Oh boy things are heating up as the School Idol Festival plans are in motion, but that’s not the only fire that’s burning.

As much as I want to just skip to the end and talk about what happened in the final 2 minutes of this week’s ep, we’ve got to set the stage, so to speak, for how we get to that point. So if you recall back to last week, the summer training camp at the school, there was a moment where Yu and Setsuna are out walking around and Setsuna trips and falls into Yu’s arms and at that exact moment Ayumu was also out walking and noticed this happen. From there on it was only a matter of time before an eventual confrontation happened. But as mentioned already, there were plenty of other things happening this week that we need to talk about first.

So the SIF plan proposed by Yu last week is something everyone is on board with, well everyone except the Student Council. Now one would think that should be easy to get approval from the Council as Setsuna is the president so it should be a walk in the park. Well it turns out she’s still keeping her idol self hidden from everyone, so to her fellow Council members she’s just Nana Nakagawa. While Yu’s plan was a good one and she presented it well along with Kasumi for the Council, they still had some details that needing ironing out before they could get approval. Setsuna had to agree with the others on this point, so until that’s done they can’t get approved.

A big part of getting approved was to have a location for the festival and that was something that still hadn’t been decided on. Each girl had their own ideal of where the perfect stage would be and I really liked the montage of them going around toe city to different locations and scouting potential stages to perform on. Each had their strong point so it made deciding on one that much harder. Along with finding the perfect location, they also needed to talk with the other schools that would be joining them in this festival.

It was a small scene but I liked seeing the three schools come together for a meeting in a cafe. Also worth noting who the sent along to talk with the other schools, Yu, Setsuna, Kanata, and Karin. At first glance Karin seems a little out of place in this lineup, I would’ve expected maybe Kasumi to be there, but as things played out it was easy to see why they sent Karin along for this meeting.

Karin with the power move!

The next point of interest in this ep was the Kasumi Box. The Kasumi Box is a suggestion box that Kasumi made for helping get suggestions for where to have their festival. Her goal was to have students leave suggestions in the box and they would use those to help decide where to hold the festival. The only problem was that it’s currently summer vacation and only select students are at the school, so the box remained empty. Her reaction to finding this out was quite something. But with a little improvements, the Kasumi Box served its purpose and helped the girls reach their decision. So far the preparation is going well and the SIF is looking like it’ll be something truly special.

As the ep rolls on the things keep falling into place for the girls, things are slowly getting worse for Ayumu. The festival is supposed to be a fun and happy event but throughout all this planning, she’s been feeling worse and worse. Her childhood friend Yu is spending more and more time with other girls, especially Setsuna and Ayumu feels like they’re drifting apart. True there are some nice moments with Ayumu and Yu, like when Ayumu waits for Yu to finish her work so they can walk home together, but even so there is a noticeable tension in the air.

Things finally reach the breaking point as the girls celebrate their approval from the Student Council and a large portion of the praise goes to Yu for all the hard work she’s put into making this dream a reality. Seeing Yu surrounded by everyone, Setsuna included, it’s eating away at Ayumu and she just needs to find a way out of the room. What she didn’t expect was Setsuna offering to go with her to buy some drinks. Here we go…

While talking about the upcoming festival and all the work that’s gone into it, Ayumu finally breaches the topic of Setsuna and Yu, but what she didn’t expect was to find out something about Yu that Setsuna knew, but she didn’t. As her childhood friend Ayumu felt extremely hurt by this, how could Setuna know something about Yu that she didn’t?

So here we are now, the climax of this ep! Yu had a special announcement to give Ayumu but Ayumu had other things to discuss, namely why Setuna knew about the piano playing before she did. Yu seems to brush this off and bring the conversation back to what she initially wanted to talk about, but then Ayumu decided it was time to go all out and make her move.

Ayumu has made her move, now how will Yu respond?

Another fantastic ep this week with a thrilling ending. Ayumu really pulled out the big guns pretty much confessing to Yu, which is definitely a more direct approach than in previous Love Live! series. Guess they decided not to beat around the bush anymore and just straight up give the fans what they want. I like it.

What did you think about this week’s ep, especially that ending too? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

Next week it looks like they’re doing more SIF preparation along with the continuation of this week’s final scene. Next week can’t come soon enough!

That’s it for me this week! As always stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing!

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