ren doesn’t approve of the decision but she’s forced to go along with it.

With their activities green lit, Kanon and Keke were able to secure a club room along with a place to practice, that being of course the roof top. As is a staple in every Love Live! anime, the rooftop is a place where each group at one point went to practice.

Now let’s get into how Sumire fits into all of this. Sumire has been in the show business for quite some time but she’s never really had any breakout roles. She’s been side characters, back ground characters, bugs, trees, but never a star. After seeing what school idols are all about and just how popular they can become, Sumire decided this was her chance to make it big. She joined the school idol club along side Kanon and Keke in hopes to achieve this dream.

Sumire has all the qualities to be a school idol, she can dance, sing, she’s super beautiful and totally looks the part, but she couldn’t land that center position. According to Keke, Kanon just looks more suited for the center role than Sumire does. Sumire didn’t take kindly to this and stormed off, leaving the girls shocked by the sudden turn of events.

As the ep progresses, and yes this is becoming more and more out of order as I’m explaining things, Kanon would end up learning about Sumire’s backstory and why being the center means so much for her. While Kanon understood her story, Keke wasn’t so understanding and took offense to Sumire using their school idol activities as a means to grow her personal career. Angry Keke is a sight to behold and even though she tried really hard to be as intimidating as possible, she just ended up being even cuter.

In the end the only way to truly win Sumire back to being a school idol was to “scout” her as a professional talent agency would do. And while Kanon didn’t give her the center spot as she wanted, she did give Sumire a challenge saying if she wants that spot so bad, she’ll have to take it from her. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get everyone in the school idol mood!

Another week rolls by and another fantastic Love Live! Superstar!! ep. While Keke remains my favorite, I really did come to love Sumire a lot and by the end of the ep she really left a positive impression on me. I can’t wait to see more of her in the coming eps, not to mention the others as well.


One quick thing that I didn’t really catch on to until it was pointed out to me by my follow anime blogger and good friend OG, was how similar Sumire’s story was to another character from a recent anime.

Now that he’s said this, I can’t believe I missed it the first time. Very good comparison, OG!

That’s going to be it for me, as always I’d love to hear your thoughts about this week’s ep, so feel free to leave a comment below! I’ll make sure to reply to any comments.

Looks like next week we’re getting the highly anticipated swimsuit ep, at least that what I took away from the preview. Either way, I’m hyped!!

I’ll see you back here next week!

As always, stay safe and healthy!