Well this is a welcome surprise I must say.

The PS4 game for Kandagawa Jet Girls recently launched and with it came bundled this special OVA, so seeing how much I enjoyed the main show, of course I’d be back to review this OVA. So let’s jump in and check it out!

The main story for this OVA involves the girls making a promotional video to show off why Jet Racing is such a fun and exciting sport and to help appeal to a wider and newer audience. Honestly it doesn’t really seem like a sport that needs additional promo videos are it’s always well known for being a fast paced, wet and wild, not to mention very sexy, sport, but I guess they still need to do these things. So to show off how amazing Jet Racing it, the Jet Racing Association called on the popular Kaguya and Kuromaru to help make this promo video.

And while they did the job well, it wasn’t exactly what the Association was looking for. Kaguya and Kuromaru took a serious and hard core approach to the PV, showing off intense action, training, and showing off that it’s not just some fun game, rather if you’re going to be a Jet Racer, than you should be prepared to put everything into it and then some. And once again they weren’t exactly wrong in their PV, it was all true and they nailed all the right points, but it just didn’t have the feeling the Association needed to promote Jet Racing. In the end Kaguya decided to call on her fellow Jet Racers and asked them for their opinion on it, seeing if she indeed took things too far with the PV. While most of the girls thought it was decent, the sexy idol duo Hell’s Kitchen weren’t impressed at all and vowed to make one better.

Tina and Dina know a lot about shooting PVs as they’re idols after all, so this sort of thing come naturally for them. The thing is though, their vision of a PV is literally all about them and not so much Jet Racing. I did like their PV though. It was fun and sexy and showed off how adorable these two girls are, but yeah there was like 2 seconds of actual Jet Racing content and the rest was a pretty standard idol PV. While the main consensus was that it was too idol heavy and not focused enough on Jet Racing, Rin was still gushing about how cute Hell’s Kitchen were.

The rest of the ep is actually where the lewd gyaru duo of Manatsu and Yuzu shine and really carry things. In the main anime Manatsu and Yuzu don’t get a ton of screen time but this OVA really made up for that because they stole the show here. Their vision of the PV included everyone in it and they compiled ideas all the girls had to make a PV that not only shows off each team’s uniqueness, but also some jet Racing action too. While they maybe strayed too far into the uniqueness by the end of the PV, the first half had some good moments.

From Rin and Misa cleaning Orcano in school swimsuits, to Jennifer and Emily fighting a leather clad dominatrix Kaguya, to Inori and Fuka showing off tea making, Manatsu and Yuzu highlighted how Jet Racing is much more than a serious sport and has a fun and enjoyable side to it as well. Although the latter half of the PV once again had nothing to do with Jet Racing. In the end the PV they worked hard to create still didn’t have the vision the Association was looking for, but at least the girls all had a fun time filming it and becoming closer as friends in the process. And honestly isn’t that what’s more important here, creating fun and lasting memories with your friends.

A final couple points that are worth mentioning include Rin showing off a new and improved logo to Misa, who of course thought it was too much but secretly still loved how cute it was, and also how Manatsu and Yuzu seemingly live together. I mean unless they were just over at one of their homes, I got the impression they lived together. What do you think?

So that pretty much wraps up this quick look at the OVA. Nice fun side story that gives us more sexy moments with the girls and also some more quality Manatsu and Yuzu moments too. Let me know your thoughts on the OVA in the comments below if you’ve seen it and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next part of the Year in Review series!