As shown briefly in the after credit scene last week, Shizuku gets center stage this time around and she’s got an interesting story as well.

This week the focus wasn’t actually on the school idol side of things for Shizuku, rather it was about her role in the Drama Club and the challenges she faced when asked to go the extra mile on an upcoming performance. Shizuku is a good actress and has a strong passion for acting, she’s been a fan of old movies and novels from a young age and that’s shaped her views as well, but at the same time it’s made her anxious because she was the only kid who liked that sort of thing. Over the years it started to eat away at her and that made her turn to acting, which was a way to be the good girl everyone would like. But of course the big problem was that the longer she did this, the more she forgot her true self and it came to a point where putting herself out there wasn’t something she could do anymore, for fear of what people might think or say about her. It’s been a tough going for Shizuku, but she’s not alone as there are people at her side to help her get though, Kasumi being one of them.

Shizuku and Kasumi have been friends for a while, they were both in the original school idol club and they seem pretty close as well. Rina is also another girl who helped out Shizuku in this ep, seeing how Rina had recently overcome her own personal struggles on her path to becoming a school idol. Kasumi actually played a fairly big role in this week’s ep as she was the one who first noticed Shizuku was acting a little gloomy so together with Rina, they devised a plan to take Shiziku for a fun afternoon around town to help her forget about her troubles. It was a nice gesture, but it didn’t go exactly as they hoped it would.

One thing I really liked about this ep was how it kept cutting back to Shizuku on stage during the play. For most of the ep I just thought it was some creative way to play out how she was feeling about thing, but it wasn’t until the end where I realize she got the role she auditioned for and what we were seeing was her in the play the whole time. It worked out nicely as the play and her struggles kinda went hand in hand and it felt more genuine on her part how she worked towards letting Kasumi and Rina be that support for her and that she was finally able to overcome her struggle. At least that’s what  got out of it. I’m probably reading way too much into this as usual.

Another great moment in this week’s ep is of course the scene where Kasumi comes to cheer up Shizuku. Both girls really got a chance to speak their mind, Shizuku opening up about her struggles and Kasumi expressing her feelings to Shizuku as well. Kinda of a round-about way of confessing to her, I mean she did say she loves everything about her, so that’s a lot to go with right there. Also funny moment where it looked like Kasumi was about to punch out Shizuku, I thought we were going to have the first ever fist fight in Love Live! history. But yeah, that was a very nice scene and one worth watching rather than trying to recap it all.

And this wouldn’t be Love Live without another wonderful performance and this week Shizuku really put on a show for everyone. Not sure where it ranks for me, but it was very nice. I liked the effect with the rain as well and seeing how insane of a school Nijigasaki is, I’m sure they have actual rain maker machines for when they have plays in the auditorium. I’ll update this post when the full performance video goes live next week on the Love Live! YouTube channel.

That’s going to be it for this week’s review. A little on the short side but I guess everything can’t be a 1000+ word write up each week. Let me know what you thought of this week’s ep in the comments below and I’ll make sure to reply to all the comments!

Up next it’s the ep we’ve all been waiting for, it’s finally time for Karin! Yep that’s right, Karin ep next week, very excited for that!

That’s it for me this week. As always stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing!

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