This week all eyes are on Kanata as she takes center stage in a very heartwarming ep.

As the weeks roll by I’m falling in love more and more with Nijigasaki and these girls and this week I really came to appreciate Kanata a lot more. True I like all of the girls, some more than others, but this week I really could see a shift towards Kanata being a bigger favorite than I originally thought she’d be. Her story this week was a very nice one as mentioned already and what made this ep even better was the addition of Kanata’s younger sister Haruka.

Now it was pointed out in the comments of last week’s review that Haruka first seen in the Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS mobile game so if you’ve been playing the game you’ll already be familiar with her. I used to play Love Live! School Idol Festival back in the day and was super into it, but as the years went by I kinda burned myself out and eventually stopped playing. That’s a sob story of mine for another day though, back to this review.

Haruka, as mentioned, is Kanata’s younger sister and she’s super, super cute. Turns out she’s also a school idol from Shinonome Academy and as Yu informs us, Haruka is a very popular girl. It’s always fun to see how excited Yu gets whenever there is another cute girl around, she can hardly contain herself.

The majority of this ep happens at the Nijigasaki school as Haruka is there to watch her big sister in her idol activities. It’s nice to see how supportive she is and Kanata is really trying her best to show off how hard she’s working at being an idol. But all of that quickly comes crashing down when Kanata suddenly falls asleep as the girls are all enjoying some snacks. Haruka is shocked to learn that Kanata spends a lot of time sleeping at school, especially on the laps of the other girls, and from here on things take a dramatic turn.

Haruka is quite upset with Kanata and how she’s working so hard to be a school idol, hold a part time job, and do a lot around the house as their mom is away working, it’s taking a toll on Kanata and Haruka is saddened to learn this. I thought her reaction was a little extreme when she said she was going to quit being a school idol so she could help out Kanata more. Personally that’s not really how I would’ve handled the situation, giving up her dream of being a school idol at the drop of a hat just so she could help make dinner or something, but it’s anime so things happen a little differently.

As always though the sisters work out their problems together, as is usually the best way to do things. They each had a dream and while both were working towards it, they didn’t really take into consideration each other in the process. Kanata did so much on her own and Haruka, while wanting to help out here and there, wasn’t really given the chance as Kanata felt she could do it all on her own. This being Love Live! of course, the best way to express your feelings is by song and I think Kanata’s performance might be the best one yet. I loved the song, the lyrics, and visually it was the most impressive to date. Yes I know we’ve got a few girls left and I’m sure they’ll have wonderful performances, but Kanata’s really was a treat to watch. I’ll add the video for it once it’s available next week. And heads up if I forget to do it on Monday, it’s most likely because I’m overcome with emotion about my PS5 arriving.

So there you have it, a wonderful ep this week about two precious sisters and their journey as school idols. Honestly this might be my favorite ep so far and I know I probably say that every week, but truly this was such a great ep. Kanata’s performance was also incredible and it’s one I’ve already watched a number of times since this ep was released.

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That’s going to be it for me this week. Really enjoying Nijigasaki so far and I’m looking forward to more next week. Looks like next week will be a Shizuku ep too!

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