Well here we are, the end. A little late to this party, 3 months late, but we’ve reached the end of the Azur Lane anime. Let’s jump in and check out this final ep.

As far as final eps go, Azur Lane hit pretty much all the right points for an enjoyable finale, bringing to close the story of these boats and their fight against the Siren. Last week ended with a look at what was possibly the old Azur Lane group, all the boats teaming up to fight Orochi and the Siren. We pick things up pretty much right where they ended, everyone shocked and awed by the power Orochi is putting out but also the fact Orochi just launched a nuke towards the Azur Lane base. While the majority of the boats are on the water fighting off the Sirens, Enterprise takes matters into her own hands to stop the nuke, whatever it takes.

For a such a large aircraft carried, Enterprise seems to spend a lot of time flying around in the sky with her planes. Thankfully that came in handy for stopping this nuke, but not before having to fight off one final attack from Purifier, who ends up getting in a little over her head when it comes to a very determined Enterprise.

With the nuke destroyed and the rest of the Siren being dealt with by the Ironblood crew, the final job is to deal with Orochi and clean up the final loose ends, name Kaga and Akagi, who are still under the Orochi’s control. Leading the charge on Kaga is Zuikaku while Enterprise deals with Akagi and Orochi. In usual Enterprse fashion, her bow delivers the final blow to Orochi, stopping the large boat in its tracks along the launch of another nuke. Man they sure want that base gone. But Orochi isn’t done yet and she’s got one final trick up her sleeve, thankfully Azur Lane does too.

Arriving right on time is Queen Elizabeth of the Royal Navy and Nagato from Sakura Empire, bringing in all the big guns for the final clash with the Siren and ending this battle in spectacularly style and yes with a slight Avengers-esque moment too. I had a feeling they’d have something like that, it’s too good not to have a big moment with all the boats together fighting on the same side. So with the battle won and the Siren repelled, at least for now, it brings up the next question of whether all the factions should join up again and return to their original purpose of fighting off the Siren threat together.

I liked the ending of this ep, all the boats together again in the same base with more or less the same ideals about saving the world or at least keeping it in order. One point worth noting though, the long awaited look at the Ironblood base and their sexy commander, Bismarck. It only took until the end before we finally got a look at what goes on with those German boats. Maybe if we get that S2 we’ll see more of them.

Final Thoughts

Looking at Azur Lane as a whole it’s hard not to overlook the issues it had along the way. True there are still moments I liked about this show, but it being plagued by production issues and finally the 3 month delay, it’s hard to call this a resounding success. I’m not a player of the Azur Lane mobile game so I can’t really comment on how well this anime does in staying inline with the game and its lore, but as an anime only viewer, I did like the show for the most part. Of course I did have some issues along the way and found some parts confusing or just didn’t make any sense at all, but I think some of them are just personal issues I had.

Where the anime shines is in action it delivers and the large cast of enjoyable characters. When the quality animation wasn’t showing too much, the battle scenes were truly amazing and I really liked all the sound effects too, they were spot on and very loud. From the cannons firing to roar of the airplane motors, each battle was brought to life by the sounds and it really did make all the difference.

For the all the characters it’s hard to really pick a favorite as so many of the boats are good. True I spend a lot of time looking at excellent fan art on Pixiv and Twitter and I’ve developed my favorites from that, but speaking strictly about the anime here I think it’s a good pick saying Belfast was my favorite. She was just great to see all the time, I loved her personality and charm, she’s so elegant and beautiful, nice large guns, and of course she’s a maid and we all know how maid outfits get me going like crazy. But really though there isn’t any wrong pick when it comes to having a favorite boat, even the small ones were great and enjoyable to watch.

So looking back at everything, I would like to see more of these boats in the future, but just give this show to a studio that can handle it. Handing such a large and ambitious project like Azur Lane to a pretty unknown studio probably wasn’t a great idea, but then again I don’t know much about the inner workings of the anime production world, only what the results look like. But yeah, S2 would be nice, with more and different boats, bigger battles, more sexy moments, and just some great boat action. Will it happen? Who knows after how this anime turned out, but we can only hope. If it does I’ll be back to review it too. Tallying this all up I’ll give Azur Lane a 5/10 score. While it had its moments, for me it’s just too hard to overlook the issues present with it.

So with that Azur Lane, and the fall season, have come to a close. It’s been a long time coming but it’s now officially over. If you stuck with Azur Lane down to the end, be sure to leave any closing comments down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking ahead at future plans, I’ve got nothing lined up for the spring season at the moment, but I’ll still have a few new posts coming out soon, those being: the BD review of the bath scene in Azur Lane ep 6, my Anime of the Decade post, and of course the 6th anniversary post. At least one of those posts has a set day, April 1st, but the others are whenever I get around to finishing them, which could honesty be anytime now because I’ve been laid off from work. Anyways, that’s a topic for another time and another blog that’s not this one.

As always I want to thank you for sticking with me and my dodgy writing skills as I bumbled my way through this anime and finished up another series of episodic reviews here on Anime Corps. I really appreciate all the Likes and comments I receive on my posts and I want to make sure you know that I read them all and try my best to reply to them. I’m honestly truly happy someone has taken time out of their day to read what I write here and I’m always trying to improve my writing skills and hopefully become a half decent writer at some point in the future.

That’s it for me. Stay safe and healthy, wash you hands, don’t touch your face, and don’t die from Corona either.

Take care!