As much as the focus was on Emma this week, Karin still played an important role. Let’s check it out!

Emma and Karin have been friends since the day Emma arrived at Nijigasaki High School from Switzerland. We see them hanging out at the school safe a lot, eating food and chatting. Emma has quite the appetite and if this were any other anime someone would’ve made a comment about all that nutrients going straight to her chest, but this is Love Live! and comments like that aren’t made. Karin has been supportive of Emma on her journey to become a school idol, after all she flew all this way to do that, so Karin respects that hard working attitude Emma has and helps her out wherever she can. But all this time Karin herself hasn’t taken an interest in being a school idol herself, at least not openly.

Girls meets girl

The main story this week was the girls shooting some PVs to introduce themselves as they’re continuing on down the solo idol path. Ayumu and Kasumi’s are already getting a healthy amount of views and of course Setsuna’s are wildly popular, but the rest of the girls need to get in on this if they want to make themselves known out there in the crowded school idol world. I really like how Yu is managing the girls too, she’s keeping them pretty focused and everyone isn’t off trying to do their own thing all the time. Not to say previous entries of Love Live! were chaotic, but this approach is really nice and the more I watch Nijigasaki the more I’m enjoying its different approach.

Emma’s PV involved a lot of costumes so who better to ask than the famous model of the school, Karin, so help out with that. She’s got a lot of connections around the school and is easily able to set up the girls with the costume club and a chance for Emma to try on a selection of cute costumes. But even so Karin still won’t take up Emma’s offer of being school idol with her, no matter how much she helps out Emma along the way. It bothers Emma as she really wants to do this together with Karin and hopes that at some point her feelings will each her and she’ll have a change of heart.

One of my favorite moments of this week’s ep is when Emma discovers a printout that Karin was filling out for her model work and on it is a question that asks about her interests, and of course what does she say? School Idols. This printout ended up in a school idol magazine that Karin had and gave to Emma, saying it was to help her out for costume ideas and such. The montage that follows is really nice where we see Karin and Emma spending the afternoon together on a date, hanging out around town and doing fun stuff together. Yes I’m saying it’s a date, a very impromptu one, but a date nevertheless.

The climax of this date is in a planetarium (I think?) where Emma finally reveals she had the printout Karin was looking for. The two girls finally speak their hearts about the matter of school idols, Emma sharing that she wants to make people feel warm and fuzzy but she hasn’t been able to reach the person closest to her, Karin. So if she’s failed to get her feelings across to Karin, how will she be able to do that for anyone else while on stage as a school idol? On the flip side, Karin feels she’s supposed to be the cool and mature one, even if what Emma and the rest of the girls are doing looks really fun. She’d been locking up those feelings and avoiding it all this time but in the end Emma is able to break through a reach her heart, reassuring her it’s alright and that the best version of Karin is the one where she’s smiling. As always the power of smiles wins yet another heart and the best way to celebrate this is with a performance. I’ll update this post when Emma’s performance is posted on the Love Live! YouTube channel next week.

So there you have it, all 9 girls are part of the team now. Following the current trend Nijigasaki has been taking, each girl will have her own ep to flesh out her character, so even though we’ve got everyone on the team now, it’s still a ways to go before they’re all on the stage together.

Back to the opening statement, as much as this was an Emma ep, Karin was such a key character in this ep. But when you really stop and think about it, it does make sense seeing how close these two girls are and especially after seeing how their stories are so close. I still hope we get a full on Karin at in the future, one where we get to see her at her modeling job doing model stuff. I think that would be really neat. We’ll have to wait a little bit still thought as Rina, aka The Mask, takes center stage next week and if the preview was any indication this will also be the creation of the actual Mask as well.

That’s it for me this week! I’m really enjoying Nijigasaki so far, it’s such a different and exciting new approach to Love Live! and I can’t wait to see what’s next! As always feel free to leave any comments below and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

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