Our third outing of Nijigasaki bring Setsuna into center stage as her secret is brought out into the open. Let’s take a look!

It couldn’t last forever honestly. At some point someone would figure out Nana is Setsuna and the truth would be revealed to everyone. Although it still came as a surprise to Nana that it was Karin who put the pieces together, an outsider who didn’t know her secret. I still wonder how Karin fits into all of this and why she’s so fixated on Nana and school idols, but I’m sure we’ll find out in due time. So now the truth is out there and it’s only a matter of time before more people than just Nana’s former club mates find out.

While Nana (or do I call her Setsuna? I can’t keep switching between the two) was the main focus this ep, I think a lot or credit goes to Yu for helping bring her back into the school idol world. One scene that I really liked happens early on in the ep when Setsuna hears Yu playing the piano in the music room. Seems like fateful encounters in Love Live! happen in the music room while one girl is playing a piano. Anyways this was a really nice scene where we once again see Yu talking passionately about school idols, this time to Nana/Setsuna herself while not knowing at the time who she really is. We also get to hear from Nana/Setsuna herself why the School Idol Club was disbanded and just her feelings on it in general. Of course it’s easy to tell deep down she still wants to be a school idol, I mean walking away after just barely getting a taste for it, it’s hard to do no matter how much try to convince yourself.

We check back in with the girls later on as Kasumi, Ayumu and Yu are brought up to speed on the current situation. While Kasumi is shocked by the revelation that Nana is Setsuna, Yu doesn’t seem to surprised by it. After that conversation she had with Nana earlier, she must have started to piece things together that they might be one in the same. While this scene is short, a few noteworthy points included Karin’s sexy and intimidating presence along with Kasumi’s seemingly endless supply of buns tucked away in her pockets. And sticking with the buns, it’s worth noting that after Karin accepts the bun from Kasumi, she breaks it in half and gives it to Emma. Those two really are close.

Once again Yu shows off why she’s stealing so many hearts this season as she’s the one who brings Setsuna back into the school idol world by the end of the ep. While the option of continuing on with their school idol activities was there, the thought of doing that without the passion of Setsuna at their side wasn’t one any of the girls liked. With that said, Yu stepped up and got the job done. And to make that whole scene even better, we got another wonderful performance from Setsuna, showcasing her amazing singing voice and awesome dance moves. I’ll update the review with a link to the performance when it becomes available.

So now the whole school knows Nana is Setsuna and they’re all happy and cheering from her performance. But among those watching are Rina and Ai, two girls who will be joining the group shortly, but it’s pretty clear that Rina was impressed with that performance. Looks like next week will be an Ai focused ep, I’m sure Rina’s time to shine isn’t too far off now.

Another excellent ep this week and I’m also happy they didn’t drag out the Setsuna drama for weeks on end. They talked it out and got it all resolved in one ep, gotta love it. Now they can move onto recruiting the final two girls and then they’ll be all set. As it was mentioned above already, Ai looks to be the main girl for next week, so that’ll be nice to see. Although I’ll warn you know I’ll at some point mention her character design changes.

What did you think of this week’s ep about Setsuna? Let me know in the comments below and also how are you enjoying Nijigasaki so far as well? Is it living up to your expectations? I know for me I’m having a blast with it and I really love these new girls, especially Yu. She’s so good.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next weekend for ep 4!

Take care and stay safe!