The big day is almost here!

Quite the cliffhanger we had there last week, Ayumu finally going all out and making her move, but before we get into the fallout from all of that, let’s check in with the rest of the girls as they make their final preparations for the upcoming SIF.

As the days tick away and the festival almost here, there is still a lot of work to get accomplished before everyone takes the stage. Speaking of stage, I should’ve probably said stages as it’s been decided that the venue for this festival is…the whole city! Yep instead of confining themselves to just one location, Nijigasaki along with Shinonome and Touou have decided to put stages up around the city and have a bunch of performances happen. Ambitious as it sounds, it actually works out well for Nijigasaki as they’re solo idols from the start, so each girl having her own stage for her own concert is a great idea. I do hope they all have at least one performance together though, that would be nice to see.

One scene I really liked was when Kasumi is trying to get everyone all fired up for some training but every few moments a students comes in and requests help from one of the SIC members, slowly whittling down their number until it’s just Kasumi and Ayumu left in the club room. As always Kasumi has the best reactions and watching her during this part is hilarious. Don’t worry Kasumi, you’re still a popular idol!

For the most part there isn’t actually a whole lot that happens in this ep with the other girls, it’s pretty much them off setting up their stages and preparing for the big day, not a whole lot to talk about on that front and I don’t want to start getting into a play by play of every scene with them. The main event this week is of course the Yu and Ayumu drama and how that would get resolved. So let’s talk a bit about that and see how it all unfolded and what they did about it.

So as we all remember back to last week, Ayumu decided to take her shot and hopefully hit her target, Yu. Ayumu let it all out and said she wanted to her an idol Yu and Yu only. She wanted Yu for herself and when Yu tried to tell Ayumu about her dream she has, Ayumu wasn’t hearing any of it, she couldn’t bear to think of a future without Yu. It’s clear Ayumu wants only Yu in her life and refuses to hear anything that might come between that goal of hers. But at the same time her refusing to listen to what Yu had been trying to tell her also is a problem in itself.

Setsuna also played an important role this week in that she was one of the few people to notice something going on between Ayumu and Yu. I liked the scene where she and Ayumu go for a walk after school and Ayumu lets out her feelings to Setsuna about the whole situation. After hearing when was on Ayumu’s mind, she’s able to give her the words of encouragement needed to continue on and see things through to the end.

The long and short of it comes in the way of a song, as do most things in Love Live! anime. Both girls have their own dreams, Yu wants to be a musician and Ayumu an idol. Both paths while similar are still different and if they each want to follow their own path, it’ll take them away from each other. But the whole point of Ayumu’s performance on the steps, the same place from ep 1, was that they’ll go their separate ways now but at some point in the future they’ll meet up again. So my take away from this is that their relationship is on hold for now but the fire is still burning. I’m not good with all this symbolism stuff so this is me winging it. Let me know what you thought about this in the comments below!

So did this play out like I thought it would? Not exactly but I think I might have let myself get a bit carried away and my expectations got a bit unrealistic. Whatever the case is though, this week was still a good ep and it was nice to have the Ayumu and Yu drama resolved, even if it wasn’t in the way I was hoping it would be.

Next week is the final ep for this first season of Nijigasaki. I’m saying first season as it seems very likely they’d make another season as Love Live! is such a popular series. As of now I haven’t heard anything yet but maybe we’ll get an announcement at the end of next week’s ep.

That’s it for me this week! As always stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing!

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I couldn’t work these pics into the review somehow, so I’ll just toss them in at the end. Which Ayumu do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below!