After a week delay because of New Years, we’re back to finish off jet Girls!

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Hello and happy New Year everyone, welcome to the final review for Jet Girls! It’s been a wet and wild ride but it’s sadly come to a close now, so let’s jump in and see how this show wrapped up.

Looking back to ep 11 briefly, we saw Misa and Rin overcoming their personal struggles that were holding them back in Jet Racing and we ended the ep with them both looking dreamily into each other’s eyes the morning Rin got back from her trip home. Misa had finally worked up the courage to tell Rin about her past and finally put it all behind her so she could focus on racing with Rin and hopefully winning the Kandagawa Cup. The majority of this ep is pretty much solid racing so I’m not going to bother doing a play by play of it, rather I’ll just cover a few noteworthy points from it.

So for starters the race featured all 6 main teams, which was cool to see as all of the races before this were two with 2 teams, so seeing everyone out there was nice. Also made for some smaller battles going on too as each team had someone they were gunning for, which made the race more interesting.

Next we finally, finally, got to see the Gyaru Duo in action this week, something I’ve been waiting for since, well the start I guess. Sadly they don’t end up getting a whole ton of screen time as the ep progressed but it was still nice to see them finally in a Jet Race. I kept forgetting they actually are Jet Racers most of the time because they honestly don’t even seem like Jet Racers. Anyways, still nice to seem them in action, bringing the sexiness to the race as always. Also, their weapon of choice looked to be a shotgun, which is a surprising choice given that’s a more close range weapon and pretty much every other team’s gun has a little more range to it, maybe aside from Hell’s Kitchen’s pistols. Anyways I found that to be an interesting choice for a weapon, even if they all just shoot water in the end.

Another part about this ep I liked was the SEA SERPENTS vs. Team DRESS battle that happened. Both the heavy weights of the race and they really brought the heat in this final showdown. Kaguya actually ended up using boost during this race, something she’s been known not to do in the past as she’s relied on pure skill to beat her opponents, but this time she decided to go all out to capture the cup. I think by far this was the most exciting battle of the whole race, even with Orcano and DRESS finally facing off against each other again since ep 1.

In the end it was Orcano vs DRESS as expected, but unlike the last time this showdown was all about the Jetter, so really it was Rin vs. Kaguya for the final part of the race. It came down to another close finish, both Jetters pushing their craft to the absolute limit, but this time it was Rin who came out victorious, just by a few inches though. But hey, a win is a win and Misa and Rin are the champions.

Final Thoughts

So after 12 eps Jet Girls has come to a close. Gotta admit I came into this show mainly for the boobs and sexiness but in the end it actually turned out being one of the better shows of the fall season. It feels strange for me to say that given this whole show is pretty much one long commercial for the game, but I actually had a good time watching it, and not just because of the uncensored parts, I actually genuinely liked it. In a way it reminded me a lot of my favorite show of last summer, Harukana Receive, which was a show about girls playing beach volleyball. Right away you know it’s going to have a lot of fan service moments but given the nature of the show, but honestly it didn’t feel like fan service all the time. The sport is played in swimsuits and there is a lot of bouncing and close butt views, so after a few eps it doesn’t even feel like fan service anymore rather just how the game is played. Just watch some real beach volleyball and it’s along the same lines. So looking at Jet Girls with this same view, it’s very similar. It’s a sport played in pretty much swimsuits, there is a lot of bouncing and close up butt views, and that’s just how it is. Of course the bath scenes are pure fan service and I love how this show got a uncensored stream, I highly recommend watching that as it’s the way the show is meant to be seen.

While I did enjoy my time watching Jet Girls, there were still very small things I had issues with. I think the main thing that bothers me is that the relationship of Misa and her sister Risa is never fully explored as much as I thought it could be. Misa wanted to be a great Jetter like her sister, Risa, but after failing to live up to her sister, Misa tried to leave Jet Racing but met Rin and things changed. Fast forward to the final ep, we see Risa at the race and she doesn’t even congratulate her little sister on winning such a prized competition, she’s just standing off to the side waiting for Kaguya and Kuromaru so they can return to training for the next race. I found it really strange that Risa didn’t say anything to Misa or even acknowledge her during the ceremony once. The two felt so disconnected from each other after Misa decided not to pursue Jet Racing, I just kinda wish they did something a little more with those two at some point.

Also a smaller beef I had was Rin’s mom dying. Anime parents don’t seem to have a great track record and sadly Rin’s mom falls victim to that as well. She looked like a great mom who really loved her daughter and wanted the best for her when it came to Jet Racing. We got some of this during flashback sequences, but we never got to explore much about Rin’s mom as she died when Rin was so young. I still like my idea of Rin’s mom and Risa somehow knowing each other from back in the day, although I guess that couldn’t have worked given the age differences. Oh well. Also, kinda wish there was something at the end with Rin returning home to show off her trophy to everyone and take it to her mother’s grave or something. That would’ve been a nice way to bring everything full circle.

All in all though Jet Girls was a fun filled, wet and wild ride of a show. It had its dramatic moments, its silly moments, its fan service moments, but they each played a role in the show and brought something to the table. It’s by far not a show for everyone, one quick look at any preview will show you that, but if you’re the type who enjoys a wet and wild show with plenty of boobs and ass shots, uncensored as well, then this will be a show for you. If not, then don’t bother with it, it’s going to be more than you can handle. Taking everything into account, I’ll give Kandagawa Jet Girls a well earned 7/10. Good fun!

So that’s it for this show, another one in the bag! The fall season still isn’t over yet, believe it or not, as Azur Lane hasn’t officially ended yet. As you know that show has been delayed until March to fix its production issues, as there were a lot of them. Of course I’ll be back to review those final eps so once that’s done I can call the fall season complete. I’m not sure if there are any dates as to exactly when those final eps will be out, but I’ll keep you updated via the blog Twitter account.

Well that’s it for me. Thank you so much for sticking with me for this show, I had a great time covering it and I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts each week. As always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Once again thanks for reading and I’ll see you in later for the Anime Corps Year in Review series!

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