So with Azur Lane on break until March 2020, I figured I should get these posts out sooner than Sunday.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

No uncensored bits this week again, but there was plenty more eye candy to make up for that.

Honestly there really isn’t much of a need to have a swimsuit ep in a show like this as we’ve already seen the girls in swimsuits, their racing suits, and nothing at all, but hey it’s still fun to have a proper swimsuit ep with everyone at the beach.

Rin and Misa’s last race was a thrilling one that came down to a photo finish, and while it was very exciting to watch Kiriko noticed something probably most didn’t, Orcano had a problem with its speed on straightaways. This is something that most likely contributed to them tying instead of winning against the Miko Team of Fuka and Inori. So to fix this problem, Kiriko proposes they buy a new power unit for Orcano to make her faster on the straightaways and give them a better chance at winning in the next race. The only problem is that a new power unit costs 300, 000 yen (nearly $3600 CAD or $2740 USD) and no one in the club has that kinda money sitting around. Even a used power unit, while not as powerful as a brand new one, still costs in the 200,000 yen range. So now what?

With no help coming from the student council for a raise in club funds, it’s up to the girls to get enough money to buy this power unit, be it used or brand new. With summer break right around the corner, they each get jobs to help get funds for the part. I like how each job gave the girls a challenge to overcome in one way or another. Rin and Misa landed jobs as waitresses at the idol cafe where Misa was forced to come out of her shell and interact with customers, like Jennifer and Emily. Hina on the other hand had to deal with the temptation of not eating the food samples she was supposed to be giving to customers at a local grocery store. Although in the end it turned out that eating the samples was what helped her attract customers, everything went better than expected. Kiriko had an interesting situation at convenience store, having to once again interact with customers including a very sexy young woman. Not sure if Kiriko’s reaction was because of how sexy this woman was or if she’s just shy. I’d like to think the former.

But after all is said and done, they still don’t have enough money for even the used power unit. Damn, all that hard work and it still didn’t pay off. Maybe they’re just destined to not get this power unit after all. Or maybe not. Thanks to a phone call from Jennifer, Rin and Misa find themselves at a beach cafe helping Jennifer and her extremely hot aunt serve the customers at the beach. So that’s how they arrived at the beach. I find it funny that the beach cafe is called ‘California’ too.

The real fun for this ep starts once Rin and Misa are finished at the beach cafe and go out to play in the water. Things start off normal with them all playing around in the water, Misa watching from the sand, but as the afternoon continues on, Hell’s Kitchen wanders in from a near by photo shoot drawing a crowd as they usually do, then the gyaru duo of Manatsu and Yuzu also show up too. With all these girls in one area something is bound to happen. Elsewhere on a private part of the beach, we have a small moment with Kaguya and Kuromaru, both enjoying some quiet time.


The rest of this ep brings back fond memories of last year’s amazing anime Harukana Receive as the girls find themselves in a beach volleyball tournament, it’s grand prize being 100,000 yen. With that money combined with their 180,000 yen, they could easily afford a bring new power unit. While Misa is of course hesitant to enter, Rin once again uses the sad eyes tactic to make her give in. Misa can’t possibly say no to those eyes.

I won’t go into details of the whole beach volleyball sequence as it’s long and not worth the play by play of each match, so I’ll just leave some pics of how it all went.

I will talk about the final match though, Hell’s Kitchen vs. Rin and Misa.It’s another intense match between these girls, but just as it’s at its height Hell’s Kitchen’s manager, another sexy lady, shows up to drag the two girls back to work. After all they did sneak out during a break so they were bound to get caught at some point. With them gone the match ends abruptly and Rin and Misa are the winners, 100,000 yen richer too. All in all it’s a very productive day for our girls here as they’ve landed themselves more than enough money to fund a brand new power unit for Orcano. With that out of the way, it’s back to training for their final races!

Happy ending to a wonderful day.

The end is in sight for this show and honestly it’s turned out to be one of the better shows this season. Not really a whole lot caught my attention this time around and while I initially picked this up purely for the glorious uncensored bits, it’s turned out to be a very enjoyable show. We’re in the home stretch now and it’s shaping up for an exciting finale!

That’s it for me this week. As always thanks for reading it means a lot to me and if you’ve got any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, leave that all down below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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