This week Jet Girls takes some time off so I’ll be talking about Azur Lane only.

Azur Lane

After last week’s battle heavy ep it was time to calm things down a bit as the boats at the Azur Lane base cleaned up and readied for future engagements with the Sakura Empire and Ironblood. For starters things pick up back with Laffey, Javelin and Ayanami as they’re still struggling to figure out their friendship. It’s becoming clearer to Ayanami that Laffey and Javelin don’t want to fight her and just want to be friends instead, but Ayanami can’t get over the fact they’re enemies not friends. Make me wonder if any other boats were close to each other before the division happened and they became two factions. Were these three small boats around at the time? Also, how are new boats even made? So many questions, where are the answers?

Another interesting moment in this ep deals with the black cube the maid boats stole a few eps ago. It’s finally back at the Azur Lane base and now they can examine it and figure out what Akagi is planning. Enterprise touches the cube at one point, I don’t know why you’d want to do that but she does, and she gets this kind of vision type thing for a moment where I think she sees another version of herself? I really didn’t understand this part and I’m guessing this is where playing the game and having that insight would come in handy. If anyone wants to explain what happened at this part I’d be grateful because I was pretty lost.

Speaking of Enterprise, she’s starting to get along with Belfast a lot more now. It’s nice seeing them together, talking about stuff or just sharing a meal. You can really see how much their bond has grown over the past few eps, Belfast making it her mission to bring out the human side to Enterprise and so far it’s working. I like the conversation the two have while strolling around the base one afternoon, Enterprise at one point wonders if maybe Belfast wants her to become a maid too. I’m sure she’d look great in a maid uniform too.

We also have a small scene back at the Sakura Empire base, Kaga and Akagi out on a date, walking though the marketplace and buying hairpins for each other. It’s not much but it shows the even on the “bad guy” side they still do normal stuff like enjoying some downtime and strolling through the market, just like they do back at the Azur Lane base. Both sides are so similar, yet this viewpoint to the Sirens splits them so much. Also makes me think of the humans who supposedly made these boats, where do they stand on this issue? Hell, where are they too?

And now we arrive at the main event of this ep, the bath sequence. Okay this is where my review starts to get critical. My main issue with this whole sequence is that it’s just so low quality but the thing is I know it’ll be redone for the BDs, but I’m just unfortunately one of those people who takes notice of this and is bothered by it greatly. I know others can brush this off easier, but to me it’s a point I can’t let go that easily. But really though, this scene had a number of issues I’m sure anyone can agree on.

For starters the censoring. Now I’m so thankful that Jet Girls has an uncensored stream because a lot of the censoring isn’t even on nudity, it’s just up close ass shots or slightly erect nipples poking through skin tight suits. That’s absolutely nothing worth censoring and it’s just extremely obvious BD bait. Just as an example, I know this is an Azur Lane post, but this helps prove my point.

These gifs are from last week’s Jet Girls ep, one the censored stream and the other uncensored. Look what’s being censored, her bouncing boobs. Now how many other shows have had boobs bouncing like this before and not been censored? Exactly, it’s hard to count them all, but this is pretty much how I felt about this bath scene in Azur Lane, they’re not even censoring nudity for the most part.

Now that’s not to say there wasn’t nudity in this bath scene. I can totally see some actual boobs showing up on the BD, but for a large part of this bath scene I can pretty much guarantee that most of the censoring isn’t on nudity, they just want you to think it is. And another point I took issue with is that the censoring isn’t even consistent either. We have St. Louis and Honolulu (finally she’s made it into the anime!!!) undressing, still 95% clothed and they’re censored, and then moments later we see Cygnet and Hood in their bras, not censored at all. And here’s the kicker, in the background we can clearly see Cleveland and her sisters in bras and panties yet a few seconds later they’re censored when they haven’t even removed them either. It’s ridiculous how much bait this scene has but also extremely frustrating too because when the BDs drop, it’s not nudity you’ll be seeing under those light beams, just boats in their sexy underwear.

So while this whole bath scene is unfolding, we actually have a really small, or maybe big, side story happening involving the not so small Unicorn. Turns out we were all wrong when it came to Unicorn. Turns out she’s not as small as we thought and while still censored, it’s pretty obvious that Unicorn has a bigger chest than we were lead to believe. Also when Unicorn is still undressing, she’s just just the shoulder straps off her dress, she’s censored at one point. Her dress isn’t even low enough to show her chest and she still got hit with the light beam. Come on, this is so goddamn ridiculous. But anyways, Unicorn is shy about using the bath because she’s such a small girl with such a large chest and that makes her feel uncomfortable. Thankfully Javelin and Laffey are able to encourage her by saying everyone is built differently and that’s totally okay.

Take away the unnecessary censoring and such and this bath scene was actually pretty good. I mean we got to see a number of really sexy boats wearing next to nothing and that one small montage showing off the different shapes and sizes of the boats should hopefully be glorious on BD. I mean Nevada, South Dakota, St. Louis, big boats, big guns, wow. That scene could very well show boobs on the BD and I sure as hell hope it does. Especially South Dakota, wow she’s incredibly beautiful.

But while the bath scene had its drawbacks, I’ve gotta mention how the ep overall had it’s lack of quality shown quite a number of times. Now I haven’t touched on this in the past couple weeks, but now it’s impossible not to. It started with ep 4 when Sheffield fought Takao, the quality in that fight was terrible. I thought it was maybe just a one off thing, but now ep 5 also had it’s bad moments. And they we arrive at ep 6 and oh man what happened? It’s weird honestly because this show started off so well but then the overall quality started dropping greatly as time went on. Hopefully they can get things back up to par for the remaining eps because this is just terrible honestly.

Well that’s it for this week’s review. This ep had some good moments, but for me the bad is starting to out weigh the good and my overall enjoyment factor is starting to drop. It’s sad because I do like this show, but I can only overlook so much and right now I can’t do that anymore. Hopefully their week off will help them get this sorted out and return with the high quality we all hope for. So yeah, no new Azur Lane ep next week, they’re taking a break to hopefully fix the production, so I’ll be talking about just Jet Girls next Sunday.

As always thank you for reading, feel free to leave any comments, questions, or insight about this ep down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

That’s it for me, see you next week!