The summer season brought the heat with a ton of awesome shows. Here are some highlights of our favorites!

Nick’s Highlights

Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV

I remember when I first watched Symphogear with my brother years back when it began. It was so strange and over the top, but we both loved it and watched the first 3 seasons together, enjoying all the insane battles and crazy action the whole way through. When it first started I never thought we’d get 5 seasons of this, let alone anything more than the first season, but it just kept going and upping the ante each time. What I love about Symphogear the most, aside from it’s excellent cast of characters, has gotta be the over the top action. The opening battles of each season were always a treat as they just kept getting more and more insane but they felt totally grounded in the Symphogear world because that’s just how things are in this anime. I think my favorite moment has gotta be the opening ep of GX, when the team rescued an out of control space shuttle and ended up crashing through K2 in the process. It was that kinda over the top action I loved so much about this show and coming back to XV in 2019, I felt that it wasn’t to that level anymore, as they had a story to progress and things felt a little, conventional, for lack of a better word. Not to say XV was bad, I just felt it didn’t have that over the top, almost silliness, that was seen in previous seasons. I don’t want to come across as bashing this show, it’s done an excellent job over the years, developing its characters and the overall Symphogear world, I felt personally it started to get a little too safe by the end and lost a little bit of its charm that I loved so much in previous seasons. While the final ep wrapped everything up well, I did feel a little disappointed that they didn’t give Hibiki and Miku the ending the fans wanted. At the same time though there is still room for maybe a movie or something more in the future, should they decide to go that route. And I can’t write this without mentioning Kirika’s jaw dropping pole dancing transformation sequence. Just wow. But to wrap this all up, Symphogear is a fantastic series filled with awesome characters, insane action, and pulse pounding music. It’s probably not for everyone, but if that sounds like your cup of tea then by all means check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed at all.

Miru Tights


Come on, was I really gonna talk about summer shows and not mention this one? Miru Tights is a short anime that aired on YouTube actually that’s based off original characters created by the legendary tights artist yom. This is definitely not a show for everyone, rather it appeals to a very specific set of people, the people of culture. Yes Miru Tights is a show dedicated to to lovers of anime girls wearing tights and if you’ve seen any of yom’s art and like that sort of thing, then by all means watch Miru Tights. I know I joked a lot about how this was my anime of the summer and maybe even year, but honestly when it comes to pure enjoyment it’s really hard to top this one. Miru Tights is a show that made me totally giddy when watching it, I couldn’t get enough of these tights wearing anime girls doing sexy things. It’s absolute fan service through and through but the very best kind of fan service. Like I said already, the enjoyment factor this show puts out is honestly hard to top, it just gets me going and I love every second of it. Much like Tawawa on Monday a few years ago, Miru Tights was short and sweet, giving the viewers exactly what they wanted and so much more. Some of my favorite moments include all of ep 2 with Yua cosplaying, ep 7 with the jaw dropping Yuiko-sensei, and ep 11 when Yua and Ren get all tied up in the bedroom. Looking back at it all, Miru Tights checked all the right boxes and even all the ones you didn’t know needed checking as well. I’ll look back fondly on this show as it truly provided some of the best viewing experiences I can say I’ve ever had watching anime.

I know there were other noteworthy shows that aired in the summer, but I reviewed 5 of them here on Anime Corps and while I loved them a lot, I wanted to feature some different shows for the Year in Review series. Be sure to stop by and check out my weekly reviews for Tejina-senpai, Sounan desu ka?, Kanata no Astra, Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?, and Machikado Mazoku right here.

Joe’s Highlights

One Piece

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Joe, One Piece is just a weekly shonen anime, why is are you talking about it.” Well, you see, I didn’t really watch anything during the summer. I got back into One Piece, and well, I went from being about episode 38 to around episode 438 by the end of the summer season. Seeing that I struggle somehow with 12 episode series but not this, well, yeah, I honestly feel obligated to talk about it, at least a tiny bit, otherwise I would not have anything to talk about for this season.

robin is the best
Robin is the best.

Now, the episodes I saw were, still a decade away from where they are now. Just goes to show how long this series is. Still, a lot of fun, and enjoyment throughout. I did find myself being a bit bored during Skypiea, and the Thriller Bark arc. Ultimately I ended up stopping halfway through the Impel Down arc. But, recently I started watching again and have seen another hundred episodes in just a span of two weeks. I am generally surprised how much I am enjoying such a long series to where I am hooked this much to it. As much as I want to go into more detail, well, this is a post meant to be about currently airing series. So, I will leave it at that.

Deven’s Highlights

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka II

Ah the return of Danmachi and no, Sword Orario doesn’t count. This season was really good mostly because as I always say Bell is truly a joy to watch as a protagonist. To me he feels likeable and legitimate. I especially enjoyed the Haruhime arc(not that I had much choice since it was the majority of the anime’s focus). Haruhime is both a sweetheart of a girl and someone who believes that she doesn’t deserve to be saved after the things she’s done but she still deserves them despite how she feels and that’s something I enjoy. Danmachi season 2 was definitely one of the peaks for my Summer season.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

If you were reading on Reddit, there were definitely memes and talks about how it was difficult to get serious about working out and then Danberu came around and made it more interesting. Nothing says motivating that beautiful girls in work out clothes showing you how to work out properly. There’s not much to the anime other than and the good looks of the girls and occasionally their teachers but I really liked Hibiki in this anime. She’s not only voiced by a newcomer to voice acting Ai Fairouz but she also did the opening song. And while Hibiki makes a lot of mistakes with working out and especially with her eating habits(don’t we all in this day and age) I felt a little bit of joy for her at the end of the season. She gets on the scale and she jumps off smiling, showing that she’s made progress, not as much as her friends but it’s her own progress.

Lots of excellent shows aired during the summer season, what were some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

We’re almost finished recapping 2019’s anime seasons but we’ve got one left, the fall season. Be sure to come back next Friday as we close out the year with a look back at the most recent season of anime!

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