With the end in sight it’s time for one final push to make every second of training count. Oh and boobs are back this week too.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big, wet anime tiddies! Enjoy!

Rin and Misa have made their way through the prelims and find themselves part of the 6 finalists who will race for the legendary Kandagawa Cup soon. It’s a great moment as Rin and Misa have come so far but the journey is far from over. I liked the moment with their club advisor Yamada-sensei as she went from being dragged into this by Rin to coming to enjoy it and you can tell she’s passionate about the girls in this club and their end goal. It’s great to see teachers being so supportive like this. But while they’re all taking this time to celebrate a job well done in how far they’ve come, something is bothering Misa.

Thinking hard.

It’s been a long time coming but we now finally get the whole Misa back story now. So for starters it turns out that Misa has an older sister who was a famous Shooter and inspired Misa to take up Jet Racing in the first place. And while that’s a admirable reason, Misa failed to live up to the level her sister competed at and was viewed by her peers as a failure. So instead of going to Musa Girl’s Academy, the school where her sister is the coach for Team DRESS, Kaguya and Kuromaru, Misa chose Asa Girl’s Academy, which didn’t have a Jet Racing program. Misa was basically running away from Jet Racing as she couldn’t be the Shooter her sister was. So now we finally know who that beautiful coach of Team DRESS is, she’s Misa’s sister. In the end I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t figure that out, I mean now that I see it they do look similar.

The ep continues with the girls continuing their training for the upcoming finals, but they’re noticing that even with a brand new power unit, their speed isn’t what it should be. Turns out the way Rin pilots Orcano is much like how her mother used to pilot her jet ski, which is the old style and isn’t used anymore as times and tech have changed. While it’s great Rin wanted to be like her mother, the older style of Jetting isn’t enough to make it against the top teams these days. Even after trying to modern style of racing, Rin was finding it too difficult to make any progress. So with her options limited as to how to proceed, Rin makes a tough decision and heads back home for some personal training on how to improve her Jetting.

It’s a decision Misa has as hard time coping with at first. She’s come to love Rin so much and now she’s gone for a bit she’s realizing how important Rin is in her life. Thankfully she’s not alone as the Miko Team is there to provide some comfort and training for the finals too. Sadly the waterfall training moment still didn’t live up to the hype, even if it was a slightly longer scene this time. I was hoping for some close ups on their drenched robes, clinging to their naked bodies. Just imagine that for a moment…

I actually really liked the Miko Team in this ep and how they really helped Misa along during her time alone. Of course Fuka couldn’t resist throwing in some sexual undertones in her comments, but honestly she’s not wrong in saying so. And once again, note Inori’s reactions to that.

Another part about this ep that I really liked was the scene with Hell’s Kitchen and Rin at her mother’s grave. We learn that Rin’s mother was an inspiration to them in becoming Jet Racers and they even had the chance to talk with her too. Rin of course didn’t know about this so it was a great chance for her to hear this previously unknown story about her mother. In the end it served as added motivation for Rin as her trip home to tackle her problems was nearly solved. Reflecting on her mother some more that evening, Rin finds the answer she’s been searching for this whole time and knows how she can make the most of the Finals with Misa.

Speaking of Misa she’s had a great time with the Miko Team in Rin’s absences. From waterfall training to soaking in hot springs, Misa has also had a chance to do some thinking and finally reach some answers of her own. Both girls know that if they truly want to deepen their bond, they’ll have to lay bare everything and become one for real this time.

Wow that sounded really sexual. I wouldn’t mind them doing that too actually.

So I’m pretty sure next week is the final ep, unless this is going to 13 eps, but I really don’t know. For now I’ll say it’s the final ep and I hope to see you back here for that review. Anyways, another great ep this week and it’s looking like it’s going to be one action packed ep next week as the 6 teams battle is out for glory. I think the match we’re all looking forward to is Team DRESS vs. Kandagawa Jet Girls, a rematch of the first race, both teams have come a long way since that race and they’ve got a lot to prove. Gonna be good!

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading! As always, comments, questions, and anything else goes down below and I’ll make sure to get back to you in due time.

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