Azur Lane takes the week off to fix its production issues, but Jet Girls is back and ready for more wet and wild action!

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big, wet anime tiddies! Enjoy!

After a week off to fix whatever production issues they were having, Jet Girls is finally back with the long awaited debut of Hell’s Kitchen! No this isn’t some Daredevil reference or anything, Hell’s Kitchen turns out to be the name of the idol twins we met last week. Oh and speaking of that, I don’t think I mentioned they were twin sisters, I guess that somehow slipped my mind, but yes they’re sisters and it’s clear they’re pretty close to each other. So while these two sexy sisters were the main focus of this week’s ep, it felt like it was actually Misa and Rin who got a large part of the screen time. Let’s take a look at what’s going on with them.

We last saw our main couple a few weeks ago when they faced off against Jennifer and Emily in The Battle for the Yellow Dolphin Key Chain, in which Misa and Rin came out victorious. The reason for this battle happening in the first place was because Misa wanted to have a matching key chain like what Rin has, thus making them more of a couple. However Misa still lacks the confidence to express her true feelings to Rin at this time. Come on Misa, we’re all rooting for you!

This ep picks up the following day where Rin has a big announcement for the club. I thought it was about their win the other day, but no it was about how she and Misa “joined together as one”. They had sex? Kissed? Are dating? Well this time it’s just that Misa called Rin by her first name during that race and it left a lasting impression on her. That always seems to be a big deal in anime, so Rin thought this was a cause for celebration. She also finished up her logo design with a cute drawing of her and Misa. While cute and all Misa was unable to come out and say she liked it, so she changed up the conversation and questioned Rin’s seriousness of Jet Racing. Oh Misa, you need to tell her your true feelings!

The middle part of the ep continued on the Misa and Rin drama as the two started to grow a little distant. Misa was beginning to notice how Rin was so outgoing with others, hugging them and such and Misa felt jealous because she wanted Rin to do that to her but at the same time she has trouble properly expressing herself to Rin, thus Rin can’t really get a proper read on her and ends up thinking she must not like her. Misa wants to show her love to Rin, tell her she likes that logo design, exchange numbers and such, but her personality is too serious and she feels like that’s a weakness, opening up your heart to someone like that, possibly because of something that happened in Misa’s past. Whatever the case, Rin is moving along in her life, slowly getting farther away from Misa, and it’s something that really bothers her.

The jelly is real.

The middle part also had the two girls along with Kiriko going to Akiba to look for parts to fix their training Jet Racer in the club room, as it had broken down. During their trip we see the jealously on Misa’s part as Rin’s outgoing personality is on display and she’s enjoying her time with Kiriko. The two also run into Jennifer and Emily and once again Misa watches on as the three girls are enjoying themselves. After going through such an ordeal to get her dolphin key chain, Misa still hasn’t been able to ask Rin for her number and now Rin has exchanged numbers with everyone else, leaving Misa out of the circle. It’s tough and I feel bad for her, watching the girl she likes slowly drift away like that. Come on Misa, you got this!

By now Rin is catching on to Misa and how she’s feeling about their relationship. It’s when Jennifer and Emily invite Rin out to a Hell’s Kitchen concert that Rin and Misa have a moment when they both realize things aren’t right and need to be dealt with, but now isn’t the time. When Rin returns home from her concert she knows what she has to do to set things right, but it’s not until they’re back in the club room the following day that Rin reaches out to Misa. But just as they start to address the problem, the phone rings and they’re informed their time slot for practice has been taken away.

Bless the uncensored stream.

The ep ends with Rin and Misa facing off against the idol duo Hell’s Kitchen as they’ve used their fame and popularity to get themselves a time slot when one was already booked. Once again Rin and Misa are challenged to a race against another strong duo. Can they makes this two wins in a row? Come back next week and we’ll find out!

It honestly felt like last time Hell’s Kitchen got more screen time than they did in this ep, oh well it was still nice to see them back again. So next week it looks like we’ll see the rest of the race against Hell’s Kitchen along with more of the sexy gyaru girls too, should be good.

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