Both shows are back this week! Let’s get to it!

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big anime tiddies! Enjoy!

This week was all about teamwork, or maybe the lack thereof. You see that’s what Misa and Rin weren’t doing, they had no teamwork and because of that they ended up losing their race against Hell’s Kitchen. You could argue that being an idol duo and twins on top of that, Hell’s Kitchen would naturally have good chemistry and be able to work together very well, but even so Jet Racing is a two girl operation and if both girls aren’t on the same page, related or not, things won’t work out for them. Misa and Rin found themselves in this position and this week really highlighted just how poorly they’re lacking such an important skill.

So as mentioned already, they lost the race against Hell’s Kitchen, they weren’t even close to winning the whole time and even after their amazing win against Jennifer and Emily, Hell’s Kitchen proved that maybe it was just a lucky shot that got them the win and not any real talent. Although we still haven’t seen Misa’s full potential yet, so there still is talent we have yet to see from her, but at this point in time Hell’s Kitchen has the latest laugh on them. It won’t be the last laugh though, Misa and Rin will be back and better than ever at some point.

Following their defeat Misa and Rin take some time off to stroll around the city and clear their minds from the race. It’s clear that Rin is bothered greatly by the results but she’s not letting it show and just pushes it off for now. While out in the city the two girls bump (like for real this time) into the gyaru duo we’ve seen in recent eps. Today was finally their time to shine and show us what they’re capable of. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see how they perform out on the water in a real Jet Race, but as far as teamwork goes for other activities, the Lewd Gyaru Duo are very much on the same page. Misa ended up pissing off the dark gyaru Manatsu Shiraishi and to settle the score they challenged our main couple to a competition. While still water sports, it wasn’t Jet Racing. Rather bikini bowling. Bless. This ended up being a swimsuit ep in disguise and while Rin and Misa looked great in their swimsuits, Manatsu and Yuzu really brought their sex appeal to the competition. Wow. Then again, it goes without saying that these two would be very sexy already. Let’s take a look at some highlights from this part.

Also present during this swimsuit sequence were Jennifer and Emily, who looked great as well. We see them earlier on in the ep too, this time wearing much less than a swimsuit, and yes it was a wonderful sight. Those two sure love hanging out at the bathhouse and I’m sure us viewers love that they do too.

The final swimsuit activity really brought out just how much Misa and Rin lack teamwork. Manatsu and Yuzu completely destroyed them in a very team oriented game. It was the last straw for them and the walk home at the end of the day was probably the best part of this whole ep. Rin and Misa finally took a moment to talk about what happened and how to fix their problem. It was touching and emotional, both girls speaking their minds and realizing that they can’t let this continue. And Misa finally was able to ask Rin for her number too. Progress! Things are looking up for them now, both on the water and in their relationship too.

Azur Lane

After taking a week off to fix the production, Azur Lane was back with an action packed ep. But as action packed as it was, there honestly wasn’t a whole lot happening and things only really got interesting near the ending of the ep. Before we get there let’s briefly take a look at what was going on prior to that part at the end.

So we left off a few weeks ago with the boats all bathing and having fun, but at the end of the ep Akagi was up to something as usual, but there wasn’t really any indication as to what exactly she had planned. Fast forward to now and we’ve got an all out battle ep with the Sakura Empire taking on Eagle Union and Royal Navy. I gotta say it did feel like we’re just thrown into this ep and like something was missing, like how exactly we got to this point. I mean last time we see everyone they’re in the bath, now everyone is out in the sea having this huge battle. It’s like we skipped an ep or something. Whatever the case, everyone is out there fighting.


The battle features a few smaller side battles that happen, namely Akagi vs. Belfast and Kaga vs. Enterprise. We also have Akagi vs. Enterprise, but I’ll get to that in a moment. The usual side boats are present too for this battle along with Laffey and Javelin not looking forward to facing off against Ayanami again. Cleveland and her sisters are there as well along with some of the smaller boats and surprisingly South Dakota is there for literally one frame. Such a beautiful boat girl.

On the Sakura Empire side we’ve got Takao and Atago, Shoukaku and Zuikaku, I think Yamashiro was there for a moment, and Ayanami’s friends Yuudachi, Shigure, and Yukikaze were also there, finally getting some action. There were other boats too but they didn’t really do a lot. Actually, not many of the boats did a lot really…

The only real important part of the ep happens near the end when Enterprise is fighting Kaga and she takes a pretty bad hit. Falling into the water it’s looking like this is the end of the line for her, but then she sees the black cube again and I guess something inside her awakens and her eyes glow yellow and she comes back out of the water more powerful than ever. Once again I’m not really sure what exactly is going on as I’m one of those anime only people and am probably missing a lot of context here. But anyways, she comes out of the water, everything is glowing, her eyes are glowing, and she faces off against Akagi. Their fight didn’t last too long though as Enterprise one shots her with her bow and seemingly kills her. The final scene is Akagi reuniting with her dead sister (I think?) but as is usually the case, it’s not exactly the reunion Akagi was imagining. I guess making a deal with the Sirens isn’t working out exactly how she planned. Then again, when has making a deal with the bad guys worked out? If anyone wants to shed some light on what the hell was going on in this ep, leave a comment below. Please and thanks.

So there you have it, back to talking about both shows this week. I think for sure I enjoyed Jet Girls more than Azur Lane this week, mainly because I had no idea what was going on in the latter and it felt like we skipped something important along the way too. Whatever the case I’m still happy to see our favorite boat girls back again after their week off.

That’s it for me now, thank you so much for reading. Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or if you just want to say hi, put all those things below and I’ll be sure to reply to you.

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