At last we’ve finally reached the Karin ep. I know fellow anime blogger and good friend OG-Man has been looking forward to this ep for a long time now and so have I. She’s been a someone I’ve had my eye on since Nijigasaki was first introduced years ago and now it was finally time to see her in action!

It’s been a long week of waiting for this ep to air, waiting to see Karin in show off her cool and sexy aura on stage and wow us all. But before we get to her incredible performance, let’s talk about how exactly we arrived with her taking the stage at a large music festival.

As the girls continue to shine as solo idols, the popularity of the School Idol Club has been growing and more and more people are noticing them. Karin has somewhat used to the spotlight though as she’s a popular model, but now that she’s a school idol, she’s receiving even more attention. The same goes for the rest of the girls who also relate experiences of being greeted by random people or asked for a autograph. But with rising popularity comes a new set of challenges too.

This week’s challenge came in the form of Diver Fest, a local but very large music festival that has a special block for school idols to perform. While it’s a great chance to show off how great of a group they are, there is just one small problem with this: each group could only perform 3 songs max and the fact they’re all solo idols so they can’t all perform. With this new set of problems ahead of them, how would they proceed? It’s also worth mention that we are graced with another appearance of Haruka and another girl, Himeno Ayanokoji, who bring this news of Diver Fest to Nijigasaki in the first place.

Karin really doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes awkward situations in the group, she faces them head on and says exactly what’s on her mind. Only one girl will take the stage so they need to decide that. Of course this isn’t their first test as a group, but given the rough history of the School Idol Club, no one wants to create drama or hurt feelings. Ayumu’s idea of having a lottery was actually a good idea, but to Karin it was just side stepping making a tough choice and relying on luck. Like was mentioned, she says exactly what’s on her mind.

The middle half picks up the following day and we’re back with Karin again and this time we finally get to see her at her modeling job. I’ve wanted to see her doing this since day 1 and while it’s a very short scene, we get a brief taste of what Karin does when she’s not being a school idol. I liked this middle portion of the ep as we got to see Karin outside of school and what she does on her of day. Aside from the modeling work, she’s also taking dance lessons to aid her on her school idol journey. Of course being a solo idol, each girl is her rival so she can’t afford to fall behind, so she’s been keeping up her training outside of the regular school idol activities.

Another point about this middle part of the ep is that we learn Karin is actually really bad with directions. Seems kinda strange for someone like her, she’s a very cool and mature girl, she’s got such a commanding aura to her and she’s just someone you assume could do anything, but even so she’s still got a weakness, poor with directions. In a way it’s kinda cute actually, seeing her strolling around town trying to find a location only to end up lost and then found by Ayumu, Yu, and Setsuna.

One more neat point about the middle part of the ep, Ayumu, Yu, and Setsuna, after running into Karin, are in a local game store where they spend some time looking at school idol merch. The merch includes what looks like N cards from the Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS mobile game. I know that some Nijigasaki girls were once N-cards in the game and I’m sure many other girls in this anime were as well, so it’s cool to see them make a small appearance.

The final part of the ep is of course the performance by Karin, which I gotta say is my number 2 favorite performance. Kanata still is at number 1 as I absolutely loved her performance, but Karin is a solid number 2 in terms of performance. It was only fitting that Karin be the girl to represent Nijigasaki on stage as she’s the only one who hasn’t performed yet, and also this was her ep so she had to be the one on stage. While Kasumi and Ai really wanted to be out there as well, Karin did a fantastic job out there and I can’t wait to see her perform once again.

I should also mention we had a little drama prior to the performance. Himeno, mentioned earlier, was a little aggressive with Karin before she took the stage, her words of encouragement not exactly helping Karin. While Karin may be used to being in front of a camera for her modeling work, standing on a stage in front of 3000 people is another daunting task altogether. Thankfully she’s got the best support team behind her, lead by Emma. It’s always a nice moment seeing the girls come together to help each other out and that’s just what Karin needed before taking the stage for that incredible performance.

So now with all their solo performances over with, it’s finally time for the girls to come together and perform as one. We’ll get that all started next week and it’s time for a Love Live! classic, a training camp!

At long last we finally have the Karin ep. Gotta say it was worth the hype and then some. Karin brought her A game this week and wowed us all with her cool and sexy vibes. She’s an amazing idol and I can’t wait to see more of her in coming eps. What did you think of this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below!

As mentioned next week is a training camp ep, looks like at the school, but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun ep just the same.

That’s it for me this week! As always stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing!

Until next time!