Even though we’re on week 9 for this season, both shows aren’t.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big, wet anime tiddies! Enjoy!

After finally joining together as one, Rin and Misa are now moving forward as a team to face their opponents as they strive towards their end goal of winning the Kandagawa Cup. But before we reach that moment, Rin needs to do well on her upcoming exams so she can continue her club activities. It’s another classic thing in anime, the main character who is great at one thing is also terrible at school work. So the first half of this week’s ep is mainly Rin studying for her exams and eventually taking her exams and passing with a mark of 85. Good job Rin! However in the process of studying for her exams, Rin has set herself up for the devastating Anime Cold which no one can escape. I get that you can burn yourself out by not sleeping and such, but man for as strong as some anime characters are, no one escapes the Anime Cold.

Studying hard in the bath

The back half of the ep is Misa nursing Rin back to health. It’s funny has Rin thinks of Misa a a mother at one point, but I was totally thinking wife instead. Oh well, I’m sure they’re reach that point in the future. Rin is also visited by some fellow Jet Racers during her recovery, namely Jennifer, Emily, Manatsu, and Yuzu. It’s a nice moment seeing all these rivals come together to support one of their own who has fallen sick.

So while that’s mainly the events of the ep, there are a few interesting points I do want to take a few moments to talk about, starting with Misa’s backstory. They haven’t really touched on that for a while now but this week we learn a little bit more about Misa and what her deal is. So I’m sure we’ve put together that she’s a really good Shooter who seemingly has stepped away from Jet Racing, and while we still haven’t learned the exact details just yet, we do have a moment in which Rin brings up this old article Kiriko found on Misa. I was kind of expecting a different reaction from Misa, something along the lines of “why were you looking into my past” or the likes, but instead she calmly changes the subject back to Rin focusing on her studies instead of getting distracted. I still hope we learn more about Misa and what her story is at some point because it’s been hinted on a number of times so they really need to follow up on that.

The second point I want to talk about is regarding Rin and a dream she had. It’s near the end of the ep when Rin is still recovering from her cold when she has a dream about her mother. Rin’s mother is another person we don’t know a lot about aside from the fact she was a legendary Jetter and extremely beautiful, but I wonder if she somehow plays into Misa’s story. Along with the teacher at Musashino Girl’s High School, I think both these adult figures play a role in this overall story, I’m just not sure how it all ties together.

And finally I want to quickly mention Hell’s Kitchen on a reality fishing show looking for a monster in the river. While they didn’t catch any monsters, Ziyu did manage to catch Dina’s swimsuit top, making for a nice moment. I’m guessing that moment will be edited before it goes on TV for them. For us though, take a look.

Next week looks like we’ll finally meet the last couple in this show, one we’ve only seen very briefly in ep 1. Hopefully that’s the case as I’ve been dying to see more of them.

Azur Lane

Following up last week’s action packed ep, this week suddenly finds itself in the middle of the Arctic with huge cracks in the sky and icebergs everywhere. What the hell is even going on now? Before we get into that, or at least try to, let’s check in on the small boats and their ongoing saga.

As usual, Javelin and Laffey run into Ayanami on the battlefield and once again they have the same conversation about becoming friends. Ayanami still can’t comprehend why Laffey is so fixated on becoming friends when they’re meant to fight, but this time before she can really get into that, the small boat trio of Yuudachi, Shigure, and Yukikaze comes to rescue Ayanami and escape. Belfast arrives on the scene shortly after they leave and takes both small boats with her as she continues on to find Enterprise.

Speaking of Enterprise, last time we saw her she was glowing and seemed killed Akagi. Once again, still no idea what exactly is all happening here but Enterprise runs into Amagi and the two have a little chat. I’m not sure if this is still some vision/trance Enterprise is currently in, but she’s not her usual self right now back in outside world.

As all this is happening both Azur Lane and Sakura Empire and also trying to figure out what’s going on. Akagi is gone and the fleet is spread out too much to really keep fighting. Same goes for the Azur Lane side, they’re not in the best shape either but they’re also not about to let the Sakura Empire just skip off into the sunset after this huge ordeal. Still not fully sure what the plan Sakura Empire has right now, I mean why have they sided with the Sirens in all this and what’s their end goal here? Akagi is literally off doing her own thing and it’s like everyone else has just been dragged into her personal quest here. Whatever the case, Sakura Empire needs to hold off one final attack from Azur Lane if they want to make it back to their base in one piece.

The ep ends with Shoukaku and Zuikaku holdin off the Azur Lane fleet as the rest of the Sakura Empire fleet can escape. It’s another action packed moment but it suffers from some sad quality moments too. It’s tough honestly because I want to like this show but for me it’s hard to overlook so much quality in an ep. I talked about this a few weeks ago before they took a break, but maybe they should consider taking another break because there were some bad quality moments in this ep, and unfortunately a lot of them are during the action scenes.

Thankfully there is a good moment in all of this, the part when Laffey and Javelin save Ayanami, that’s a pretty cool moment, but it’s lost in the quality that come before it. I think they should probably take another week off to fix some more issues going forward, because for me it’s hard to really enjoy the ep when the quality is so clearly bad. It takes away so much and breaks the connection when watching. I end up focusing on that more than what’s going on in the ep because it’s just so unmissable. That and maybe figure out what the hell is even going on with the plot too, because I certainly have no idea.

So another week in which Jet Girls ends up being the better of the two eps. Seems strange to say given how Jet Girls is just a show to watch for the boobs and such, but it’s proving itself to be the better of the two right now.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading this and as always if you’ve got any questions, comments, want to say hi, or give some insight into Azur Lane, leave them all below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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