It feels good to be back. A lot has happened since the summer season, and well, those of you who follow my twitter and my personal blog kind of know why I stopped blogging the past few months. I got rather addicted to One Piece, watching over 400 episodes in just three months. Unfortunately, despite enjoying it a lot I fell behind on all shows that season, and so I stopped doing the posts. I even stopped shows I was reviewing for my site too, a first there. Anyway, this season well, I want to try to get a post out a month or so. There is not too much that catches my interesting, honestly 4 at most. So, I will take my time talking about them.

Ascendance of a Bookworm Episode 1 and 2 thoughts:

So, this was one show I thought about watching, honestly, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. I am tired of the isekai genre as a whole, and this season feels like it has a lot of it. But this show, is honestly nothing new, except not having an over powered main character but one who wants to read books and is trying to find a means to bring it to the everyday person.


Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise Episode 1-4 Thoughts:

I rather enjoyed last years Gundam Build Divers. So much so I own and made two of the Gunpla from that series. Sure, the Build series for Gundam, more than anything are meant to promote Gunpla, and serve as a 24-minute ad for 24 weeks. But, well, it does not change the fact that I still really enjoy this show and have enjoyed the episodes so far.

This one takes place three years after Build Divers, and honestly probably a decade or so after the original Build series, all of them are stand alone, so nothing to worry about. But this one sets up how these players are sent to a “Story Mode” for the game. Honestly, I am just waiting for the twist when they find out it was not a story mode but some other world in general. It would not surprise me given how the last series’ second half went. But that twist will probably be the half way point. I hope it is not since it honestly would feel too predictable. Who knows, and either way I enjoyed the battles, the Gunplas, and whatnot these first four episodes provided.


Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Episodes 1-3 Thoughts:

I did not expect to watch this, I gave it a shot, mostly since the art style reminded me of Actually I am…. But I don’t think there is any connection other than there are plenty of monster girls. Still this was an enjoyable three episodes and I ended up watching them all in a row, which I rarely do anymore. I see it as a silly series, so hopefully I can talk a bit more about it in the future. But, nothing really comes to mind to talk about it other than that.

demon school

I plan on watching Fate/Go, and Azur Lane, but I will talk about those in the next post. I haven’t had as much time to watching anime as I used to, so I got to make do when I do get time.

 Either way, feel free to message me what you are watching this season and if you think anything is worth checking out. Most shows are now on their forth episode, so I certainly am curious on more shows if there are any good recommendations.

Until next time.

– Joe