Hello and welcome to the Anime Corps 6th anniversary post!

It’s crazy to say that honestly, Anime Corps being around for 6 years, but it’s happened and here we are! As always I want to give a big thanks to all the followers, both here on the blog and on our Twitter account, for following Anime Corps and reading all the content we put out. I think I speak for everyone when I say it means a lot to us when we see all the Likes, comments, and viewership on our posts, be it reviews, editorials, or anything else we have here. Thank you guys so much for making this crazy idea of mine come to life and carry myself and the talented crew of writers here for 6 years. I also want to give a shout out to all the fellow anime bloggers here on WordPress for being an inspiration and making me feel welcome when I first started this anime blog. True not all of the blogs from when I started Anime Corps are still around, but along the way I’ve had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people and it’s really opened my world to the anime blogging community here on WordPress. You guys are all really awesome and I look forward to seeing you around here for the years to come.

Last year I talked in length about whether or not I’ve lost my spark for anime blogging and just blogging in general, while that’s not where I’m taking this year’s post because I hate writing about the same thing over and over again, I’ll leave it at it’s a work in progress and I am making progress on that, more or less. You can’t expect change overnight after all. I think with more free time these days it’s given me a chance to think about writing once again, like give it an honest and serious look, and I do want to get back into it. Strangely enough it’s taken a world wide pandemic to get me thinking about writing once again. But bringing this back to anime, because this is actually an anime blog, I’ll get back to review writing at some point in the future. Hell, if anything will get me back into blogging it’s Love Live! anime, and seeing we’re getting more of that in the not too distant future you can fully expect me to be back for that.

So that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say this time. Before I turn this over to the rest of the team, as they’ve got a few thoughts to share, I’ll just end by once again thanking everyone. It really means a lot to my that Anime Corps has come so far, we even just passed the 600k views milestone, and it’s growing each day. 1 million views here we come! Thank you guys so much and here’s to another year of anime blogging!

Joe’s Thoughts:

I still find it hard to believe this blog is six years old. My blog is five years old; I really have been doing this for a long time, I find that really odd. Of course, the last year here I haven’t done much, I honestly really did not keep up that impression posts that I wanted to. But I also have taken quite a break from anime the past year, only really watching one or two shows then getting addicted to One Piece for over a month which then causes me to stop watching a whole bunch of stuff. Either way, and I am not joking despite it being April Fool’s day, I am going to try to get at least one to two posts out each season talking about my thoughts on a show or multiple series. So, I figured I would mention that now, since after about 3 months of not watching any anime, and only seeing like at most 10 shows this past year, I really want to get back into it again.

Anyway, enough about that personal ramble on what I would like to start doing here again. This place means a lot to me. I was invited in, and while I haven’t been in touch with the other writers the past year as much, they mean a lot to me, they are really good people, and I am glad I can call them my friends. While I am the one who has been around here the least compared to the others, it is thanks to the others that this place even started and is still going. So, while this is an anniversary post and meant to celebrate all of us working here, I really have to give more congratulations to the others.

Deven’s Thoughts:

I have to say out of all things that I’ve done for at least 5 years, being a part of Anime Corps has been one of my favorites. I like being a part of the community and reading the comments. Although I don’t have the time as much as I used to I really hope that they’ll be a day that I can come back and review more things more consistently. But let’s put that behind us and set towards another year of anime blogging. Here’s to another year!

So that’s it for this year’s anniversary post. In case I haven’t said it enough yet, thank you so much for reading this special post, it really means a lot to us and to myself especially for seeing how far this idea of a blog has come.

Thank you all once again and I’ll see you around!



P.S. Stay healthy out there too. Wash you hands, don’t touch your face, and practice social distancing when out in the public. Oh and stay home if you’re feeling sick. We’ll get through this.

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