The end is here. Well… kinda.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

This might actually be the first review in which I don’t have to put a warning about the big and wet anime tiddies. Kinda sad actually…

Anyways this week’s installment of Jet Girls brings us back to the racing scene that had been pushed to the back for the past few weeks as the show took time to build its characters a bit. But that’s done for now and they’re back on the river racing for victory again. So back near the start of the show it was established that Rin and Misa were aiming for the top, winning the legendary Kandagawa Cup. As the name implies, it’s the biggest and longest race of the year and only the best of the best make it in. So to get to that point, each team needs to qualify and this week it was all about qualifying.

Training hard!

The main event of this ep was of course the race in the second half, but before we got to that point Rin and Misa have an encounter with a certain girl on the bridge while out for their morning run. It should be obvious to us who she is but at the time Misa and Rin don’t know that this girl they talked to is the other half of the miko team. Their whole conversation was pretty good actually as the miko explained her trouble she was facing with her partner and how she might be able to overcome them. Of course how the worded all of this made it sound like she was in some intimate romantic relationship with this partner, which might be kinda true, but Misa and Rin didn’t realize this miko was talking about her Shooter partner and how their dynamics as a team weren’t working all the well. As we find out later, they certainly do have some interesting dynamics on their team.

As the day draws near we get a quick montage of the other teams getting ready for their races. Interestingly enough, we still haven’t actually seen the gyaru duo in a proper race, so hopefully that will change soon as we near the end. Also bonus point for Yuzu for doing the bubble tea challenge successfully.

The back half of the ep is the race between the miko team and our lead girls. This is also the first time we officially meet the miko team, comprised of Shooter Inori Misuda, who we met last week, and Jetter Fuka Tamaki who we met earlier in the ep on the bridge. Right away I love their race outfits, I wish we got some time to really check them out as they so far might be my favorites. Rin and Misa also make the connection the Fuka was actually talking about Inori earlier on when she mentioned “partner”, but seeing them before the race gives the impression things are alright between the girls. Well that was about to change.

I won’t get into a play-by-play of the race between Sea Serpents and Orcano, but it definitely was one of the most exciting yet. The kicker here was once the race began Fuka became a completely different person. Her voice and personality totally changed and she was like a wild animal out there. As the race went on Rin and Misa soon finally understood what exactly Fuka was talking about and how she was having trouble with Inori. Quite the dynamics between those girls.

Like I said I won’t detail the race but it was very thrilling, possibly one of the best yet as it came right down to the wire too. But this is just the beginning as there are more teams to race and qualify before reaching the main event, the Kandagawa Cup. But before we get to that point, the preview for next week showed the girls taking a trip to the beach. Yes while this show has had plenty of swimsuit moments already, there hasn’t been a proper beach ep yet and next week looks to fill the need. And given the glorious moments in this show already, I’m sure we’re in for a real treat.

Azur Lane

Before I get to the big news regarding this show, let’s take a moment to talk about what happened this week.

The Enterprise saga continues as she’s still suffering from visions of a dark alternate version of herself and the aftermath of a battle. Another reason why not to touch random black glowing cubes, it gives you weird visions and such. So far they haven’t really gone into much detail about why exactly this cube is giving her these visions and what it all is supposed to mean, so hopefully they take a moment to explain it for all the folks who don’t play the game.

Meanwhile with Ayanami, she’s getting a little more used to being at the Azur Lane base but she still misses her friends back at Sakura Empire. I think she’s starting to come around to fact that both sides could actually get along if they tried and she might have a point there too. It would be nice to see everyone united at some point, fighting the real enemy here and not each other. Whether or not that actually happens though remains to be seen.

The middle portion of the ep returns to the visions and such and also answers a question I had. Currently Sakura Empire is in disorder as they try to figure out how to proceed from here. Akagi is seemingly dead, the black cube is stolen by Azur Lane, and the unrest is growing. Honestly I feel like most of the Sakura Empire boats have no idea what’s even going on and are just being dragged into this mess because of Akagi and her personal struggle she’s dealing with. The question answered is why Akagi is even doing this whole Project Orochi in the first place. Turns out Amagi, her sister, died a while back or something and this black cube the Sirens have has the power to create anything its user desires, even bringing back the dead. As crazy as it sounds, Akagi entertained that thought far too long and now she’s put everything into making this happen. At first Kaga wasn’t going along with this, but now with Akagi gone and everything in chaos, Kaga seems to have snapped and is now continuing this Project Orochi at all costs.

How Enterprise fits into all of this is probably going back to when she first touched the cube and was shown the first vision. Since then it’s like Orochi has infected Enterprise and is causing her to see this evil. Maybe it’s showing her what she would do if she had the power Orochi possesses, but whatever the case it’s a vision Enterprise doesn’t like and is really messing with her. Like I said, I don’t play the game so I’m just guessing with all of this. I’m more than welcome to have someone explain this all to me in the comments below.

Speaking of Enterprise being messed with, Belfast finally had enough of this and had to get serious with Enterprise this week. I was expecting her to give Enterprise a solid slap to the face or something, but instead Enterprise went for the classic tie pull and dragged her off to breakfast and for a chat. I honestly feel bad for Belfast, she’s gotta put up with Enterprise and her drama all the time, but I guess even the most patient of boats have a tipping point and Belfast hit that this week. Just kiss and make up already. Or just kiss.

We end the ep with another battle as a Siren named Purifier infiltrated the base and stole the black cube back. It’s also the first battle where the small boats are all fighting together this time and their teamwork is already off to a great start. Imagine having all the small boats fighting together, they’d be unstoppable! Also, bonus points for Purifier’s tight shorts and Ayanami’s glorious thighs.

With the black cube back in Sakura Empire hands, it’s now time for Kaga to continue what Akagi started and bring out the Orochi for battle. One final interesting point is that Prinz Eugen was on her way to the Orochi when Kaga activated it. Like I mentioned last week, Ironblood has been the least utilized group in this show as their goals haven’t even been touched on at all and once again we’re still left hanging as to what Prinz Eugen is trying to accomplish by learning more about Orochi.

Finally we arrive at the big news regarding this show. Somehow it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I just didn’t expect it to be like this. Azur Lane has been delayed until March 2020 as they clearly need to work on the overall quality of the show. It’s frustrating because we gotta wait months just for 2 eps but at the same time it was getting pretty noticeable that the quality of this show had dropped significantly since the start. So with that said, this is the final review for now. I’ll of course be back in March to wrap things up, but until then that’s it for this show.

So here we are, the end. Kind of. Sad news about Azur Lane but this is for the best. I just didn’t think it would be such a long delay this time. But if it’s to make the final eps better, then they should be whatever they can. In the meantime we’ve got Jet Girls to close out the year so that’s always good too.

Like I mentioned last week I might be reviewing something next season but as of now I still haven’t decided anything yet. The Year in Review series is coming in January and I can say there will be another special series too that will be coming out. I’ll have more on that in due time as well, so keep an eye on the Twitter account for more info on that.

In the meantime thanks for reading and you know the drill about comments, questions, insight, and anything else goes down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

See you next week!