Kasumi takes center stage this week as she’s officially introduced to the main cast and we also learn some background info on the School Idol Club and why it was disbanded.

We first saw Kasumi last week in the second half of the ep as she was quite upset by the disbanding of the School Idol Club. It wasn’t really touched on why exactly the club was disbanded then but it was obvious that Kasumi didn’t like the reason and was still very much determined to continue being a school idol, even if it meant going up against student council president Nana Nakagawa. Her story continues this week as Kasumi is on a mission to sneak into the fabulous student council office and steal back the nameplate for the School Idol Club. While her plan was a bit chaotic and relied heavily on Nana being distracted by a cat for a time, Kasumi still proceeded ahead with her mission and retrieved the name plate, even if she still got caught in the process. But a win is a win for her and she’s in short supply of those, at least for the moment.

Kasumi still wants to be a school idol, she’s super passionate about them and wants to be as cute as possible. But without a club room, members, or just the approval of the student council, her dreams of being a school idol aren’t making any progress. But all that changes when she overhears Ayumu and Yu talking about school idols and how to become one. Kasumi started at the bottom but now she’s got two members, well as long as she doesn’t scare them off so easily. Yu seemed pretty at ease around this high energy girl while Ayumu looked pretty reserved for most of the conversation. Rewatching that scene it’s funny to watch Ayumu’s reactions during that whole conversation, especially when Kasumi and Yu are talking. Maybe a little jealously over Yu talking so casually to another girl? It’s also worth noting that Yu expresses she doesn’t want to be a school idol, rather she wants to support Ayumu on her journey, so going forward Yu will most likely end up being the manager of the group, rather than an idol herself. Although I bet she’d make a good idol too.

I liked the scene with them practicing their introductions in the park, Kasumi reminded me of Nico when she was in front of a camera, totally a different person and all about being a cute as possible. Kasumi definitely brings that same passion Nico displayed about school idols, it’s clear how much she loves them and wants to be one, but after the falling out of the first group, Kasumi has a long way to go before she’s back up to speed. It’s interesting to note that while Kasumi wants to get back into school idol activities right away, her approach might have been too strong and focusing on the cute aspect of things too much. There is a realization moment Kasumi has when she sees that she might being starting to go down the road which ended up in the disbanding of the first group, putting too much pressure on Ayumu about showing off how cute she is. That brings us to the next point from this ep, the disbanding of the School Idol Club.

Setsuna brings a lot to the table as a school idol. She’s got the singing voice, the dancing skills, the beauty and passion, but not everyone is on the same level as she is, so her vision of how a performance should go was different that Kasumi’s and that’s what lead to the group disbanding. Both girls love school idols, but not everyone can match what Setsuna can do and no amount of training can fix that. True Setsuna might have pushed them too hard in practice and it’s also true that Kasumi was focusing solely on being cute and nothing else, but both girls wanted the same thing in the end and I like how Yu brings this up. She could tell how much they love school idols, but it’s important to remember everyone has to work together in a group or else things will fail.

The ending part of the ep showcased another wonderful performance, this one by Kasumi as she sang Poppin’ Up! which was a very cute and fun song. I’ll be sure to update the post later on when I find a decent video of it or it gets posted on the official Love Live YouTube channel.

One final point worth mentioning before I wrap this up, I’m curious as to why Karin is so interested in finding out who exactly Setuna Yuki is? What does she have to gain from this? She’s not a school idol nor seems to be that interested in becoming a school idol as she’s actually a model and has model work after school, so why this need to know? I’m not sure if this was part of her plan or things just happened to play out this way, but at the start of the ep when she goes to see Nana in the student council office, Kasumi is also in the middle of her nameplate retrieval operation, which gets Nana out of the office for a little bit. We later learn that Karin borrowed the student directory to look for a Setsuna Yuki, but didn’t find one, so she’s left with the question how did Nana and Setsuna discuss the disbanding of the School Idol Club if Setsuna doesn’t exist? Of course we all know the answer to that, but everyone else will learn the truth next week.

Nijigasaki continues to impress and I’m really enjoying this Love Live! anime more than I honestly thought I would. True I probably had similar feelings about Sunshine when that first started, but for Nijigasaki I was into it right from the first ep. Just something about it really clicks for me and I’m just having a blast with it so far. What about you, how are you enjoying this latest chapter in the Love Live! saga?

So that’s going to be it for me this week, finally getting the review out on the same day the ep releases. That’s going to be the plan going forward unless something else comes up on Saturday, but yeah this show will always take priority as I need to write up this review. Also a random side point, I hate the WordPress block editor.

As always I love to hear your feedback on this ep if you’re watch Love Live! this season, so leave the comments below and I’ll get back to your as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!