After the 2 weeks Olympic break we’re back to Love Live! and the continuation of Kanon and Keke’s quest to prepare for the local school idol event!

Let’s take a look!

We left off with Kanon and Keke getting ready for the school idol event with the help of Chisato and so far they’ve made great progress, however Kanon soon reverts back to her previous self and can’t sing anymore in front of people. Was her moment in ep 1 just a one off thing? With only a few more days before the event happens, this is a worst case scenario for them.

Keke and Chisato have a few ideas on how to get Kanon back in the singing mood, starting with working at Chisato’s takoyaki truck and forcing her to be in front of people all day, thus making her more comfortable to sing in front of people. It’s a good idea honestly, getting Kanon out there in front of people, unfortunately that isn’t the case and they can’t get her singing again.

Their next plan was a new outfit for Kanon in an effort to get her singing again. Not sure this was the best idea, but I really enjoyed this scene and how excited Keke and Chisato were as Kanon modeled a very cute outfit.

While the first two attempts were appreciated, it was really the third attempt that really struck a cord with Kanon. Keke is fully on board with this challenge to win first place in the school idol event and continue her dream of being a school idol. She came all the way from China to make this dream come true and she’s not ready to pack it in just yet. Their last stop was a large sign board Keke had made for their performance along with some penlights she wanted to hand out to everyone in the crowd. But what really stood out was seeing the stage where they would be performing in the not too distant future. While it was some much needed motivation, it soon all disappeared with the announcement of a very popular school idol group joining the competition at the last moment.

We’ve seen them briefly in the previous two eps, but it was finally time to see a bit more of Sunny Passion (SunnyPa). The super popular group made a last second entry in the competition and with a massive following they were pretty much guarenteed the win. I enjoyed seeing how excited Keke got when talking about SunnyPa, her favorite school idol group and the source of her school idol passion. Getting to stand on the same stage with them was a dream come true for her, at least until she realized stood no chance against them. Nevertheless the girls continued on their training for the big event, not letting certain defeat get in their way.

A small scene worth noting is when Keke asks Chisato if she also wanted to be a school idol with them. To Keke’s surprise, Chisato said she was interested in school idols but because she’s already committed to dance right now, it would be impossible to do both. Of course we know Chisato will be joining them at some point, just not right now.

With the event just a few days away now, it was time for the final push and getting the last practice in before the big day. Even though their dream might very well come to an end after this performance, Kanon and Keke were ready to go out there and give it their best shot. As always there are a few last second mishaps, one big one courtesy of a certain blonde girl who we’ll be seeing more of very soon, but in the end they were able to overcome the odds and pull off an amazing performance. Take a look!

While they didn’t win first place, as expected, they did win the Best Newcomer Special Award, which is still a nice prize to take home. Of course the main issues remains, they failed to win the event and as the agreement stands, if they didn’t do that then they can’t continue being school idols. Is this the end of the line for KeKa?

3 eps in and I’m really loving Superstar!!, honestly even more so than Nijigasaki, which I also loved a lot. Just something about this fresh new take on Love Live! that really makes me excited. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next ep especially since we finally get to meet Sumire Heanna. I wonder what the title for next week’s review will be?

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