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Nick’s Highlights

Psycho-Pass 3

One again I’m not picking the two shows I reviewed for this as I’ve talked extensively about them already, so I’ll feature a couple other shows in this post. Psycho-Pass first aired back in 2012-2013 and it was a huge favorite of mine. It’s a dark, sci-fi, crime thriller full of twists and turns along with solid characters and fantastic music as well. S2 aired a little while later in 2014 and while it carried the same vibes, it did miss the mark a bit on a few things and because of that wasn’t too well received. I did like it though. Fast forward past a number of movies and we arrive in 2019 where S3 dropped this past fall season. Honestly this felt like a return to form for Psycho-Pass. While the cast was pretty much all new for this season, it had S1 vibes for sure and once you got into it, it was excellent. Aside from the solid story and characters in S3, what I liked the most was how each ep was 45 minutes, instead of the usual 23. There only were 8 eps, but at 45 minutes a piece it felt like a mini movie each week and it just suited this show so much better. I won’t get into the story too much as it’s really exciting and worth watching if you’re a fan of this series, but for me I just really liked it and made up for a lackluster S2. The story isn’t over though as there is a movie coming out in the future that should hopefully wrap things up, but honestly I just want another season of this show. S3 nailed it with the new cast, story, and exciting adventures along the way. Definitely a highlight of my fall season.

Rifle Is Beautiful

I’m a sucker for cute girls doing cute things shows and Rifle is Beautiful, or as I liked to call it Rifle Club, was an excellent addition in this genre. Continuing on the theme of a sports show that features a sport not seen before in anime, Rifle Club brought a rather boring sport to the forefront but was able to make it interesting via it’s lovable cast of characters. They joke about it constantly in the show that beam rifle shooting is a boring sport to watch and yes I fully agree with that. You stand 10 meters away from a small target and take shots at it for upwards of 45 minutes. Not exactly the most thrilling sport out there, but like I said, the characters carried this show all the way. For starters they’re all super cute and while Erika was my favorite, it’s hard not to like everyone as they each brought something to the table and made them so much fun to watch. Even the side characters were great too. Girls from other schools competing in tournaments weren’t just someone you saw once and that’s it, rather they became returning side characters who actually played a role in the overall show and interacted with the main cast numerous times. While they’re still side characters, they made the overall cast of characters in this show seem much bigger and fun to watch. It’s always nice to see that happen. All in all Rifle Club hit all the right targets for a cute girls doing cute things show and while I had a few issues with the final ep, the overall enjoyment of the show is very high and it’s one I’ll miss greatly going forward. I really do hope we see these girls again, I miss them so much already!

Joe’s Highlights

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise

So, this is like the fourth series in the Build Universe. It takes place two years after the last Build Divers series. Honestly, I rather enjoyed it. It feels like with what they are going with may loosely connect back to the original Build Fighters series.

The original Build Fighter series one of the main characters, apparently lived in another world or universe. Then in the sequel this had nothing to do with it, as far as I could tell from what I saw, and then in Build Divers, the fighting turned into an online game, but now we are back to this series where they think they are in a game, but it is real life. That was kind of the big twist, that was obvious. Still, it is nice to see them go back to an earlier concept of this franchise and it would be cool to see by this series end, which the second half is going to happen in April, that it will connect back some way to the original.

Either way, not much more to say. It was rather interesting and fun and I do like the tone difference compared to the last Build Divers which was certainly more silly at times.

Deven’s Highlights

Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo

Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo or OreSuki was my golden pick for Fall 2019. Mostly because Fate wasn’t on Vrv… Anyway originally playing it straight as your standard romantic comedy harem anime in the first half of the anime, the formula is quickly thrown out of the window with the revelation of the main character…yeah I’m not going to use his long and confusing name…mostly because I don’t even remember it as I write this review. So I’ll call him by his nickname which is Joro which means watering can. More on nicknames later. It’s revealed that Joro was playing up the standard clueless harem MC role expecting to get a harem with his childhood friend Himawari and the student council president Cosmos. When it turns out they actually like his best friend Sun. And so goes the anime about multiple sides to your personality and hidden motives that teenagers often have. And that’s where the nicknames come in. In the entire anime very rarely is anyone called by their actual name. One kohai in the anime named Tanpopo called Joro by his actual last name and I didn’t know who she was talking about until I remembered that Joro is a nickname. The nicknames are supposed to be the reference to them hiding their real intents and faces from everyone else. I have to say that the anime was a joy to watch. Both Joro’s reactions and everyone’s sneaky plots was always an interesting part of each week and every new arc I wondered what was each new character hiding. I’d definitely recommend OreSuki anyone that likes both comedy and pretty decent characters with real motivations. But be warned the anime technically ends on a cliffhanger than will be resolved in the OVA which will come out in the Summer 2020. Other than that, it’s a worthwhile story that I say was a top tier one.

So that’s it for the seasonal reviews for 2019. As always be sure to leave a comment below with your favorite shows of the fall season!

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