It may be getting cooler outside as the fall weather returns, but the anime is getting hotter than ever!

Kandagawa Jet Girls

Now I’ll start this off by saying from this point forward reviews will be NSFW. This show has been blessed with an uncensored version courtesy of AT-X and that’s the version I’ll be watching and using for my reviews. I’ll be including some NSFW screen caps during my weekly write ups, but I’ll still make sure to include a small warning each time too. So if you’re in a public area right now, maybe hold off on scrolling down any further until you’re back home. Alright with that out of the way, let’s get started!

As far as opening eps go, Jet Girls is pretty much what you would expect. We meet our main girl, Rin Namiki, who is aspiring to be a Jetter like her mother. Rin’s beautiful mother sadly passed away but her passion is still burning to be just like her when she grows up. So what exactly is a “Jetter” and why would Rin want to be one? Well for starters Jet Racing is a big deal in this anime world. It involves a team of 2, a driver or “Jetter” and a Shooter, who race on jet skis and shoot at each other with water guns. It’s a fast paced and high energy sport that’s fun to take part in and just as fun to watch too. Rin’s mother was a legendary Jetter who won many titles and passed along that desire to Rin to follow in her footsteps one day. Now older and in high school in Tokyo, Rin finally has a chance to pursue her dreams of becoming a Jetter! However, she just needs to find a Shooter who will ride with her. Enter Misa Aoi.

Misa is the classic “Ice Princess” of the show, she’s drop dead gorgeous yet she’s got a troubled past and her personality comes across as cold or bitter towards everyone.Of course coming into contact with a very high energy girl like Rin, things begin to change for Misa. Sure she’s still that troubled young girl, but even after 1 ep we can start to see how she’ll begin to change both in her personality and her feelings toward Jet Racing. Misa looks to have experienced some issues with Jet Racing in the past which has turned her off from the sport, but deep down she still wants to get back to it and it looks like Rin is just the girl to help her come out of her shell and return to Jet Racing.

The main event of this opening ep was an actual Jet Race that happens near the end of the ep. Misa and Rin were in the middle of having a conversation on a dock down at the river when another school showed up for Jet Racing practice, telling them to move out of their way. Misa of course didn’t want to cause any trouble so she complied right away, Rin however didn’t like the attitude the rich girls had she refused to move. From here the only way to solve this conflict is with a friend bit of competition on the waters. Rin accepts the challenge why Misa just wants to go home, but she’s dragged into this as well.

The exact rules of the sport haven’t been outlined just yet, but from what I’ve gathered in this ep, the Jetter and Shooter race towards the finish line while trying to shoot each other with water guns. Looks like each time you hit your opponent, they lose a piece of clothing (because why the hell not?) and I’m guessing whoever has the least amount of clothing by the end loses? Like I said, they haven’t explained exactly how it works but that’s kinda what it looked like was happening. I’m sure ep 2 will give us the details we’re looking for.

As a final point, during this first ep we’re also shown some of the other teams Rin and Misa will eventually be facing off against. Rin puts it nicely saying all the girls are totally adorable, and as you can see she’s very much right in saying that. Which couple caught your eye?

So as far as opening eps go, Jet Girls was a solid and fun watch. Sure it’s nothing that’s amazing story wise, hell you could pass it off as dumb fun honestly, but the key word here is fun. I had a lot of fun watching this ep, the characters and cute and energetic, the jet racing is fast and furious, the the sexiness is off the charts. All in all this show is shaping up to be a wet ‘n wild ride!

Azur Lane

Following the explosive opening ep last week, Azur Lane continued to bring the excitement and fun in the second episode. Things pick up pretty much where we left off, with the aftermath of the Sakura Empire attack on the Azur Lane base. I’m still having a hard time with the 2 factions fighting each other while the Sirens are out there doing their own thing and not really being a real threat. Oh well. Anyways we do get a little insight into how these boat girls came to be, courtesy of a mini info dump at the beginning of the ep. The Mental Cube is crystal which showed up when the Sirens first attacked and with this crystal the boat girls were created with the power to fight the Sirens. And that’s pretty much where they leave it, so not a whole lot of detail but enough to call is passable.

Aside from repairs happening to many of the ships we get a little down time with Javelin and Laffey again, the two of them enjoying a nice picnic on the hillside overlooking the harbor. Laffey likes to drink a lot too, mainly cola, but she’s constantly knocking back a bottle.

I think the highlight of this ep though, at least for me, was the introduction of the Iron Blood heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. She made a great first impression and even though she’s technically the “bad guy” of the show, she was wonderful to watch. Her voice actress being Ayane Sakura also made her that much better too. Along with Prinz making her debut, we get some more glorious Kaga and Akagi moments too, the two getting very intimate once again. Excellent, love it.

This week’s ep featured another battle with some new boats in it, namely Northampton, Hammann, Helena, Long Island, Arizona, and Hornet on the Royal Navy and Eagle Union side, taking on Shoukaku and Zuikaku from the Sakura Empire. Enterprise and Cleveland also show up after the battle has started and from there it pretty much becomes a showdown between Zuikaku and Enterprise. Prinz also shows up mid battle along with Z23 and Ayanami to fight the rest of the Royal Navy and Eagle Union boats. Enterprise isn’t completely repaired from the previous battle though so while she puts up a good fight, but it isn’t enough to beat Zuikaku. Thankfully at the last possible moment help arrives in the way of Royal Navy light cruiser Belfast. Saved by the maid!

We’re only in the second week of the new season but man it’s going great so far. Jet Girls had a fun filled opening ep and Azur Lane followed up its opener with another great ep. I’m really enjoying these two a lot so far, even if it’s still pretty early on, but that’s a good sign at least. If you’re watching either of these shows, let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below!

That’s it for this week’s post, as always thanks for reading, feel free to comment below and I’ll see you right back here next week!