Okay things actually did get pretty hot this time.

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big, wet anime tiddies! Enjoy!

This week was probably the most exciting ep yet in terms of showing how intense a Jet Race can be. Quickly looking back to last week, Rin and Misa were challenged by the American Jet Racers Emily and Jennifer to a Jet Racing over the yellow dolphin key chain that Rin had bought as a gift for the three girls. Both Misa and Jennifer wanted the yellow dolphin and neither was about to back down, so left with no other option they decide to take this to the river in an intense Jet Race. It’s a battle of East vs. West and only one side can come out victorious. Let’s see how it all went down!

For the actual race itself I’m not going to go into extreme detail about the ins and outs of it all, but I’ll touch on a few points that are worth mentioning, because at first glance this race might not seem any different than when Rin and Misa faced off against Kaguya Shijyuin and Kuromaru Manpuku, but it actually was quite different and brought out some new sides to Jet Racing that the other race didn’t. For starters we got to see the Boost aspect in this race, Jennifer and Rin taking advantage of the powerful feature that transforms the jet ski and gives it extra power for a short period of time. Although as Rin learns, it’s not something you want to use when cornering as it pretty much runs out and won’t be available when you’re about to hit the next straightaway.

Another point worth mentioning is that this race was way more technical than their first race. Against Kaguya  and Kuromaru it was a pretty straight shot, around the buoy and back again race, but against Jennifer and Emily, there were tunnels, jumps, and obstacles too. Both jet skis, Cuisine2 and Orcano were pushed to the limits this time around, each excelling in certain parts of the race, but it was up to the Jetter and Shooter to be on their A game to come out victorious.

Unlike Kuromaru’s sniper rifle, Emily was armed with a powerful bazooka which relied on area of effect damage, so she didn’t have to actually hit Rin and Misa to slow them down. But when it came down to the final stretch of the race, it was Misa who’s skill as a Shooter helped them get the win by landing a nearly impossible shot on the underside of Cuisine2, giving Jennifer and Emily a power cut, slowing them down and giving Orcano the win. Actually a huge play on Misa’s part that no one saw coming.

So in the end Misa got her yellow dolphin key chain and was happy about that. But Rin brings up a pretty good question, why did Misa want that yellow dolphin so much? Jennifer and Emily already know the answer and we too learn it as the camera pans down to Rin’s bag with a similar blue dolphin attached to it. Now it all makes sense, Misa just wanted to have a matching dolphin like that of Rin. She sadly didn’t work up the courage to tell the girl she likes this though, but I’m sure Misa will convey her true feelings across to Rin at some point. Poor Rin, totally clueless to all of this.

Not much in the way of boobs this ep, here is the only bath scene.

So I’m sure you’re probably wondering why I haven’t talked about a few certain characters who were also in this ep, well don’t worry I was saving that for the last bit. While this exciting Jet Race is happening, it keeps cutting back to a few other Jet Racer teams who are watching this race unfold, namely the the idol duo and gyaru duo who are seen briefly in ep 1. Let’s talk about the idol team first though as they’re the next team Rin and Misa will be facing off against. Pan Dina (blue hair ribbons) and Pan Ziyu (yellow hair ribbons) are a cute idol duo who are very intimate with each other as each time it cuts back to them watching the race they’re getting closer and closer to each other, their hands all over each other bodies and you can just feel the energy radiating from them. I can’t wait to see more of these girls in action in the next ep, they made a great first impression this week.

Next up is the gyaru duo of Manatsu Shiraishi (dark gyaru) and Yuzu Midorikawa (light gyaru). They’re not featured as much as the idols were, so their official debut might be a ways off still. These two don’t really come across as Jet Racers, but maybe under all that make up and the sex jokes, these girls are serious racers. Only time will tell as I hope we see them in action see.

Azur Lane

Not really a whole lot to talk about this week actually as this ep takes place in one location and is mostly fighting, so I’m no going to break it down into a play by play or anything. Things pick up pretty much right where ep 4 ended, as the Sakura Empire are chasing Royal Navy maid boats Sheffield and Edinburgh who have the black cube which they stole from Akagi last week. Sakura Empire has them cornered on an abandoned island which is a bombed out city and have the place surrounded as they search for the maids so they can get their cube back. That’s pretty much the ep in a nutshell.There still are a few points worth mentioning though starting with a few more new boats making an appearance in this week’s ep, namely Atago.

She’s way more laid back and chill compared to Takao, who is the type that’s serious all the time. She’s still blaming herself for letting the maids escape last week but thankfully Atago is there to help relieve some of that built up tension Takao is feeling because of that. Ayanami watched on as Atago go some quality hands on time with Takao. Atago also likes to offer up hugs too, which I’d gladly take her up on any time. Looks so soft and comfy.

Speaking of Ayanami actually, her story with Laffey and Javelin had some more progressing this time as things are starting to reach a climax. It’s clear that Ayanami likes Laffey and Javelin but can’t come to terms with those feelings as they’re the enemy and must be defeated. It’s something she has a hard time trying to figure out as she still loves her friends in Sakura Empire but at the same time knows it’s exactly like that for Javelin and Laffey on the other side. This differing of opinions on the Sirens may have divided them into these two camps, but they still all started out on the same team. Even Enterprise alluded to that when talking with Belfast earlier in the ep. But for Ayanami here in this ep, things came to a tipping point when she once again faced off against Laffey and Javelin, this time Laffey extending the olive branch to her and asking to be her friend. Will Ayanami join Laffey and Javelin or will she stay loyal to her friends in Sakura Empire? Tune in next week to find out!

More great eps this week. I’m still enjoying both shows a lot, Jet Girls bringing the heat once again this week and Azur Lane also delivering another action packed ep. One quick bit of info I learned, there will be no Jet Girls ep next week as it’s been delayed due to production issues, so ep 5 will air November 12th. That said I’ll be talking about just Azur Lane next week.

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Take care and I’ll see you next week!