Hello and welcome back! It’s been a while since I last did any blogging so this might be a little (okay maybe a lot) rusty off the start but I’ll find my legs again. We’re back here again to talk about Love Live! once more, that’s right I’ll be covering the latest entry in the Love Live! series, Love Live! Superstar!! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now so let’s get right into this!

Much like the first ep of Nijigasaki, my biggest take away once again is how different this feels compared to previous Love Live! anime. Now I’m not going to spend each review trying to compare each series but I will say that as of late, I’m really liking this new and different feel to Love Live! It all starts with what I think is the most relatable Love Live! main character yet. Yes Yu was very relatable as she was super passionate about idols and loved all the girls, but what makes Kanon Shibuya so good is her flaws that are shown right off the start. She’s got major stage fright which led to her not making the top music class at the newly established Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, despite having an incredible singing voice and a burning passion to sing, and then right after we see a very different and moody Kanon in her room sulking over her failure. We see more of this on her morning walk to school. She’s got her headphones on to shut out the noise and just wants to make it to class without any trouble. Pretty sure those are Sony headphones too. Good taste, Kanon.

[Team ONIBE] Love Live! Superstar!! - 01 (NHKE 1280x720 x264 AAC) [C011F542].mkv_snapshot_00.35_[2021.07.12_23.29.54]

Kanon is content with giving up on her singing dream once she failed the entrance exam for the music program, she’s fine with making it by on the regular program and letting go of her passion for signing. At least on the surface she is. It’s easy to tell she’s still got that passion to sing inside her that’s always slipping out when she’s alone. I really like the lyrics of her feature song she sings. It applies to her so well, feeling down but letting that song lift her spirits up again, she should be taking this to heart honestly. Despite it all though, Kanon is ready to walk away from her dream, that is until she has a fateful encounter with Keke Tang and things slowly start to change.

[Team ONIBE] Love Live! Superstar!! - 01 (NHKE 1280x720 x264 AAC) [C011F542].mkv_snapshot_01.00_[2021.07.11_19.46.15]

Keke is the girl passionate about school idols and right from her introduction in the classroom, Keke makes it clear she wants to start a school idol club at school and get as many girls as possible to join her, starting with none other than Kanon. It’ll take a little bit of work before Kanon finally ends up agreeing to it, but for now we’ll just watch as their story unfolds.

Another girl we meet girl along the way is Kanon’s childhood friend Chisato “Chii-chan” Arashi. Aside from a few details about her such as she’s a great dancer and works at a takoyaki stand, that’s all we know about Chii-chan for now. I will say she’s super cute, much like all the girls in Love Live!, but for first impressions I’m really liking Chii-chan so far.

[Team ONIBE] Love Live! Superstar!! - 01 (NHKE 1280x720 x264 AAC) [C011F542].mkv_snapshot_05.46_[2021.07.12_23.32.52]

Keke and Kanon’s friendship continues to grow through the middle portion of the ep as Kanon invites Keke over to her place to talk about school idols some more. They’re earlier encounter with student council president Ren Hazuki put school idols in a slightly different light for Kanon, but she’s still not wanting to make that step to actually becoming one herself. She’s willing to help out Keke on her quest to form a school idol club though, something we all know she’ll end up joining. Interesting to note one of the girls Kanon tries to scout is the gorgeous blonde Sumire Heanna. Her prickly attitude scared off Kanon at the time, but this won’t be the last we see of Sumire.

As all Love Live! first eps end, we get the first performance out of the way. Kanon and Keke’s search for idols comes to a head when she two get into an argument and Kanon storms off. Her anger didn’t last too long though she finally realized someone was willing to stick with her despite her intense stage fright and keep cheering her on. Also the thought of leaving Keke on the brink of tears at the front of the school was a tough pill to swallow. Pushing aside all her doubts and taking hold of her dream once more, Kanon sings her heart out in the first of many performances we’ll see in this show. Take a look!

As far as first eps go, Love Live! Superstar!! was excellent! It’s got a lot to love and it’s only going to get better each week! What are your thoughts on the opening ep? Let me know in the comments below!

Like I said at the outset, things will definitely be rusty off the start as I get back into blogging so if these “reviews” aren’t exactly the most well put together piece of writing, that’s why. I guess I should mention that in case you missed the anniversary post back in April, Anime Corps will be closing up shop at the end of the year, so this and a yet to be named fall show are the last I’m reviewing. I’m not using that as an excuse to put minimal effort into these final reviews, I’m still giving it my all, it’ll just take a few eps in before that’s slightly evident.

Anyways, that’s it for me. As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next post!