With all of the solo performances finished, it was finally time for everyone to come together for a summer training camp!

Training camp eps are something of a staple for Love Live! anime. Both Muse and Aqours had training camp eps which took the girls out of the school setting and to either the mountains or beach, but this time around the SIC stayed at school for their training camp, which might have come as a disappointment for some but we still had all the fun stuff training camp eps come with.

As much as this ep was about the training camp held at the school, this was a very Yu centered ep. Not that the whole ep revolved around her, but she played a big role this week, something we haven’t really seen since the first ep actually. And along with this bigger role Yu played this week, we also had the start of some potential drama later on, but we’ll talk about that near the end of this post.

Our girls begin their training camp with the usual food montage, where we see everyone help out by making a meal for dinner. We also learn that Setsuna might not be the best cook, but Yu didn’t seem too bothered by the steaming purple pot of stew. I liked seeing how passionate each girl got about the food they were making, be it Kanata and her pizza, Emma and her cheese dip, or Ai and her wings. Man just talking about this is making me hungry. On to the next point!

Night falls and things start to pick up a little bit. As is the custom with training camps, there is always someone who tries to play a prank on everyone by doing something scary and the first years (Kasumi, Shizuku, and Rina) tried this out only to be outdone by the third years (Kanata, Emma, and Karin). I didn’t expect them to one up them like that, but I guess they’re third years after all so they’re always one step ahead of everyone.

The most notable part during the night sequence is the conversation Yu and Setsuna have in the music room. It had shades of their first conversation they had there back in ep 3 where Setsuna catches Yu playing the piano. I liked how they revisited earlier sentiments made then but also took the time to look at all the progress they had also made since that first conversation. It’s also worth noting that in ep 3 Yu and Setsuna started to get a little closer a friends, one point that comes to mind right away was at the end of that ep where Yu hugs Setsuna and they both fall to the ground, staring into each others eyes for a moment. Of course you can see where this is leading to, the potential drama mentioned earlier.

The following day during their actual training, the girls end up playing tag and Yu gets caught early on in the game, which leaves here alone in the club too to look over videos from last week’s Diver Fes. The passion and energy from that event coupled with the encouraging comments online from people who loved Karin’s stellar performance were something Yu wanted to draw on for inspiration to make the long awaited group performance that much better. But it’s not just Nijigasaki that Yu wants to include in this upcoming event, she wants to include other schools and their school idol groups as well. I guess you could say she wants to have her own school idol festival.

One part of this ep that did come as a surprise was following the game of tag the girls take a dip in the pool. And you know what that means, swimsuits!!!

Ah yes gotta love anime girls in swimsuits. Absolutely lovely!

And finally we end on yet another hint of potential drama at some point the future. Reminds me of the struggles You faced in Love Live! Sunshine, being a third wheel in the relationship. Not that Love Live! has ever been a drama heavy show and this sort of thing gets dragged on for half the season because no one has the guts to step up and talk, but I’m sure we’ll get a light round of drama at some point. Ayumu feels like she’s being left out as Yu surges ahead with her grand School Idol Festival dream and what’s more is that Setsuna is right at her side when it comes to seeing this dream through. With only 2 or 3 eps left, this drama can’t go on for much longer and as always I know they’ll resolve it in the best way possible.

No performance this week as the girls are all finished their solo debuts, but I’m pretty sure the next performance we see will be their group performance at the School Idol Festival. I know it’s a long shot, but it would be cool to see a small shout out to either Muse or Aqours during said upcoming SIF. But if not that would be totally fine too. If anything, not having a reference to both previous Love Live! series is what’s making Nijigasaki such a breath of fresh air.

So what did you think of this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Next week it looks like the girls are trying to get the SIF arranged but I’m guessing they’ll run into some issues along the way. Tune in the find out what happens!

That’s it for me this week! As always stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing!

Until next time!