Moving right along to the 3rd week of the season, things just keep getting hotter!

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Reminder this review will contain NSFW screen caps of big, wet, and soapy anime tiddies! Enjoy!

The second outing of Jet Girls focused mainly on the race which began last week when Rin refused to back down to Kaguya Shijyuin and her partner Kuromaru Manpuku from the prestigious Musashino Girl’s High School when they arrived for their practice. Rin firmly believed they should be able to share the river, but still being new in town she wasn’t aware that one needs to book a reservation to practice on the river, so technically Kaguya and Kuromaru were in the right. That aside though let’s take a look at the race as it explained how this whole Jet Racing thing works.

So pretty much there is a set course up and down the river where both teams race 3 laps and whoever crosses the line first wins. That part is simple. Where things start to get interesting is how the Shooter plays into this. Their job is to use their water gun to shoot at the opponent and rack up points for their team. Each jet ski has critical target areas where you can do damage to it and actually cause it to lose power, thus giving you the advantage. But the most interesting thing about all of this is the “Suit Purge” in which you can shoot off bits of your opponents suit, revealing their swimsuit clad body underneath. They chock it up as a “Safety Feature” but really it’s the main attraction of this whole sport. We saw this happening last week when Misa lost her shorts after taking a few hits from Kuromaru and that’s pretty much where this ep picks up, Rin worried to death about Misa’s poor butt, taking those hits.

I won’t get into detail about the race and how it all played out, but it’s exciting to watch and we get to know more about these two teams and how they approaching racing. Kaguya is a popular Jetter who is famous for never using the “Boost” feature the jet skis have, as she can always beat her opponent with her sheer talent. Kuromaru is a very good sharp shooter and we see her abilities on display for this racing, shooting off Misa’s shorts and eventually landing a critical hit on their jet ski, sealing  their victory. Kaguya and Kuromaru will be the team to beat going forward as Rin couldn’t get enough of being in a real Jet Race. But her dreams of making a school club for Jet Racing aren’t as easy as she thought.

The back half of the ep slows things down a little, gives us some glorious uncensored shower scene goodness, and follows Rin as she tries her best to get a Jet Racing Club approved. Aside from the shower scenes, another part I really liked was when Rin was asking Yamada-sensei to be their club advisor. Rin didn’t really beat around the bush at all, she went all in and totally won over Yamada-sensei pretty easily. My good friend OG-Man put it nicely in 3 steps on how Rin was able to get her Jet Racing club up and running, starting with flirting with the teacher. There wasn’t anywhere for Yamada-sensei to run once Rin closed in, she truly stood no chance against that high energy girl.

The shower scene was just as glorious as you can imagine, well actually you don’t have to imagine because here at the highlights from it. Once again, bless the uncensored release of this show. Now enjoy!

Lastly a point I want to touch on is Misa and her story. We saw briefly in ep 1 where she had a flashback to a certain woman in her life, maybe a former coach or something, but anyways, we see this happen again when Misa looks at Rin, possibly that Rin reminders her of this woman. What’s even more interesting is that when we see Kaguya and Kuromaru training at their school, their coach looks a lot like this woman we’ve been seeing in Misa’s flashbacks, so I wonder what’s going on here.

The ep closes out with Rin finally winning over Misa to join her Jet Racing club, although I think we all knew that Misa was going to be joining, I mean how could she possibly say no to Rin? The preview looks like we’ll be meaning some other characters in the Jet Racing scene next week, that should be exciting!

Azur Lane

This week’s entry of Azur Lane introduced another wonderful ship to the already wonderful line up, Belfast. Yep much like how Prinz Eugen was the highlight of last week’s ep, Belfast made her debut at the very end of ep 2, but this week he got her time to shine. Belfast is another one of those ships I’d been dying to see in the anime as she’s a a maid and you know how much I love maid outfits. Couple that with those dreamy eyes and bug guns and we have a winner.

Picking up where we left off last week, the battle between Enterprise and Zuikaku ended once this Royal Maid showed up and graced the battlefield with her presence. Even Prinz Eugen knew not to challenge her as she’s a feared warrior, so a retreat was in order. Interesting to note that Laffey is seen saying, and waving, bye to Ayanami as she leaves with Z23. We don’t actually get to see any of their battle, which would’ve been nice as there is a side story going on there with the smol boats, but I’m guessing we’ll get back to that later.

As was mentioned in the previous ep, Enterprise is a fierce fighter but also reckless and doesn’t know when to quit. She goes out to battle when she’s not even repaired and gets even more damaged, this is something that’s been noticed by higher ups like Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales of the Royal Navy so to look into this further they assign Belfast to observe Enterprise.

The middle half of the ep brings out the smol boats in swimsuits as they enjoy a break in the fighting to frolic in the waves like normal anime girls do. Lots of good stuff from this sequence, so I’ll let the pics do the talking.

A smaller side story in this ep that I liked was that of Unicorn and Enterprise. Ever since Enterprise saved Unicorn back in the opening battle, she’s been looking for a chance to properly thank her, so with Belfast’s help she’s able to muster up the courage and speak with the mighty warrior. Plus there were some more nice moments of them on the beach. And a random side note, I never really noticed how see-through Unicorn’s dress is. Like I’m sure it always was but for some reason I just didn’t notice it in the previous eps. Random side point I know, but it’s worth pointing out.

The ep ends with more ships getting introduced to the already big cast, but these two are actually from the Chinese fleet, or as it’s call in game the Eastern Radiance. Interesting to note they’re called Dragon Empery in the anime, not sure if there is a reason behind this but I’m just taking what I’m seeing from the Azur Lane wiki and they’re not called that there. Any players of the game want to shed light on this?

Lastly Belfast finally gets to see a different side to Enterprise when she saves said Eastern Radiance ships Ning Hai and Ping Hai from a Siren attack. Enterprise took note of how Ning Hai and Ping Hai fought until they were both in critical shape, looking after each other until the very end. This was similar of Yorktown, Enterprise’s sister who we see earlier in the ep in a hospital bed, unable to continue her fighting. While she comes across as reckless and unwilling to back down from a fight, Enterprise has a kinder side to her, a side that Belfast was able to see in this moment and encourages Enterprise to let that side out more and not be so reckless all the time. And so it looks like Belfast will start some training with Enterprise. So lucky, training with a sexy maid!

Another week of great eps! Jet Girls is getting hotter and hotter while Azur Lane wasn’t so battle heavy this week but brought the swimsuits this time. Fingers are still crossed for more big sexy ships to make their appearance, and not just posing in a group shot but actually doing something. Only time will tell!

That’s it for me, thank you as always for putting up with my rambling I know it must be hard, if you’ve got comments, questions, or helpful insight on Azur Lane, you know where to leave them. I’ll be sure to reply to you as well because I love you all so much.

Take care and I’ll see you right back here next week!