The end is in sight now but the shows are far from over.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big, wet anime tiddies! Enjoy!

The focus of this week’s ep was back on the growing relationship between Misa and Rin and how they’re getting closer, but still have a lot to work on before they’re really that couple they both want to be. Plus we get one sexy bath scene too. Wow!

Last week Misa and Rin had overcome their lack of teamwork and were finally on the same page, however Rin got the Anime Cold so they couldn’t really do too much together for that ep. This week was finally a chance for the two girls to do something together now that Rin’s healthy and both are working more as a team. Before we get to the main event, let’s talk about Rin and some of the ideas she has for their Jet Racing team. So we established a while back that Misa doesn’t want to have her face on the team logo but Rin still wants them to have something special together, like a victory pose! Hell’s Kitchen has their sexy Jet Kiss victory pose, so Rin was thinking maybe they should do something like that too. Of course Misa shot that idea down. Oh Misa, you really need to come out of your shell already.

The main event of the ep is what starts out as a normal shopping trip for Misa and Rin turns into an adventure to find the river monster Hell’s Kitchen were looking for last week. I didn’t actually think we’d return to this but it looks like they’ll continue the hunt for the Nyu-Nyu, this time with the gyaru duo Manatsu and Yuzu. Turns out those who catch the Nyu-Nyu will have any wish granted, so naturally Rin wants her wish of her and Misa doing a victory pose granted, so off they go. Much like Hell’s Kitchen, they’re search doesn’t lead to any discovery of this legendary river monster but it does provide some moments for bonding between Rin and Misa. Although once again Misa still is having trouble expressing herself to Rin. I like how at one point when Rin got her shirt ripped and her boobs were exposed, Misa gave her her jacket to cover herself with, Manatsu and Yuzu watched on with slight jealousy, seeing how they have such a close relationship.

Their tunnel adventure ended up in a local shrine where we meet half of the final Jet Racing couples. I was wondering when we’d finally get to see the miko couple but we finally have now, or at least half of the couple. The preview for next week looks like we’ll meet the other half. Anyways, while the miko isn’t actually named in this ep, a quick bit of research shows that her name is Inori Misuda. With that in mind, Inori suggests the adventuring couples to go take a bath while she cleans their clothes and readies a meal. Cue the bath scene!

Wow, that was quite something. Also note Inori’s reactions too, quite telling. We round out the ep returning to the Rin and Misa relationship situation. Rin really wants to be closer to Misa and I’m sure Misa wants to do the same to Rin, but Misa’s personality is making it hard for the two to get any closer than they are. Rin requests a visit with the Nyu-Nyu, which turns out to be a god protecting the Kandagawa River, but Inori tells her in a round about way that she shouldn’t just pray to a god to make Misa fall in love with her, rather this is something Rin needs to earn, so pray for support as she works on this goal. It might not have been the exact answer Rin was looking for, but it’s one she still accepts and will now work on going forward.

Azur Lane

This week’s installment of Azur Lane was easier to follow as we pick things up the following day from the battle in the past few eps. Ayanami has been captured and wakes up back at the Azur Lane base, now a prisoner of war. Sticking with the theme of bonding, this ep focuses mainly on Javelin and Laffey bonding with Ayanami in a non-combat situation for once. Although Ayanami has already been to the Azur Lane base before, back in ep 1 as she was a spy, now Ayanami can see the base properly and not under threat of being caught.

What strikes her the most though is how everyone is so friendly to her, the Sakura Empire enemy. I still wonder if any of these boats were ever close before the ideals split the once one group into smaller factions. It’s something I’ve been wondering for a while now, did any of these boats know each other from back then or have they always been at odds? Whatever the case, Ayanami is warmly welcomed as the two small boats show her around the base and she meets other small boats. Lots of small boats in this ep.

While that was the main focus of this ep, we do check in on everyone else and see what they’re up to at the moment. We’ll start with Sakura Empire and Ironblood. Back at Sakura Empire HQ, Yuudachi, Shigure, Yukikaze, and Zuikaku are lamenting over the loss of Ayanami. Unknown to them, Ayanami isn’t being tortured or something rather she’s enjoying pancakes and having a pretty good time. And yes I’m sure she’s getting enough meat too.

It’s been ages since we last checked in with Ironblood and those sexy German boats. Turns out they haven’t really been up to much as the current battles are mainly Sakura Empire problems, so Ironblood has been sitting around eating and just chilling at the base, while Akagi and Kaga wage war over the black cube. Interestingly enough, they joke about attacking Sakura Empire while they’re scrambling with all the issues happening.

Speaking of that black cube, it’s still back at Azur Lane HQ, with one one really sure what exactly to do with it. I mean so far it’s out of enemy hands so that’s good, the secret boat back at Sakura Empire HQ can’t operate without it, so keeping that out of play is good for Azur Lane and their cause. It’s still clear that the black cube has some unknown power to it and that it’s probably behind Enterprise acting up, but with so little known about this cube, it’s hard to really figure out what to do with it. Hopefully they decide soon before any more bad things happen to Enterprise.

We wrap up the ep back with Ayanami and her unanswered questions about why they fight and how she should feel about this whole situation. I do agree somewhat, I mean there never have been any real end goals in mind for any side really. Like what exactly are they fighting for? What’s the end result to all this conflict? Sure one side wants to get rid of the Sirens while the other is teaming up with them, but then what? Say Sakura Empire wins, what then? If Azur Lane wins, what then? And how does Ironblood fit into all of this too? So far they’re the least utilized group in this show and their intentions haven’t been touched on at all. And of course the bigger questions of where are all the humans in this world? It’s been stated multiple times that all the boats were created by the humans, but what happened to the humans after that? So many questions and still no answers at all. Not sure if they just expect you to play the game to figure this all out, but either way, having some explanations would be nice.

Two pretty chill eps this week. Tunnel adventure for Jet Girls and a day off for the Azur Lane gang. I’m sure the quiet times will come to an end soon enough though as we enter the final few eps here.

So that’s pretty much it for me this week. As of this moment I’m not sure I’ll be reviewing anything next season. Nothing really jumps out at me so far, but that might change as the next season closes in so I won’t make any final call right now. Also as the year comes to a close, I’m happy to announce the return of the Anime Corps Year in Review series once again! I’ll bring back the rest of the team (I know you guys are out there) and we’ll talk about our favorites from each season in 2019. That’ll begin in January and will be a weekly series ending with Anime of the Year in February. Hope to see you there for the 2019 edition of that series. Now I just need to tell the rest of the team about that….

Anyways thanks for reading, I do appreciate you guys stopping by here to read this. Still just a guy trying to write something even half decent, but it still pleases me to see people reading what I write. As always, questions, comments, and anything else go down below and I’ll get back to you in due time.

See you next week!