I need to start thinking of something to say that isn’t about how things are getting hotter each week

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big, wet anime tiddies! Enjoy!

This week wasn’t too action packed really, it was more of Rin and gang forming the Jet Racing Club along with the highlight of the ep, Rin and Misa going on a date, or at least trying to. For starters Rin needed to get more members to make her club official and get the approval from the student council president, something that’s always hard to do in anime. But this is Rin we’re talking about here, she’s dead set on making this club happen and she won’t rest until she’s got all the members. For starters she picked up an advisor last week, Yamada-sensei, and a manager, fellow classmate Hina, but she still needs 2 more. Enter Kiriko, a mechanic who has been secretly working on Orcano the jet ski, but once Misa and Rin catch her in the action, they convince her to join the club so she doesn’t have to sneak around anymore to work on it.

The next person to join their club was a total surprise to everyone. Student Council President Fumika Shinshijuin herself. Wait a minute, Shinshijuin? Why does that name sound familiar…? Well if you’re thinking she’s related to Kaguya Shijyuin, you’re right. Turns out Fumika is part of the same family Kagyua is but I guess somehow a lower rank. They didn’t really go into details but the fact remains they’re related and Fumika doesn’t like Kaguya at all, so when Rin mentioned her name in passing, Fumika jumped on the opportunity to get back at her relative. Let the family drama begin!

After sorting out some Rin and Misa drama and miscommunication, the club is official and they have their first meeting, in which Rin declares that they’re going to win the legendary Kandagawa Cup, which I’m guessing is a race her mom won back in the day, so Rin feels she has to win it too. We’ll get more on this in the coming eps.

The back half featured a date Rin and Misa go on, or at least try to. After an intense week of training and getting sweaty together, Misa decides to take Rin out on the town for a bit, seeing how she’s stuck with her through all this training and is actually serious about doing this. Misa has had many people drop out in the past once things get tough, so seeing Rin working just as hard as her is a welcome sight.

Their date starts off well but soon the two girls get separated a Rin ends up bumping into Jennifer Peach and Emily Orange, the two foreign girls we seen in ep 1. Jennifer and Emily end up dragging Rin around all over town, eating food and visiting all sorts of places together including a local bathhouse. Yep you guessed it, time for some anime tiddies!

When Rin and Misa finally find each other again, Emily and Jennifer explain all the things they did together, nearly all of them being what Misa was going to take Rin to see and do, so she’s pretty upset about it all. Rin being the kindhearted girl she is tries to remedy the situation by saying she’s bought souvenirs for everyone but her plan completely backfires when Misa and Jennifer both want the same yellow dolphin and neither is willing to back down. And so with both sides not budging at all, there is only one way to settle this. A Jet Race!

Azur Lane

I actually really liked this week’s ep mainly because it showed the other side of the conflict. Unlike Kantai Collection where it’s pretty much clear cut good guys and bad guys, Azur Lane takes a different approach to this by having two sides fight each other while also fighting the overall bad guy. At least that’s how I’m still seeing this, correct me if I’m wrong. The point is though that both sides to this conflict started off working together but their differing views led them to break up and form two separate factions, as we learned early on in the show. Since then we’ve only seen things from the Eagle Union and Royal Navy side, the “good guy” side of this conflict, but now we finally got a glimpse at the other side and how they view this conflict.

For starters the Sakura Empire is the equivalent to the Japanese Navy so naturally their home base would be very much Japanese inspired in terms of the look and architecture. After seeing the Azur Lane base for the past 3 eps I think it’s safe to say Sakura Empire wins in terms of having a cooler looking base. I mean right from the start of the ep with the zoom out shot of the base, wow. It’s like they have a totally different art team working on this base alone. There are so many moments in this ep that are incredible in terms of just the picturesque look of it all, it’s really breathtaking honestly. I really hope we see more of of the Sakura Empire home base in future eps because it’s just so beautiful and deserves way more screen time.

As for what’s going on in this week’s ep, Kaga, Akagi and Ayanami have returned from their attack last week and are greeted warmly by their friends back at Sakura Empire. It’s a moment like this that makes you wonder if they really are the “bad guys” of the show because they’re just as loving and caring to each other as they are on the Eagle Union and Royal Navy side, I mean they all started out the same way on the same side after all. Prinz Eugen and Z23 are also present too but they aren’t really in the ep too much. I wonder if we’ll get to see the Ironblood home base at some point?

We also learn more about this plan Akagi keeps alluding to and yeah now it’s a little more clear why their opinions differed on how to fight the Sirens. Yes we already know the Sakura Empire and Ironblood use Siren tech to fight the Sirens, but this week we really see the extent of that as the Sakura Empire are currently building a Siren ship to fight for their side, using that black cube Akagi was seen holding a few eps ago to power it. Interestingly enough when Akagi inserted the black cube and powered up the battleship, a Siren appears and speaks to Akagi. She’s called Observer and her conversation with Akagi is both sensual and tense. I liked both aspects of it, the sensual side obviously but it was a friendly chat between two friends, no Observer and Akagi aren’t “friends” at all they’re just working together to achieve a certain goal. We’ll get back to this in later eps for sure, but for now it’s a look into why exactly their views differed on how ti fight the Siren.

Lastly there is a secret mission happening in this ep where two Royal Navy maids have infiltrated the Sakura Empire base to find out what’s happening. These two maids are Sheffield and Edinburgh. Their mission is a success overall, stealing the black cube Akagi was using and making a daring escape, fighting off the likes of Takao in the process. Oh right, Takao made her debut this week too. In the end Akagi didn’t seem too fazed by the whole ordeal, she was more interested in how this would actually help their cause in the long run. Wonder what exactly she’s got planned with that Siren boat they’re making.

All in all though I really liked this week’s ep. The main reason being just how amazing the Sakura Empire base is but also to see the other side of the conflict and how both sides view the Siren. It was great to see more new boats too, Takao, Sheffield and Edinburgh, and other Sakura Empire boats too. I still hope we get to see the Ironblood base in the future as they’ve got some great boats too.

That’s it for this week’s post. Another round of great eps this week and I’m looking forward to next time as always. Nice to see more boats slowly being introduced, there are so many I hope to see but I don’t think every single one will make it into the anime.

That’s it for me, thank you as always for reading these posts, if you have any comments, questions, or whatever leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Take care, I’ll see you next week!