Here we are, the final season of 2020! This season felt like a reward for slugging it out for the whole year as there were so many great anime that aired during this season. I also made a return to review writing and covered the latest entry of the Love Live! series, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. While I won’t be including that in this post, you can go read my thoughts on that right here. For now let’s check out the other shows that we enjoyed this season.

Nick’s Highlights

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? BLOOM

Goshiusa is a top favorite of mine when it comes to Girls Club shows and really it’s just an all around solid anime as well. Right from the first season it hit all the right notes and since then it’s just been a consistently excellent anime to watch. BLOOM is a lot more of the same when it comes to cute girls doing cafe things, but at the same time they explored a lot more themes in this season and overall it felt much more mature in a sense that all the girls are growing up and moving forward in life. Take for example my best girl Rize, she’s prepping for college this season as her time in high school is coming to a close. ChiMaMe (Chino, Maya, and Megu) are trying to decide which high school to addend, and Cocoa along with the rest of the girls are thinking about their future plans and what will change in the coming years. I really liked this about BLOOM as it really opened up the show to more than just the girls in their respective cafes doing cute things, but it fleshed out each character and made them so much better.  Even side characters felt more developed this season, which is always a great sign too.

Another thing I greatly enjoyed was how this season a lot of the activities took place outside the cafes. Sure they still did a lot in each cafe, but overall there was a lot more time spent outside the cafes and around town. What this did was not only open up the overall world of the show, but also introduced us to new locations and even more characters. We got to see a lot more of Cocoa’s school, Rize’s school, and new areas of the town. I also really liked the holiday eps, namely the Halloween and Christmas eps because the animation and art were absolutely amazing. The Halloween ep really stands out during all the nighttime scenes with the city glowing with colors, simply stunning. Same thing with the Christmas ep. They really went above and beyond this season in terms of art and animation.

All in all BLOOM is probably the best season yet of this show for a lot of reasons, those being some of the biggest. The character development along is a huge reason why I enjoyed this season so much, like I said already it felt much more mature and more in line with each girl growing up. Another season is probably a lot to ask for, but a movie would be a nice send off for them, so hopefully we get one at some point. All in all BLOOM checked all the right boxes and really made for the best season yet of Gochiusa.

Majo no Tabitabi

Wandering Witch earns a spot here as it’s an excellent anime and one of the best shows to air during this season. Going into this show I had a few ideas of what to expect but once this show gets going I realized I wasn’t too spot on with my predictions. The core story of the anime is about a girl named Elaina who wants to become a Witch like the one in her favorite story she read as a child and travel the world. The anime is very episodic in that each ep is its own self-contained story which works well for this show. There are some characters who show up every now and then, but for the most part it’s just Elaina on her journey. What I didn’t expect was this show to take a sudden dark turn early on and I think that’s when I really started to get into this show, once they introduced darker adventures Elaina experiences along the way. What I liked so much about this is the good balance they were able to find for the happier and fun eps along with the darker and more serious eps, it didn’t feel like they favored one over the other.

Another point I really liked about this anime was Elaina herself. At first glance you think you’ve got her all figured out, she’s just another cute anime witch on this journey around the world, but really she’s actually quite the narcissist. This comes out in different ways depending on her adventure each ep but it’s actually a nice change from the usual happy go lucky anime girl you’d expect. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to her character alone and as the eps roll by there are so many different sides to her that you see. There are times when she’s just doesn’t seem like a great person, but there are also times where she shows off her admirable qualities of her personality. A big factor in this is her fellow Witch Saya. Saya is a whole other story entirely and while I don’t have the time to go into why she’s such a great character, she’s the perfect counter to Elaina’s personality. The two have fantastic banter and anytime they’re in a scene together it’s magical. No pun intended.

All in all Wandering Witch is easily one of the best anime that aired during the Fall season, and that wasn’t an easy task at all. A quick look at the lineup of shows that aired will tell you that. I thoroughly enjoyed this anime and I really hope we get to see more of it because 12 eps just felt way too short. This easily could’ve been a 24 ep anime given how the story was structured and all the adventures Elaina could go on. Given how well the BDs are selling though, I think there might be a good chance we’ll see Elaina flying on her broom once again as she travels the world.

Joe’s Highlights

Tonikaku Kawaii

So, I was going to say Higurashi’s remake, but it feels like a remake of one of my favorite series is a little overpowered. So, I will go with easily one of my favorite series in 2020, Tonikawa: Over the Moon of You.

The series is from the creator of Hayate the Combat Buttler, which I rather enjoyed the manga, and well, this one is more romance and comedy than Hayate where it was more comedy than romance. This one is cute but still brings out the charm. Plus, there are a lot of parodies to Fate. The manga has much more direct ones, I know since I went out and bought a few volumes. It has been awhile since I found myself this invested in a series, it seems like there is at least one every year to year and a half. I have to say I am glad it was this one. The charm to it, where even though an entire season went by it felt like not much happened, and that is alright, since I found myself enjoying every minute of it. Still though, please let there be another season.

Deven’s Highlights

Tonikaku Kawaii

When you feel down, there’s always an anime out there that can solve the problem. For me that’s Tonikawa Kawaii, this little marriage anime is adorable as heck. Nasa and his wife Tsukasa deal with the little things of married life as cutely as possible and it makes me feel so relaxed and laugh when watching them. I wish this would have another season.

And that’s it for the Fall season. So many great anime aired during this season and I wish I could talk about them all. Feel free to leave a comment below with the anime you watched during the Fall season.

Up next is the final part of the 2020 Year In Review and it’s the biggest part of all, Anime of the Year. What will our picks be? Come back next week to find out!

See you then!