The year continues and the seasons change, it’s springtime!

Nick’s Highlights

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

If I were to be be honest, I don’t like harem shows all that much. I watched a bunch when I first got into anime and back then I enjoyed them, but years later I can’t say that love for them is still present. That said though, why am I talking about Bokuben as that’s clearly a harem show. Well for starters this show was never on my watch list for the spring season. Hell I gave it once glance and passed on it, that’s how much I don’t like harem shows anymore. But then I came across some screen caps of a certain tanned red haired girl from the show. Uruka Takemoto. Now has to really catch my interest for me to look into a show a previously had passed on, but Uruka checked all the right boxes and then some, so that was more than enough for me to watch this show. I ended up loving Bokuben S1 and it was among my top favorite shows of the spring season. I do feel kinda bad that I initially passed on this show, but as always someone on Twitter makes it known to me that a show might be worth checking out even if I’ve passed up on it. The funny thing is, shows that I didn’t express any interest in initially always end up being shows I love a lot. Bokuben is a prime example, but another one that might come as a surprise, Love Live. So in the end I’ve learned once again, because I clearly still haven’t, that some shows really do deserve a chance even if I think I know it all and can pass on it with a single glance. You’d think after watching anime for pretty much 10 years I’d have figured this out by now.

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Sticking with the theme of shows I passed on off the start, we come to Senko-san. I personally felt it was a little too questionable for my tastes, but as I found out once more, I was wrong to assume that. Senko-san is mentioned here because of just how chill and comfy it was to watch. I find that these days I enjoy shows like this more than I ever have, just something about the calmly feeling it brings as I don’t have to be super emotionally involved in watching a show, I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s in front of my eyes. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say Senko-san is the dream so many people have, a cute little fox girl to pamper you to your hearts delight. Not gonna lie, that’s something I’d love to have in my life and this show really was like watching a dream of my played out over 12 eps. Aside from Senko herself, Shiro was another cute fox girl who was around for a number of eps too and I really liked her as well, she was just as cute and enjoyable to watch. All in all though Senko-san deserves to be mentioned here because it’s by far one of the most chill shows of the year. Yes you might need to go a little outside your comfort zone to watch, but at the end of the day it’s well worth it.

Honorable mentions to Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu, Carole & Tuesday, and the excellent third season of Bungou Stray Dogs.

Joe’s Highlights

Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu


So, out of all the shows I watched this season I only finished this one. I remember wanting to review it, but ultimately decided against it. For me, not too many things happen in the course of an episode, and I find the slice of life style of shows difficult to talk about. Yes, it is a comedy, and it is rather enjoyable. Also it can hit a little close to home, well, except the whole middle school girl part, I am referring mainly to the socially awkward part. The running gags were nice, and a good portion of the humor is uplifting, when it comes to the running gags too, like “Do your best beam.” Overall, this show was rather fun and I would recommend to those who enjoy slice of life comedies.

Deven’s Highlights

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

What happens when your average person after college just wakes up to go to work, work, and go home then sleep to start the cycle all over again? Well in this world you get an adorable fox spirit girl that will come into your home and basically be your live in mother/stay at home wife to ease your daily worries. That’s Senko-san for you. Overall the anime was super relaxing which is why it ends up being called a healing anime. It really hits hard for most people especially me during this time because I was really tired during work and was wondering or not I had made the right decision about quitting my old job to work at my new one. I had just recently gotten a new job that paid more but had more hours at night and the bus ride was long. So I watched Senko-san on the bus and it was really relaxing and very familiar with how my work life was. I would definitely recommend the anime to any one that works a hard job without much time to yourself. You’ll definitely see a kindred spirit in Nakano.

That wraps up the spring season! Lots of great shows aired during those three months, what were some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Up next is the summer season! We’ll see you right back here next Friday for that post!

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